VKWorld Discovery S1, Glasses-free 3D smartphone & unique metal frame design

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There are dozens to hundreds of Android phone models to choose from various manufacturers all over the world today. We can’t feature every smart phone that comes out in the market.



We care about those premium flagship phones from top brands, as well as, those that we think it’s valued.

Well, vkworld phone would be your choice that is affordable and worth buying. It is not a famous brand but it would be popular in future. What’s on the point is that vkworld recently unveiled a flagship phone which also grabbed world’s attention for it is the world’s first naked-eye 3D smart phone. That we called: vkworld discovery S1. It is enough to make us put in on the spotlight.

So, what about its material? Its frame?
We have to admit that it is more adorable to use metal frame instead of plastic     in design. Stamping and grinding of metal are able to build it different shape and generate gloss. All these elements gathered in phones that forms a kind of beauty of industrial design.

Equipped with such metal frame , vkworld discovery S1 stands out in many phones that lives up to its flagship title.



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