5 Things You Should Never Do On your E-Bike

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Nowadays, electric bikes have entered People’s Daily life and become one of the most commonly used transportation tools in daily travel. But there is a lot of things you should never do, here are some tips for you.


Washing your E-Bike upside down
One thing you should never do is simply flush your E-Bike with water. You may feel that this can wash thoroughly, but at the same time, it will let water into the motor, causing iron corrosion and leakage. Greatly reduce the service life of E-Bike. The correct approach is to wipe the body with a semi-dry rag. If the electrical appliance is caused by water accidentally, then used a dry rag to wipe it, and then the dryer to dry it, so that the electrical appliance remains dry.

Leave your battery flat for ages
If the battery is stored for a long time, the battery will be too low due to self-discharge, causing irreversible capacity damage. The correct approach is when the battery is not used for a long time, please keep the battery in a cool and dry place, and charge the battery for two hours every month to maintain the service life of the battery.

Excessive charging
Many people choose to charge overnight for the sake of convenience, which can be very dangerous. The temperature of the E-Bike will rise when charging. If the charging time is too long, the battery will be damaged and the battery life may be affected. The correct approach is to control the charging time within 8 hours regardless of whether the charger turns the light or not.

Use a non-original charger when charging
Different types of batteries, collocation of the charger is also different. Mixed-use can easily cause a short circuit or undercharging, which can damage the battery and affect travel. The correct approach is to use the original charger, safe charging, and also extend the battery life.

Brake and start frequently
E-Bike should avoid frequent braking and starting. The correct approach is to try to limit the speed or drive at a low speed in congested areas, so as to avoid the damage to the battery caused by the high current when starting.


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