Xiaomi MDZ-ZB-DE AI portable Bluetooth speaker review

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We can’t get enough of Xiaomi gadgets this week – and this week we are taking a look at one of the company’s latest portable Bluetooth speakers with an overly complicated name but a simple and compact design – the MDZ-ZB-DE Bluetooth speaker.

Xiaomi MDZ-ZB-DE

Compact and light
The first thing that makes the speaker stand out are its modest proportions and light weight. The speaker is just 2.36 x 2.36 x 2.76 inches and weighs just 52 grams. In fact, it is small enough to fit into a pocket – and that will let you carry it around easily while listening to tunes on the go. The miniature size also makes it a great accessory to just have around when you are heading outdoors or even need some audio enhancer at the office.

The speaker is made in classic white with a perforated top. If you look closely, you will also notice that the top is made in the shape of a Fibonacci sequence.

Strong sound and AI functionality
Naturally, looks may not be your first priority when it comes to a speaker. Despite the small size, Xiaomi’s MDZ-ZB-DE speaker manages to produce strong quality sound with a powerful bass. The sound comes out clear and without distortion thanks to the dynamic compression algorithm and we were quite impressed with the volume level the tiny speaker was able to produce.

The next thing to mention about the speaker are its AI and voice control capabilities that a lot of Xiaomi products incorporate. Once you have paired the speaker to your phone, you will be able to activate it or send a command by just speaking into the your phone’s microphone. Think if it as basically having a Bluetooth speaker with a voice control.

It works the other way as well. The speaker sports one touch AI activation: you just need to short or long press the button at the bottom of the device to activate the AI assistant. Then, you will be able to ask the speaker simple questions (weather, movie times, etc.) or send commands to send messages or make calls. There is one issue, however. Both the voice control and the AI assistant are only available in Chinese. Thus, you will either need to pick up a few Chinese phrases to break the language barrier or hold out till when and if the company adds English to the speaker.

The speaker uses Bluetooth 4.2 to communicate with your phone – this makes for a stable and speedy connection and you can also hook up the speaker to other Bluetooth enabled devices as well: tablets, TVs, PCs, etc. You can also hook up the speaker to other Bluetooth enabled devices as well: tablets, TVs, PCs, etc. The MDZ-ZB-DE comes with a pretty good battery life. There is a 480mAh battery onboard which allows for 4 hours of non stop use and up to 45 days on standby.

The verdict
● It’s really portable and easy to use on the go
● It comes with voice control and AI features
● It produces a strong volume for the size
● It uses Bluetooth 4.2 for quick and stable pairing with other devices

However, the one obvious drawback we’ve mentioned earlier is that there is no English language support which makes some of the speakers key features unusable without the knowledge of Chinese. With that, priced at just $12.99, Xiaomi’s portable speaker is easy to recommend as an audio accessory for a whole variety of situations: bring it along on a picnic, use it for a conference call, enhance your car audio and more.

Product name Original Xiaomi MDZ-ZB-DE AI portable Bluetooth speaker
Product size (L x W x H) 6.00 x 6.00 x 7.00 cm / 2.36 x 2.36 x 2.76 inches
Product weight 0.0520 kg
Design Mini,Portable,Stylish
Compatible with Computer,Laptop,Mobile phone,PC,Tablet PC
Supports Bluetooth
Connection Wireless
Interface Micro USB
Audio Source Bluetooth Enabled Devices
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 4.2
Transmission Distance W/O obstacles 10m
Number of Speakers 1
Sound channel Two-channel (stereo)
S/N No less than 80db
Battery Capacity 480mAh
Charging Time 2h
Working Time 4 – 5h
Standby Time 20 days


Xiaomi MDZ-ZB-DE Xiaomi MDZ-ZB-DE Xiaomi MDZ-ZB-DE

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