8 Powerful Writing Apps for Any Type of Writing Project

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Technological improvements surprise users daily with their updates, and writing tools are not an exclusion. Many students and professional writers sometimes suffer from a lack of creativeness in the writing process in general. Meanwhile, today’s world digital enhancement lets anyone request, “please, do my paper for me and help me with my writing.” Let’s have a look at the eight best apps that cover writing, editing, and brainstorming functions. 

1. Writer Plus (Write On the Go)
This application is a must-have for writers who want to have a worthy alternative to Google Docs in their smartphones. It works like notes which you can save as documents. Here you can easily format headings, typing options (Italics, Bold) and make lists with bullet points. You can see such file details as size, last modified date, and location in the main menu. Every user can modify the file’s name and text inside of each document whenever they want to.

2. Google Docs
When you don’t want any alternatives, this app is right for you. Web-version is very handy as a mobile one because you can see the list of your documents at once. Also, you can collaborate online with other participants on your project and get in-detail suggestions in comments directly in your doc. One of the most favorite functions for Google Docs users is the ability to create and edit online. After re-connection to the internet service, all your updates will be easily saved. With this app, you can also automatically improve grammatical, punctuation, and spelling issues underlined by the system. Also, if you want to write with your voice, try the voice typing function.

3. Novelist
If you decide to start your novel, it is better to do this with this app. Create an infinite number of projects for free. The Novelist is a great invention for all creative writers because it includes plot-generator items on the go. For instance, you can develop characters, locations, events, themes, and custom categories. Set a word-count goal or a completion date to track your progress. Write the text using a built-in editor with advanced formatting, comments, revision history, and autosave.

4. JotterPad – Writer, Screenplay, Novel
Split your story into different scenes where you can divide and connect all necessary text parts. Organize your actual sets in an unlimited number of sections: acts, parts, chapters, and more in-depth hierarchy. Preview the final result without leaving the app. In JotterPad, you can compile many different formats (PDF, DOCX, FDX) and backup to your device or Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.
With a powerful research tool, an author can easily cope with the most challenging tasks. A special built-in dictionary, thesaurus, and rhyming dictionary help writers to enhance creativity. Don’t leave your story behind! Publish it instantly to Tumblr, WordPress, and Ghost.

5. Auctor: Story & Character Generator
Plan your characters with a great application that centered around the heroes of your story. Just open the Auctory mobile tool and enjoy endless possibilities that open to the protagonist. An auto-generated biography will inspire any author to better understanding how they want to see the character. More concrete prompts such as background and personal characteristics will help you include better twists to a novel or short story using character more wisely. This app will also assist you during writing when you forget something important about your story participants.

6. Miraquill (Mirakee)
If you were in search of organizing your quotes or poetry beautifully, try Miraquill. In this app, you will see how enjoying creative writing is. Jot down your thoughts on a picture that suits your text’s context and save these as drafts. This multi-language app helps authors from various countries make their words attractive for any social media platform or blog. Moreover, Miraquill is not only a tool but also a community of inspired writers connected worldwide. Share starting from 20 posts with everyone and let your texts be searchable in Google.

7. Ilys
This distraction-free app is a real treasure on an island of informative overdose. This web tool helps inattentive writers to focus on the most crucial part of creating a text – writing. Open this in any browser and open a project you want to work on. Set a desirable amount of words and start your progress. The only thing you can see is the last letter of what you’ve just typed and the total word count. The green line on the top of the window will show you the progress, so you know approximately how much effort you need to make on it.

8. Hemingway App
The web version of this app is always online to the rescue of your grammar! Get better alternative phrases highlighted with violet color, adverbs suggestions with blue, the call to use active voice with green, and hard to read sentences with yellow and pink. Improve your style, punctuation, and grammatical issues with handy and simple Papa Hemingway!

Final Words
As authors can see, there are many alternative options to MS Word to get along with the writing. Being creative and organized is not a big deal if you have one of the represented earlier apps on your device. Select one of them or use several to expand your writing possibilities and reveal your inner author to the world!


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