Xiaomi Roborock T6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Released in Crowdfunding

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The Roborock vacuum cleaner has been well received among global users. On March 19, Xiaomi released new Roborock T6 robot vacuum cleaner in crowdfunding, which has more excellent performance and design than its predecessors.

Xiaomi Roborock T6

The Roborock T6 robot vacuum cleaner adopts a pure black design. The mirror reflective body combined with the sensor of the CD tattoo cover not only has the household electrical sense of the ordinary sweeping robot, but also enhances the sense of technology.

The sensors on the Roborock T6 are further upgraded, and the introduction of LDS laser navigation technology greatly improves the precision. The Map Management 3.0 can identify and record the area and location of each area in the home, and can also clean each area in different time periods.

The setting of sweeping forbidden area is also intelligent. The scanning terrain is divided into electronic fences on the mobile phone, so it is not necessary to set sweeping fences manually.

The new main brush head is made of special nylon material, which is more durable and can be freely disassembled and cleaned. That is to say, the pet hair which is difficult to clean can be handled more easily this time. The work noise elimination design has also been upgraded in the previous product. In standard mode, its noise is reduced by 50%.

The Roborock T6 inherits many merits of the previous vacuum cleaners, such as the well-received 5200 mAh battery, washable filters and carpet auto-pressurization. After connected to Mijia smart ecology system, the Roborock T6 can be conveniently controlled via the Xiao Ai voice assistant.

Previous sweeping robot products added the function of mopping, but users must wash the clean mop. While the Roborock T6 adopts one-off mop, you just need to remove it after finish mopping and change new one for the next mop.

In terms of price, the croundfounding price for the Xiaomi Roborock T6 robot vacuum cleaner is 2799CNY (about $417) . Considering the substantially improved specs and features, the new Roborock T6 really offers good value for money.

Xiaomi Roborock T6

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  1. 1 Michael said:

    When will it be on sale in the US?

  2. 1 Michael said:

    When will it be for sale in the US?

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