Video: Ulefone Power Vs. Gionee M6 and M6 Plus

Posted in Sep 8, 2016 in News, Smartphones, 1 comment

Though our giant battery device Ulefone Power has not quit the stage, many brands have begun to boast how long their phones, with pathetic small batteries by the way, can last people for heavy use, while they can’t give convincing proofs about battery performance as we did half a year ago.


It seems they have forgotten, or deliberately ignored, who is the king in duration. No doubt it’s Ulefone Power, as its name suggests. We did plan to make a comparative test between the Power and those over-hyped weak devices just to reveal some truth, but we then realized that such comparison will actually be an insult to our brand name and our engineers who have made so much effort to present us such an excellent device.

Until last month, Gionee M6 Plus was launched with its 6020mAh battery and there was finally some worthy opponent for the battle. Yesterday, we got the M6 Plus and its smaller brother M6 with 5000mAh battery, so comes the comparative battery test as shown in the video. We have let the three phones play local 1080p videos for half an hour, while Ulefone Power, Gionee M6 Plus, and M6 drained from 87%, 33% and 54% to 83%, 29%, and 49%, respectively.

Well, Ulefone Power and Gionee M6 Plus didn’t perform too differently in the test, while the M6 lagged a little behind for it’s relatively small battery. So, our respect to Gionee, who have made a equally fantastic phone at least in energy performance.


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