Xiaomi Roborock T7 Officially Unveiled. It Cost RMB 2899 Can Sweep 250 SM

On March 23rd, Xiaomi ecological chain brand Roborock Technology officially launched its flagship product Roborock T7 robot vacuum cleaner, which is now officially available for pre-sale in China, with a price of 2899RMB.

With the latest technological achievements of Roborock technology and the best user experience, the Roborock T7 has a new RR Mason 7.0 algorithm system, a new 297ml constant voltage electric control intelligent water tank, a new multi-map management 4.0 and an upgraded 2500Pa suction. It can sweep up to 250 square meters at a time, which can perfectly support the use of buildings and duplex families.

RR Mason 7.0 Algorithm
The algorithm is the technical core of the floor-sweeping robot, and it is the key to path planning and a complex environment to deal with calmly. It is no exaggeration to say that, RR Mason algorithm is the most critical soft power of Xiaomi Roborock, without its smart performance, no matter how strong cleaning performance can not be brought into play.

Just like the “real-time data management algorithm” of the, RR Mason system, the commander of the floor-sweeping robot, is responsible for managing and distributing the environmental data collected by the sensor, leaving it to the “perception and mapping algorithm” for data fusion and analysis, and then the “navigation and motion algorithm” carries out dynamic navigation and planning according to the analysis results.

So far, the Xiaomi Roborock robot vacuum cleaner has undergone 78 updates to the OTA algorithm and more than 3000 solutions. On this basis, the, RR Mason 7.0algorithm optimizes the Z-shaped algorithm, reduces repetition and improves efficiency.

At the same time, the Roborock T7 improves the wrapping algorithm and makes the route smarter in a multi-desk-chair-leg environment. , RR Mason 7.0system will load more obstacle information when crossing rooms and recharging, so choose the best path wisely. In the face of the complex home environment, you can quickly choose the right scheme and easily get rid of the obstacles.

297ml Water Tank
For a qualified sweeping and dragging robot, the small water tank can not meet the complete single mop needs of large households, and the large water tank has to consider increasing the volume of the machine. The electronically controlled water tanks of most floor-sweeping robots in the market adopt the diaphragm pump scheme, which has the advantages of easy membrane damage, short life, and easy blockage.

Roborock T7 is equipped with constant pressure electronically controlled water tanks with a peristaltic pump scheme, which has the advantages of long life, accurate control and not easy to clog. With the precision umbrella valve air intake system, the outlet water can be guaranteed to be smooth and not leaking.

In addition, the constant voltage electric control water tank equipped with Roborock T7 has a large capacity of 297ml, which can mop the floor up to 250m2 at a time in “small water” mode. The amount of spraying water is accurately controlled in three aspects, spraying 2.475ml accurately per minute, and keeping the mop at a proper humidity during the mopping process.

The lower pressure is also the key to remove stains. After multiple tests, Roborock T7 finally chooses a ground pressure of about 300g. With a wide dishcloth of 248 square centimeters, under this pressure, the wet drag area is larger and cleaner.

Multi-Map Management 4.0
Roborock T7 robot vacuum cleaner upgrades Multi-Map Management 4.0 to customize room cleaning order, suction size, and water tank output and can make different settings for a single room.

For example, the master bedroom area can choose “small water + quiet mode”, the kitchen area can set “large water + MAX mode”, clean the bedroom at 10:00 every morning, and so on. This upgrade also adds the intelligent mop restricted area function, so you can now set the carpet area as the mop restricted area, which will automatically expire after the mop bracket is removed.

It is worth mentioning that in order to meet the cleaning needs of duplex buildings or multi-storey apartments. Roborock T7 supports automatic recognition of multi-floor maps, which can memorize and edit 4 maps at the same time. Different from the common manual map switching among users in the market, Roborock robot vacuum cleaner Map Management 4.0 really realizes the automatic recognition and switching of multi-floor and multi-map. When changing floors to clean, the robot vacuum cleaner can automatically identify the floor, load the corresponding map and start to work.

Battery Life
The Roborock T7 also upgraded the suction to 2500pa, a 25% increase in suction compared to the previous generation, and almost the same noise as the previous generation. Battery capacity 5200mAh, support 2.5 hours of battery life, 250 square meters of space can be swept at a time.

The Xiaomi Roborock T7 carries a price tag of CNY 2899 and is now up pre-order in China. There is no word on the availability of this Roborock T7 robot vacuum cleaner in other markets at present, including India.

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