Whizzer Kylin HE01B, Single Dynamic IEM Revamped In A New Color

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Whizzer Kylin HE01 is a highly-acclaimed affordable single dynamic driver IEM. It has received multiple positive feedbacks from the community for both its beautiful design and its energetic sound. Whizzer has introduced its latest iteration for the beautiful Kylin HE01, meet the brand new Whizzer Kyline HE01B.

The β€œB” here in its name suggests its new color scheme, i.e. a combination of Black and rose gold. This rose gold color has now become a signature color for the Kylin HE01 series. The latest HE01B has a bright glossy black finish that is complemented by rose-gold color. Whizzer went through numerous physical color mixing processes in order to achieve a perfect and unique look with the HE01B. It adopts Whizzer’s trusted 4th Generation Bright series custom dynamic driver with a dual rear cavity design. Whizzer HE01B has an MSRP of 84.90$. It is currently available at a pre-order price of 79.90$.

– Large 10.2mm dynamic driver with Composite Diaphragm +HDSS.
– Addictive sound signature.
– Smooth, Non-fatiguing, Natural sound.
– Beautiful & Stunning design.
– Ergonomic shape, Comfortable design.
– All-New Color scheme.
– Impedance: 18Ξ©.
– Sensitivity: 112dB.
– Frequency response range: 15Hz-40kHz.
– THD+N: 1%, 101dB.
– Power rating: 5mW.

Your Favorite Single Dynamic IEM In An All-New Color Scheme
Whizzer Kylin HE01 has been at the heart of many audio enthusiasts. The latest Whizzer HE01B promises you the same level of acoustic performance but this time in an all-new avatar. The already stunning looks of the Whizzer HE01 are now taken another step with the HE01B. Whizzer HE01B has a beautiful combination of glossy, lustrous black, and rose-gold finish. Whizzer underwent multiple color matching processes to achieve a fine texture, rich premium look. It is also designed by J.IDEA, the exquisite designer behind the famous HE01.

Upgraded Stock Cable
The main difference between the Whizzer HE01 and HE01B apart from the color would be the included high-purity cable. It is a 4-strand 5N silver-plated oxygen-free copper cable that provides you with ultimate performance. Each wire used here has an ultra-thin diameter of up to 0.05mm. They are mechanically braided into a four-strand cable. The connectors have the same anodized CNC machined finish as the cavities.

4th-Generation Custom Dynamic Driver For Powerful Sound
Whizzer has equipped the latest HE01B with its trusted 10.2mm 4th gen Bright series custom dynamic driver unit with a dual rear cavity design. It helps the pair achieve a natural and pure sound output. This dynamic driver utilizes a PU+PEEK composite diaphragm material and ultimately powerful 1.2T magnetic flux. Explore your favorite music with great clarity and precision with the Whizzer HE01B.

Highly-Efficient HDSS Acoustic Filter
Similar to the OG Whizzer HE01 IEM, the latest HE01B is equipped with a patented HDSS acoustic filter module. It allows for fine and precise adjustment of the front and rear cavities.

New Rich & Designer Packaging
Unlike the former HE01 model that came in a plain matte black package, the latest HE01B comes packed in a beautiful designer package. It is also designed by J.IDEA, the designers behind the beautiful and stunning HE01. So be prepared for an exquisite unboxing experience with the HE01B.

Pricing & Availability
Whizzer HE01B is currently available at an introductory pre-order price of 79.90$(the same price as the former HE01 model). The pre-order period will be active till 30th September. Shipments will begin around that time too. Order yours today here.

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