4 reasons to ride DYU electric bikes

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DYU smart electric bike is lightweight, foldable and good-looking. Riding on it starts your pleasure of the day. Following are the reasons why will you ride an DYU bike.

1. Flexibility and freedom
Car owners are most troubled by traffic jams, difficult parking, and fines for being posted. But riding an electric bike doesn’t have these troubles. If the high way is in a jam, you can take the small road, avoid the traffic jams at ease. And a little e-bike is not difficult to park. The super cool feeling of freedom is more profound for those who have driven.

2. Save money-no matter how high gas prices are
For example, a DYU Smart Bike can run about 40 kilometers on a single charge, and consumes less than 1 kilowatt-hour of electricity (a few cents again); generally, the battery needs to be replaced every 2 to 3 years, which is a few hundred dollars in total. The amount of money spent on the gas by car to work is simply too much money.

3. Comfortable, good for health
When driving a car, you will often encounter things that ruins your mood, like traffic jam, jumping in line, etc. Being in bad mood is definitely bad for your health. Therefore, it’s great to ride an electric bike comfortably while obeying the traffic rules per person per vehicle to keep a certain social distance with a light heart.

4. Enjoy a green life
Riding electric bikes realizes energy saving and emission reduction, protecting the environment, reducing road congestion. DYU mini e-bike occupies a small area, saves energy and reduces emissions, and protects the environment. The battery used is the same as the battery on the car. If people all choose to drive to and from get off work, there is definitely no cure for urban road congestion; on the contrary, if some people use electric bicycles to commute between office and home, it will certainly be of great benefit to alleviating urban road congestion and safe the planet.

Finally words
There are many new things coming out every day that makes the world better and DYU is one of them. If you haven’t got a DYU e-bike, taking a try on the legend cute e-bike is worthwhile. We believe your life will be much easier with this new traveling helper and unnecessary sweat will be saved while saving the planet. Speaking of which DYU electric bike to choose, DYU D2+ is a classic and mature model based on DYU D1 smart bike, tap below to learn details, or leave a message below to purchase or wholesale.

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