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At the beginning of 2020, Xiaomi Ecological chain launched a 70mai portable vacuum cleaner, dual-use for home and car, and only cost 199RMB. Next, let’s take a look at this all-new Xiaomi 70mai hand vacuum cleaner.

Xiaomi 70mai

Xiaomi 70mai portable vacuum cleaner outlook design
Xiaomi 70mai portable vacuum cleaner packaging uses a typical “mijia” concise style design, the first impression of the product is “compact” (the length is only 312mm and the diameter is only 73mm), but also explains the “handy” feature in the product name. In addition, the appearance of the Xiaomi 70mai portable vacuum cleaner is roughly similar to that of red wine, with a small body and good appearance, which is more refined and more fashionable than the wireless vacuum cleaners on the market, and it does not take up too much space and is easy to carry, no matter at home or in the office or in the car.

Xiaomi 70mai handheld vacuum cleaner structure
Xiaomi 70mai portable vacuum cleaner adopts wireless handheld design, which gets rid of the shackles of power cord and does not need to be ignited for car use, so it is very convenient to use. The grip is light and easy to operate, and the vacuuming mode can be opened with one button. Rows of air vents can be seen on both sides of the Xiaomi 70mai vacuum cleaner fuselage, which adopts an innovative double air guide structure design to disperse the internal air flow generated by operation to both sides, so as to avoid blowing dust on the ground and the user’s hands and face. The arrangement of air guides in a large area can also improve the heat dissipation efficiency of the motor and improve the battery life.

Open the plastic cover at the top and we can see the suction nozzle that collects the dust cup as a whole. The volume of the dust cup is 100ml, which is still small compared to household vacuum cleaners, but a small cleaning is enough. In addition, a dust baffle is designed on the suction mouth, which will automatically seal the suction mouth without turning on the power supply, and the dust inside the dust cup can not be poured out from the suction mouth to prevent secondary pollution.

The dust cup can be disassembled and removed, and a round table-shaped filter element can be seen at the end. The filter element is standard equipped with a double-layer filter, and the second layer is a HEPA 11 high-efficiency air filter. It is officially claimed that the removal rate of particles with a diameter of 0.5 microns (equivalent to 1top 120 of the diameter of hair) can reach more than 99.5%, and can filter mites and allergens.

The core part of the vacuum cleaner is the motor. The Xiaomi 70mai portable vacuum cleaner uses a high-performance motor with a rotational speed of 32000rpm and the suction can reach 5000Pa. Among them, the motor adopts Japanese Kawasaki silicon steel sheet iron core and silver-containing carbon brush, which has the characteristics of low loss and high transmission efficiency. At the same time, it uses double ball bearings to improve stability and durability.

Xiaomi 70mai handheld vacuum cleaner battery life
What is more sincere is that the charging interface of the Xiaomi 70mai portable vacuum cleaner uses Type-C, so that it can be unified with the charging line of the mobile phone. The fuselage has a built-in 4000mAh battery, which can be filled at one time, the battery life can be up to 24 minutes, and the whole vehicle can be cleaned many times continuously.

Xiaomi 70mai handheld vacuum cleaner using experience
The Xiaomi 70mai portable vacuum cleaner is equipped with two nozzles with different functions, among which the antistatic brush can remove the stubborn dirt attached to the table and keyboard. Flat suction can deeply clean seats, sofas and other narrow gaps. At the same time to meet the car, home and office and other space cleaning, different scenes are equipped with different interfaces. With an antistatic brush, we can easily clean up the dust on the surface and some of the dust that is difficult to clean up in the fine seams. Look at the picture above, after the car center console has been cleaned, the effect is still quite good.

In addition, long and flat suction allows you to clean up some of the more difficult-to-reach corners of car seats. The suction of the Xiaomi 70mai portable vacuum cleaner 5000Pa is indeed relatively large, and it can easily suck away small stones, food residues and other dirt. Due to the compact shape design, after the usual use, we can easily place the portable vacuum cleaner in the glove box, under the seat and so on, without taking up the storage space of the car. Personally, I am very satisfied with this.

Through the above introduction, I believe you have a certain understanding of this product! Xiaomi 70mai portable vacuum cleaner breaks through the traditional vacuum cleaner form, wireless hand-held, casually clean up the residue and debris. In addition, it is easy to operate and opens the vacuuming mode with one button. The body is small, but the suction is big enough to meet the cleaning needs of our car, home and office space. If you have bought a car and happen to have the habit of washing and taking care of your own car, then this vacuum cleaner is really a good choice.

Xiaomi 70mai Xiaomi 70mai Xiaomi 70mai

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