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Earlier this year, Allwinner H6 was introduced as a 4K set-top box SoC with a quad core Cortex A53 processor, a Mali-T720MP GPU, support for “6K” video decoding, and several high speeds interfaces like USB 3.0 and PCIe. Zidoo just unveiled H6 PRO TV box based on the processor.

Zidoo H6 Pro

Large memory. Fine is not good enough.
H6 PRO is equipped with 2GB DDR4 memory and 16GB eMMC internal storage, large memory makes H6 PRO has excellent multi-tasking performance, 16GB storage space can meet your needs to install a variety of third-party applications.

Maybe Is the best set-top box you’ve seen.
The new design of ZIUI brings you the best operation experience, more beautiful and understands you better.

Definitely is the most conscientious set-top box you have seen.
H6 PRO comes with Bluetooth wireless remote control. Different from the traditional infrared remote control, you do not have to control the device deliberately and do whatever you want. You are also able to achieve some unachievable function through the Bluetooth remote control.

Full-Powered. Equipped with a new quad-core chip.
H6 PRO uses Allwinner new H6 quad-core high-end master chip, which is Cortex AA53 architecture and up to 1.8GHz; In addition, the chip provides H6 PRO a powerful processing capacity. H6 PRO has a great ability to decode.

Excellent design. So it is.
ZIDOO is committed to bring the best audio and video equipment to the majority of audio and video enthusiasts. H6 PRO ZIDOO is also one of the carefully crafted products. Zidoo continues use simple language, and will be a landscape in your living room.

WIFI \ LAN. Either works well.
H6 PRO is equipped with 802. 11AC WIFI module, and with high-gain antenna built-in to meet a variety of environment. In addition, H6 PRO is equipped with 1000M LAN adapter; enjoy the smoothness of playback in your home network.

An unprecedented horizon. 4KUltra High Definition.
H6 PRO supports 4K @ 60fps UHD outputs, and the powerful chip able to play all the 4K movies;4K is 4 times better than 1080P picture quality, which has a clean view of all the details.

Identification quickly. Professional HDR support.
H6 PRO is a special box for the ultimate audio and video, in addition to support 4K decoding, but also supports HDR technology. HDR is new standard of Ultra HD’s and brins the image quality close to natural world. By using HDR, you will see more details and more realistic shades.

Wider color gamut. 10Bit color support.
For the traditional TV box supports 8Bit color depth. H6 PRO supports 10 Bit color depth can display more color comparing the traditional 8 Bit color depth only supports 16 million colors, and the real world far more than these colors. 10 Bit provides 1.06 billion colors and restores a more realistic world color, and greatly improves the viewing experience.

Immersive Sound.
Voice is the soul of a movie, H6 PRO support DTS and Dolby and restore back to live recording.

Smartcolor3.0. Image optimization engine.
Due to the excellent picture optimization engine, H6 PRO image quality has been significantly improved, integrated intelligent noise reduction, super-resolution display, Refined deinterlace, color enhancement, color protection and other ten video displays / process technologies, and optimized and filtered every single frame.

Network play. Full support of streaming media.
H6 PRO has very powerful local video decoding capabilities, as well as broadcast streaming media to support the common video streaming media services.

Network master. Quick access to local network.
Automatically scan all availabledevices in LAN and provide fast and stable connectivity.

Unrestrained Bluetooth 4.1 built-in.
H6 PRO has very powerful decoding capabilitiesof local playback and online streaming. It supports most of streaming formats.

All-included. The video formats are widely compatible.
H6 PRO supports almost all video formats, which contains BDMV; H6 PRO is a well-deserved home media center.

Truly professional. Full-featured media management center.
H6 PRO has a complete full-featured media management center. So-called full-featured, that is having both complete PC version file management, but also have large-screen mode operation.

Powerful media player. Have all the settings you want.
H6 PRO media player is very strong and accumulated years of technical experience and numerous debugging tests from Zidoo R&D team. Lead the trend of the industry.

Intelligent Powerful subtitle system.
Unique subtitle downloading system able to automatically searchout the subtitle which correspond to the movie you are watching ; eliminating manual search; no need of manually load. In addition to automatically search for matching subtitles, you are also able to personalize settings, including subtitle fonts, colors, effects, location and so on.

Just right. All in one.
H6 PRO has small and exquisite shell anduse aluminum-magnesium alloy as the main body material, enhanced the sense of high-quality and provided a stable cooling performance. In addition, H6 PRO also provides multipleinterfaces to meet a variety of needs.



Zidoo H6 Pro

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