Xiaomi MITU building block engineering crane: 750 pieces of blocks and fun

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On November 21, Xiaomi ecological chain released a MITU building block engineering crane. It is the second product in the “engineering series” of MITU building blocks family. It adopts 1:16 ratio and perfectly restores the details of engineering crane in reality through a large number of dynamic mechanical structures. The details like pulley block design and 360 degree rotation control make the engineering crane have much variety in game play.

Xiaomi MITU building block

A large number of dynamic mechanical structures are truly restored at 1:16
The MITU building block crane takes the real crane as its prototype and achieves 1:16 scale restoration through the solution of building blocks. In order to add much variety to the functions and game play engineers have increased the number of building blocks to 125 categories, such as telescopic poles, panoramic tables, hooks, special granular parts, etc. So these blocks can be not only used to build this crane, but also can be combined with other building block toys to achieve more play methods.

In order to simulate the mechanical action of the real crane, this crane also uses a large number of engineering transmission devices. The product provides four supporting feets to function as a load-bearing device, together with the connection between several transmission shafts and the worm, making the single rotating force converted into multiple lifting dynamics. At the rear of the crane, engineers also provide a four-wheel steering operation device to adjust the direction of the wheel platform with a steering bar, which is known as “Ackerman steering dynamics”.

On the chassis of the crane, there is a building block control console, which can achieve 360 degree obstacle-free rotation, so that the MITU building block engineering crane can complete the lifting tasks when lifting. The control console, as a new building block, can be transformed into more diversified engineering machinery by connecting pins with other building blocks. Connected with the 360 degree control console is the boom system of push rod/pulley group, which simulates and restores the crane in reality by means of long teeth building blocks, push rods and a large number of gear structures. The hook at the end and the terminal, supported by the lead wire, can adjust the angle of the boom and the length of the telescopic boom at will. When descending the hook, just turn the knob of the boom gently, and the hook of the terminal will descend slowly and reach your task point.

Like the previous released Xiaomi MITU Building Block Mining Truck, this set of MITU engineering crane also provides two official models. Despite the crane model, it also provides another engineering forklift model. The driving mode and movement form of the forklift truck also adopt the structure of the real forklift truck, so it can also perfectly achieve carrying, lifting and unloading.

The Xiaomi MITU building block engineering crane is composed of 750 pieces of building blocks, and it’s available now on GearBest.com with the flash sale price of $53.99.



Xiaomi MITU building block Xiaomi MITU building block

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