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If you have ever thought of spying on a phone, you are not alone. All of us have been in that position once in a lifetime. It can be quite frustrating thinking about what the person is doing on their phone. Maybe your kid is talking to the people you asked them to stay away from, or maybe your employees wasting time watching funny cat videos on the internet. Most of us have wished, at some point, that we had a way to monitor someone’s phone and ensure that they are not doing anything suspicious.

Monitoring apps have provided us the solution to this problem. But if you are like most parents, you probably decided not to use these apps because of your child’s privacy invasion or freedom. Keeping an eye on your child’s online activities does not mean that you do not trust them. But, no matter how much you trust your kids, you cannot trust the social platforms and the people who can come into contact with your children.

Monitoring apps does not only allow you to keep an eye on your kid’s activities, but these apps also help you ensure that they stay safe from any cybercrime. This article will help you comprehend everything about XNSPY, one of the leading monitoring apps. From all the advantages to the minor disadvantages of XNSPY, you will see everything by the end of the article.

XNSPY is an app for parental and business use. Parents who have concerns about their children and employer who worry about their employees’ productivity find XNSPY very beneficial. The app allows you to get into any device and monitor all their activities. You can easily monitor your child’s phone through XNSPY to keep an eye on their daily activities and ensure their safety. XNSPY allows you to monitor a smartphone without any physical access. You can watch their moves without getting caught as this app supports stealth mode. Most teenagers do not share much of their personal lives with their parents. Their teenage years demand freedom and independence. XNSPY provides you with ways to look after them without putting a restriction on them.

XNSPY allows you to get into your kids’ phone and monitor and control it remotely. You can start using it by following a few simple steps. The first thing that you will need is to choose a suitable subscription for yourself. XNSPY offers two different subscription models. The Basic version and the Premium version. After choosing the subscription plan, you will have to enter the required details into the given box. You will get your XNPSY ID and password at your email address, along with a URL. You can use this URL to download the app on the phone. Once you have download the app, log in to your XNSPY account. You can use the control panel to manage the data. The control panel gives you several options to monitor your kids’ devices.

Is it compatible with your device?
Yes, it is compatible with almost every Android and iOS device. XNSPY runs with all the versions of Android above 4.0. However, it is compatible with every iOS device that runs on version 6.0 and above.

Is it affordable?
Yes, XNSPY is one of the most affordable monitoring solutions for your problems. It also provides subscription models for its users. The basic version costs USD 4.99 each month. This version comes with a limited set of features. However, the premium version costs USD 7.49 per month and offers the whole set of available features. XNSPY is comparatively the most affordable apps in the market.

XNSPY the most reliable monitoring app that offers a set of advanced features. These features have helped the app to gain a good reputation among other monitoring apps in the market. The phone monitoring software offers an array of innovative features that are suitable for both parental and business use. For example, you can check the productivity or even block or delete apps remotely. Let us take a look at some of these features.

– Internet activity tracking. You can track the internet activities of any device using XNSPY. It allows you to check the internet browsing history. The bookmarked pages and most frequently used websites. The web control panel helps you manage the collected data.
– Manage Multimedia files. XNSPY gives you access to all the multimedia files saved or exchanged on social media apps. You can view any of the pictures, videos, or audio files you want. XNSPY also gives you the downloading option, which means you can download any files on your phone from the monitored device.
– Manage Installed apps. You can manage the installed apps on the device using this feature. Suppose, you do not want your kid to use a particular app. XNSPY allows you to delete/block that application from their phones. The control panel helps you manage all the apps by providing you a list of installed applications.
– Remote control feature. One of the most useful features that XNSPY offers is its remote control function. It allows you to control the device without any physical access. You can take screenshots, record any calls, record surroundings, lock/unlock the device, and delete/block any apps whenever you want remotely.
– Call log monitoring. XNSPY allows you to track the call log of any device. You can check the incoming, outgoing, and missed calls through the control panel. XNSPY also lets you check the call history along with the time/date and duration. The advanced sub-feature lets you record particular calls as well.
– GPS location tracking. You can track the real-time location of the device remotely. XNSPY lets you check the location history of the device as well. You can even set specific locations on alert and get instantly notified when your child enters or leaves that area.
– The Watchlist Feature. One of the most distinctive features that XNSPY offers is its Watchlist feature. This function makes XNSPY the best mobile spy app among the other monitoring apps. You can add specific words, locations, and contacts to these watch lists. And sends you direct alerts if any activities related to the added data happens. It works for internet activities, GPS locations, installed apps, phone calls, and text messages. It can help you ensure your child’s safety in both the real and online worlds.

Pros and cons
Along with all the advantages, there are few cons of XNSPY as well. Let us take a look at these pros and cons.

· It is the most affordable app.
· It has a user-friendly interface that helps you understand it without any confusion.
· It provides the most advanced features like geofencing, calls recording, surrounds recording, and Watch list Alerts.

· Some features do not work without jailbreak.
· This app can be intrusive sometimes.

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