Video: No.1 S3 Hands-On & First impressions.

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You can now buy NO.1 S3 smartwatch from for only $56.99 with free shipping. Visit product page here.


NO.1 S3 smartwatch
The watch features an Anti-sweat matte surface treatment, ergonomic convex design, Metal plating frame, luxury and elegant design. The smartwatch phone is strong and durable and wearing is more comfortable. It comes in three different colours, which includes; black, brown and white. Each comes with an elegant leather band as well. The smart watch features a nanometer tempered glass screen. This help ensure that the screen doesn’t get scratched. The case is made out of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Inside the watch, there’s a slot for a micro SIM card so that you can make phone calls, as well as a microSD card slot for memory. More details about No.1 S3 smartwatch you’ll find here.
You can now buy NO.1 S3 smartwatch from for only $56.99 with free shipping. Visit product page here

No.1 S3 Hands-On & First impressions
To properly use the smartwatch and to pair it via Bluetooth with your mobile device, smartphone or tablet, with Android or iOs, you have to go to you phone applications, open the one called ‘App Download’ and a QR code will appear right away. Scan it with an QR Scanner applications and you’ll be redirect to link, which will sent you at this web address, to download the dedicated applications, accordind to your device OS:
You can download an older version (V1.1.1 from 17 April 2015) of MediaTek SmartDevice from Playstore. You can also download the latest version of FunDo SmartDevice Android app from here, here or from here (14 MB). Inside archive: com.szfunyundevice.btnotification_112.apk & com.kct.fundowear.btnotification_140.apk. Install FunDo SmartDevice application and launch it, activate Bluetooth when you are asked. On No.1 S3 smartwatch make sure to go in ‘Settings’ –> ‘BT Settings’–> Turn Visibility On and Turn Power On. FunDo SmartDevice version: k15.wearable.09.10 / Release date: 2015.09.07
Good point: I test it with Samsung 64GB EVO Class 10 Micro SDXC Memory Card inserted and the smart watch sees it just fine, playing songs from the card with no problem at all.

FunDo SmartDevice app

1. The application needs to work with Mediatek (MTK) wearable device (e.g. based MTK2502 chip wearable products).
2. The application can connect with wearable product through SPP mode or GATT (BLE) mode. (depends on your wearable device HW capability)
3. The GATT mode can work normally need below two conditions and BLE is connected.
1) The Android platform is equal or higher Android 4.3 (API 18).
2) The hardware of smart phone need support BLE.

The application can support below functions:
1. The application can scan wearable devices in SPP or GATT mode.
2. The application can install or uninstall Linkit app to watch through “My Applications” item.
E.g. Yahoo Weather/Digit clock/Codoon app
3. The application can listen and push Smart Phone notification to watch.
The application can parse the notification attributes : action/group/big text view/page.
And watch and sync operation with phone.
4. The application can edit contact(name and number) or other attributes for making SOS call in wearable device.
5. The application can find the wearable device through “Find device”.
6. The application will notify alert when the distance between phone and wearable device is unmatched the set value.
7. The application can push smart phone inbox message to wearable device through MAP feature.
8. The application integrate with Google fit and can view fitness data in Google fit application after login in Google account.
E.g. step/calorie/distance/heart rate
9. The application can show the battery captivity of wearable device.
10. The application can send firmware data to wearable device to do upgrade action.
11. The application can push incoming call to wearable device when Hands-Free Profile(HFP) is disable.
12. The application can sync time/zone/time format(12/24 hour format) to wearable device.
13. The application support auto connect.
14. The application can modify the connected device’s name through “Change Name” item.
15. The application can show the information of the connected device through “Device info” item.

Below functions need start operation on watch port:
1. Remote capture
The watch can preview and capture a picture through open Smart Phone camera simultaneously.
2. BT music
You can control the smart phone music media player to play/pause/pre/next/adjust volume.

No.1 S3 has 21 icons for preinstalled applications:
– Dialer, Messages, Phonebook, Call Logs, BT, Notification, App Download, Settings, BT Music, BT Camera, Voice Memos, Theme, Alarm, Calendar, Calculator, Stopwatch, Pedometer, Heartrate, Sleep Monitor, Sedentary (Reminder), Motion, Vibrator, Find my device, UV, Video player, Image Viewer, Power saving, File Manager.
Via FunDo SmartDevice application you can install on your No.1 S3 new apps and options, like I did: Y! Weather & Digital Clock.
The actual firmware on Oukitel A28 smartwatch is: R02S-S3-LANGB_150916
Release time: 2015/09/16 17:56
Settings Menu looks like this:
1. BT Settings: Power & Visibility.
2. Clock: Clock type, Time sync, Date, Time & Time Format.
3. Sound: Alert type, Ringtone & Notification tone.
4. Volume: Multimedia, Ring & Notification.
5. Display: Mainmenu style, Brightness & Screen time out.
6. Motion: Motion sensor, Flip to mute incoming calls, Flip to mute alarm, Wake-up gesture.
7. Magic Voice: None, Men, Women, Child.
8. International: Auto sync, Language (English, Francais, Espanol, Portugues, BZ Portugues, Italiano, Deutsch, Turkce, Persian, Swedish, Russian, Chinese)  & Name Display.
9. Apps: Uninstall all.
10. Reset
11. About.
NO.1-S3 NO.1-S3 NO.1-S3 NO.1-S3 NO.1-S3 NO.1-S3 NO.1-S3

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