How to easily install Windows 10 Pro with all drivers on Chuwi Hi8 tablet

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This is an easy steps tutorial on how to install Windows 10 Pro latest build on Chuwi Hi8 tablet.


1. Download latest Windows 10 Pro x86 build – en_windows_10_pro_10240_x86_dvd – from here. If you have problems, you can use the provided MediaCreationTool – for Win10.
2. Copy it on a micro SD card or USB flash, insert it into Chuwi Hi8 tablet, mount the image and start install the Windows 10 setup. In my case, I choose a clean install. Finish the setup and finally reboot into Windows 10 Pro.
3. Download Windows Drivers for Chuwi Hi8 tablet from here or here. For the Chuwi Hi8 drivers, please use Doubledriver to restore them all at once, alternatively you can extract and install them one by one, but it’s more laborious. If you have problems with the calibration of the display, make sure to install ‘chuwi-hi8_touch’. Reboot the system. [Update] You can also download the full backup of Windows 10 drivers – BayTrail 02.08.2015 13-33-46.rar – from here or here. Use the provided Double Driver application to simply restore the missing drivers from the collection, just locate the extracted folder.
4. To switch to Android just download and install Insyde_Q2S software. Download Insyde_Q2S from here, here or here.

Chuwi Hi8 Windows Drivers content (86 MB):
– chuwi-hi8_touch
– SileadTouch files for Chuwi Hi8
– Display: Intel(R) HD Graphics
– HIDClass: KMDF HID Minidriver for Touch I2C Device
– Image: Intel(R) Imaging Signal Processor 2400
– MEDIA: Intel SST Audio Device (WDM), Intel WiDi Audio Device, Realtek I2S Audio Codec
– Net:  Broadcom 802.11n Wireless SDIO Adapter
– Sensor: BMA2x2 (BMA250E BMA255 BMA222E BMA280) Accelerometer, Broadcom GNSS 4752 Geolocation Sensor,  Capella Micro CM3218x Ambient Light Sensor
– System: bcmfn2 Device, Broadcom GNSS Bus Driver – 4752, Broadcom Serial Bus Driver over UART Bus Enumerator, Camera OV2680,  Camera Sensor GC310, GPIO Controller,  GpioVirtual Controller, I2C Controller, Intel(R) Battery Management Device, Intel(R) Dynamic Platform & Thermal Framework Display Participant Driver, Intel(R) Dynamic Platform & Thermal Framework Driver, Intel(R) Dynamic Platform & Thermal Framework Generic Participant Driver, Intel(R) Dynamic Platform & Thermal Framework Power Participant Driver, Intel(R) Dynamic Platform & Thermal Framework Processor Participant Driver, Intel(R) Power Management IC Device, Intel(R) Sideband Fabric Device, Intel(R) Trusted Execution Engine Interface, IWD Bus Enumerator, UART Controller.

You’re done, enjoy it! It’s a beauty! 😉 🙂

BTW, you can now buy Chuwi Hi8 dual OS tablet from for only $92.89 with free shipping.

 Chuwi-Hi8 Chuwi-Hi8 Chuwi-Hi8

I’ll be back soon these days with the first impression story, so stay close.

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  1. 1 Guy said:

    Any trick to install only the Android OS?

  2. 1 ChrisVH1982 said:

    Hello and thank you for your report! Can you advise how to boot from USB? I created a bootable USB stick and its LED is active on reboot of the tablet. But it’s not booting anyway. I pressed “ESC” on keyboard for a menue to appear. There I selected boot from file and chose an EFI file located on the stick. It can’t use that unfortunately.

  3. 1 ran said:

    Hello i tried installing it everything were great took aliite long then i expected but i tied install all the drivers and my tablet doesnt even recognize it has a touch screen anyhelp please?

  4. 1 cyan said:

    Is chuwi providing windows 10 pro nowadays ? I thought they always supply with windows 10 home ?

  5. 1 danyrolux said:

    We had license for Pro…

  6. 1 Olivander said:

    Hi there,

    do you know how to install win10 on the chuwi VI10?

  7. 1 Seng said:

    i can’t find windows 10 64 bits driver for chuwi vi8…. please help me.

  8. 1 Matte 2000 said:

    I used this description in Oct.2018 with a Chuwi Hi8 and it worked perfectly. Thanks a lot, even though that whole post is ages old…
    two hints- if the rotation doesnt work, reinstall the bosch drivers manually without doubledriver. touchscreen reinstall ist recommende also without the double driver setup. all others can be restored perfectly by DD.

    If bootin from usb does not work with the media creation tool- I have a Xubuntu Live System stick, started with it and wiped all storage. theres no android than anymore of course, but only after that I was able to start windows installation via usb…

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