Download latest Android KitKat 4.4.2 firmware for MXIII TV Box

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This firmware is for  MXIII TV Box with Amlogic S802 Quad Core CPU


Beelink MXIII

Download latest Android KitKat 4.4.2 firmware for MXIII TV Box from here or here.

Firmware details
Archive: MXIII-20151211
Model:  MXIII TV Box
Image file size: 630 MB
Platform: Amlogic S802
Image name: k200C-ota-20151211
Build number: k200C-user 4.4.2 KOT49H 20151211 test-keys
Inside archive: firmware + factory_update_param.aml + recovery.img + u-boot.bin

Caution: Please do not update firmware unless you know what you are doing, you really want it or it is absolutely necessary. Firmware updates may occasionally have bad results, like bricking your device, temporarily or permanently. The firmware update process is done entirely at your own risk. Before attempting to update the firmware, back up your data.

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  1. 1 james said:

    i have a mxiii box 4.4.2 version , 112k4 build number,
    3.10.33, oman@ubuntu#1 Fri Jan 16 14:38:33 CST 2015

    can use this firmware for updating above box version

  2. 1 danyrolux said:

    You can try, on your own risk.

  3. 1 Jim said:

    Only works on k200c version.

  4. 1 james said:

    i have a
    model number :mxiii box
    android version : 4.4.2 ,
    build number : 112k4

    kernel version
    Fri Jan 16 14:38:33 CST 2015

    can i use this firmware for updating above box version

    where i can find the version i mean k200c etc?
    or from where i get the correct software for my model?

  5. 1 jim said:

    CPU-Z downloaded from play store should give you info about your device.I have a MXIII K200 with AP6234 wifi chip.It installs and works but if i power box off it wont restart and sticks on Google screen.Maybe it works only on K200c chipsets.

  6. 1 Ashok said:


    This Firmware for MX III 1 GB / 2 GB Ram ?


  7. 1 Bert said:

    same result, Jim! It works perfect, until… you power off the box. Then it wont restart and sticks on Google screen…

    Do you know any better / working ROM?

  8. 1 Martin said:

    For anyone that needs a ROM for MXIII – 2G / 8G – CPU S802 – AP6330 with a 100K1 build number (ex:112k4), here are the links:

    TRONSMART: (In my opinion, more stable)


    I know that both of them works fine… Enjoy!

  9. 1 odious said:

    Where is the Firmware for n200 user?

  10. 1 danyrolux said:
  11. 1 odious said:

    I have MXIII S802 2G with n200.
    Sorry for my bad english, i’m german.

  12. 1 odious said:

    Brand: MBX
    Model: MXIII
    Manufacturer: SkyKirin
    CPU: S802
    GPU: Mali-450
    Board: n200
    Build: KOT49H.20151021 test-keys
    Android: 4.4.2

  13. 1 odious said:

    Wich firmware do i need?

  14. 1 odious said:

    I opened the box today and standing on the Board

    MODEL: KCA-005
    VER: 1.0 DATE: 150625

  15. 1 odious said:

    I have this box in November 2015 bought on ebay with this designation:
    MX3 MXIII Android Smart TV Box Amlogic S802 Quad Core 4.4 Kitkat XBMC 4K 2GB Ram

    But it is not this box.

    Hardwareapps indicate this:
    Manufacturer: SkyKirin
    Brand: MBX
    Model: MXIII
    Board: n200 (KCA-005)
    Hardware: amlogic
    SoC Modell: AMLogic Meson8 AML8726-M8
    CPU: S812 (4x ARM Cortex-A9 @ 1992 MHz)
    CPU Revision: r4p1
    GPU: Mali-450 MP Octa-Core 8x 600MHz
    RAM: 2GB
    ROM: 8GB
    Firmware: KOT49H.20151021 test-keys
    Android: 4.4.2

    Which box is that really?

  16. 1 dave said:

    just updated my mxIII kitkat android box.It had stopped receiving streams but the update has sorted this out. I downloaded to memory stick first then from that to box. Very pleased,thanks.

  17. 1 BeastBoy Reaper said:

    Hi, can this Tv Box support/update to Lollipop 5.0 or higher.

  18. 1 Giorgi said:

    Can i flash it with usb burning tool? or can i change this file to flash with this tool?

  19. 1 Guillermo said:

    Good morning. I have the “K200” instead of “K200C”, where could I find the proper firmware?
    Thank you very much

  20. 1 Guillermo said:

    For the WX III 4k android Tv Box

  21. 1 Nour said:

    Í have k200c mbx mx lll
    2gb Ram
    Key 20160220

    Í want to upgrade to lolipop
    What framewere shall Í use

  22. 1 danyrolux said:
  23. 1 Jimmy said:

    The firmware do not work with me, after install the screen stop on the logo Quad core… but my box is : MXIII QUADCORE 4K 2GB, Amlogic S802 2.0 GHZ CORTEX -9. Octacore ARM Mali- 450 GPU 600 MHZ
    Help please

  24. 1 AL Gomez said:

    I have the MXIII . I downloaded the firmware. However when I used the image I have an error.

  25. 1 pete brown said:

    Hello my name is pete and I’m trying to find the latest softeare for my MX111 can you help?

  26. 1 nailintheboot said:

    Morning All, Can this box be updated to Android 6.0 or even 5.1 to allow updating to KODI 17.1
    Many Thanks in advance.

  27. 1 Uffy said:

    Hello I have a MX3 Box an i have Firmware 4.4.2 but i wanted to download Kodi 17 but i need android Version 5 and i did it as in this video shown, now i have a porblem the Box works but i dont get a screen can somebody help me

  28. 1 Uffy said:

    my Box is
    MX3 4K android tv box kitkat quad cortex-a9 octa mali-450
    Ram 2GB
    Rom 8 GB

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