7 Basic Common Cense for the Cafe Use of Electric Bicycles

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When using an electric bicycle at home, it is sometimes easy to overlook some basic safety operations: such as turning the lights on at night (mainly not for looking cool, but for others to see you), don’t always be lazy and overcharge (making battery easy to explode and catch fire)…

Electric Bicycles

In addition, we should also pay attention to the following 7 common sense of electric bike riding safety. Keep in mind the safe use of these electric bicycles, which will greatly protect the safety of you and your bike.

1. Lithium batteries are the first choice for electric bicycle batteries. Its advantages are large capacity, low self-consumption, and low pollution (the disadvantage is that it is more expensive); secondly, the lead-acid dry battery has the advantages of good sealing and not easy to leak electrolyte, but the disadvantage is also obvious: easy to pollute the evenironment. When using dry lead-acid batteries, be careful of the pollution, corrosion and damage caused by electrolyte leakage. DYU Smart Bike uses the certificated, safe and green lithium battery, keeping you safe all the time.

2. Beware of high voltage. There are some electric bicycles whose power supply voltage reaches or exceeds 36 volts, which exceeds the safe voltage threshold and is prone to electric shock accidents, so be careful. Sometime purchasing a e-bike with a 36 volts battery like DYU D3 Plus would be a wise move, which is both efficient and safe for travel.

3. Always check the circuit plug-in points. Prevent weak contact, causing connection, contact ignition, heating; avoid line aging, wear and tear, resulting in short-circuit strikes and series electricity accidents.

4. Do not charge in a confined space. When charging an electric bicycle, some poor-quality batteries sometimes run out of flammable gas, so charging must not be carried out of a narrow and sealed environment such as storage rooms and basements to prevent the generation of explosive mixtures.

5. Be careful of long-term charging at night. If your charger is of poor quality or used for a long time, the temperature of the charger is often very high, which is easy to cause a fire, so don’t take it lightly when charging the battery during night sleep.

6. ​​Be careful when climbing or starting. When starting and climbing, you should step on your feet to help prevent excessive starting current and long-term overload of mechanical parts, which may cause overheating and damage to motor coils, lines, batteries and governors, and even cause disasters.

7. Don’t rush on road. The editor kindly reminds everyone: Your electric bicycle is not fast, and it cannot be compared with a motor vehicle and automobiles when it starts. So everyone must be careful and safe when crossing the road, and don’t rush, so as to ensure your safety.


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