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Since its advent, Xiaomi Xiaoai speaker has brought modern intelligent life experience to a large number of users through its excellent voice feedback and excellent artificial intelligence experience. After the launch of Xiaoai speakers, Xiaomi continued to release Xiaomi speakers Mini, Xiaoai carry-on speakers, Xiaoai speakers HD and other new products. And the most concerned by users, of course, Xiaomi in Xiaomi 9 press conference brought Xiaomi Xiaoai touch screen speakers.

Xiaomi Xiao

As Xiaomi’s first speaker with a screen, Xiaomi touch screen speaker is more like a small and lovely “mini TV” that can be used not only to watch video, but also as a small alarm clock at home in its spare time.At the same time, the touch-screen speaker also takes on the responsibility of controlling the smart device at home, as the intelligent center of the home, can completely replace the previous small love speaker and small love speaker mini responsibility.

The design of Xiaomi touch screen speaker continues the consistent white minimalist style of Xiaomi products. Compared with some speakers with screen on the market at present, Xiaomi Xiaoai touch screen speaker is smaller in size and does not take up much space on the table. If you have an impression of Xiaomi’s previous smart alarm clock, you might as well interpret the Xiaomi touch-screen speaker as a “thickened” version of the smart alarm clock.

Xiaomi touch screen speaker with a white fuselage design, with a 3.97 inch screen. Above the fuselage, there are volume -, breath screen keys, and volume + three physically sunken buttons, which can be easily found even at night when the lights are not on. The whole machine adopts the screen tilt design, whether in peacetime or overlooking can clearly see the content of the screen. The setting of the details is very considerate. In addition, Xiaomi Xiaoai touch screen speaker power interface uses the conventional Micro-USB interface, the fuselage itself is not equipped with a built-in battery, so if you go out to carry it, you can only use AC power supply.

The blessing of the screen is not just an improvement in appearance, but also a lot of progress in overall manipulation and visualization for Xiao Ai speakers. This touch screen allows users to run programs in a touch-controlled way, giving people more options in addition to voice control in their lives.

In terms of sound quality, Xiaomi Xiaoai touch-screen speakers seem to have made a lot of compromises: low-frequency performance can hardly be felt, medium-frequency sound is in order, and high-frequency sound will burst. Therefore, in terms of sound quality performance, this Xiaomi Xiaoai speaker is mediocre and belongs to the “listen to a sound” series.

Xiaomi touch screen speaker in terms of functional performance is relatively eye-catching, the speaker screen can be synchronized during voice control to display what the user said, which is very scientific. At the same time, there are four screen saver modes to choose from. Page flipping clock and pointer clock can transform Xiaomi Xiaoai touch screen speaker into a bedside alarm clock, which can directly see the current time information. At the same time, it is also very good that intelligent speakers in standby mode can be used for new purposes.

As I just said, Xiaomi Xiaoai touch screen speakers this 3.7-inch screen can make users and smart speakers more colorful interaction. Touch-based manipulation greatly reduces the cost of learning for users, and even the elderly and children can easily use it.

The screen circulates through the weather information of the day and the contents of the various channels in a non-screensaver state. At the same time, through the left and right sliding of the screen, we can realize the rapid switching of clock, alarm clock, smart home and news interface.

In terms of speed, Xiaomi Xiaoai’s response to the screen speaker is still more sensitive, which is the same as the previous non-screen speaker, the overall fluency is also very good, but sometimes there will be a slight jam in the music playlist state.

For Xiaomi touch screen speaker, loaded touch screen design makes it very suitable for placed in the kitchen at home, easy to view time, at any time to watch recipe video, at the same time countdown and other voice interaction is also very suitable for cooking.

Put a Xiaomi Xiaoai touch screen speaker in the bathroom. You can also watch videos and listen to music when you go to the toilet and take a bath. Make full use of debris time during rest and relaxation. Based on the small volume of Xiaomi Xiaoai touch screen speakers, there can be a variety of options in placing space. Compared with the current heavy screen speakers on the market, Xiaomi Xiaoai touch screen speakers can be said to be very lightweight. Of course, based on this speaker more lightweight settings, I personally feel that it is also very appropriate to put it on the nightstand as an alarm clock.

Xiaomi small love touch screen speaker can be said to be based on the small love speaker, in the function to do addition to the brand-new equipment. With the addition of a screen to the traditional smart speaker, the new control experience can support more life scenes.Based on Xiaomi artificial intelligence “Xiao Ai” outstanding performance, this brand-new Xiaomi Xiaoai touch screen speaker can be said to be a very small, lovely, practical device. If you need a convenient, easy, and can bring you a variety of innovative interactive experience of the smart speaker, Xiaomi Xiaoai touch screen speaker is your choice.

Xiaomi Xiao Xiaomi Xiao

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