VKworld Stone V3S, World’s Very First Quadruple Protection Phone Coming up

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Stone V3 is loved by many people, so vkworld decided to launch a new version. Stone V3S as the Stone V3 variant has more superior highlights.

VKworld Stone V3S

VKworld Stone V3S is world’s very first quadruple-protection rugged phone. It is not only aiming at outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers but also applying to the elder and children. Due to its anti-low temperature feature, V3S is more suitable in colder regions.

First Quadruple-Protection Rugged Phone:
1. IP67dust and water resistant;
2. Very rugged and can be dropped repeatedly without breaking itself;
3. Anti-low temperature feature, can survive extreme conditions as cold as -50 Celsius Degree;
4. Metallic Edge: Zinc alloy metal frames, excellent strength.

Physical Keyboard:
1. Transparent resin coating on every key;
2. Laser craving characters;

Four Colors: Colors: black, green, orange, blue

Price: Stone V3S will be priced at only around $30, even lower than Stone V3.

The V3S will be available in early October, 2016 during the China’s National Holiday.

By the way, now vkworld offers 100 pieces of free mobile phones in their latest promotion. They choose 5 winners everyday until 10th Oct, 2016. You can see it here.

More info please visit our official website http://vkworld.cc and our Facebook page.

VKworld Stone V3S VKworld Stone V3S


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  1. 1 Durant said:

    If it offers at low price, I will get one for my mom, the V3S has a good looking.

  2. 1 Nina Chen said:

    looks wonderful with the low price suitable for colder regions, it is a good choice to buy it to my parents.

  3. 1 Rock said:

    Quite an interesting phone. It’s suitable for people in Canada.

  4. 1 Howard Allen said:

    super compact construction more thinner,hardened metal frame, poly-carbonate exterior, tempered glass,quadruple protection all around.

  5. 1 Juan Chen said:

    VKworld Stone V3S price is only $19.99 during NOV.1st to NOV.11th. Amazing.

  6. 1 Gary said:

    Juan Chen, thanks for the news, I will get one during the time, I can’t say no for the price.

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