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When the AirPods Max was released to the market, the people who reacted to it in any way were divided into two categories. Most were outraged by the price: after all, $ 549 is twice or even three times more expensive than competitors.

AirPods Max

Another category bought up AirPods Max – so quickly that the stock of headphones in warehouses quickly ran out. When ordering this product on Amazon, many people even changed their geolocation to the United States. As the NordVPN review explains for buyers from America, sellers “hide” much more AirPods Max than for customers from Europe and Asia.

That is, enough people were willing to spend $549 on Apple headphones! What is so attractive to customers around the world exclusive new product from Apple? Let’s try to figure it out.

Design features.
The headphones are available in five colors. One of the most popular options is Space Gray. But it all starts with the packaging! It is here, as always with Apple, very pleasant: on the one hand, the headphones are depicted, on the other, they are the same, but in a case. It is in this state that they meet us inside the box.

The case and headphones are wrapped in the paper film – a strange solution. In the kit, in addition to the documents and instructions, we are waiting for a Lightning/USB-C cable.

In terms of design, the new headphones are very different from their competitors – any other overhead or full-size headphones for wireless music listening. First of all, the fact that there is a lot of metal: the cups are aluminum, and the shackles are made of stainless steel. In addition, the build quality here is still objectively better than that of Bose or Sony: the use of mesh in the headband and rubberized plastic over steel feel more premium.

It would seem that there must be a reason why the main market players — Sony and Bose does not use metal. Someone will say: because of the temperature so that the headphones do not get too hot and are not too cold — and this is partly true. But for the most part, these headphones are used indoors. Maybe the metal greatly affects the cost? And that’s fair enough. But the main reason for using plastic is that such headphones are much lighter — and in comparison with the AirPods Max, this is noticeable.

AirPods Max is too heavy – 384.8 grams. For comparison: Sony WH-1000XM4 weighs254 grams, Bose QC 35 II – 235 grams. And you can feel it as soon as you put them on, or with any movement of the head. The experience is somewhat similar to VR helmets — if you have worn them, you know that it is not very convenient. You can get used to it, but keep in mind that this is not fluff.

The quality of the sound.
Let’s move on to the sound — after all, this is the most important thing in headphones! And better compare it with the Bose QC35-2 and Sony WH-1000XM4-the main competitors in this segment, which are twice as cheap.

AirPods Max has as many as two ten-core processors — one in each earpiece, which analyze the noise around you, your voice, the frequencies of the music playing-and all this is adjusted and adjusted. There is a non-switchable adaptive equalizer, like in the Apple Homopod, which means that all the songs will sound different. Besides, the headphones adjust the sound taking into account their fit to the ears, and even taking into account the position of the head – with the help of gyroscopes and accelerometers.

Comparing Apple, Bose, and Sony headphones, most liked the sound a little more in the Sony WH-1000XM4. It is more predictable, while the adaptive equalizer in Apple headphones sometimes greatly changes the music and turns long-familiar songs into something incomprehensible — and in this case, people cannot get an expected pleasure. This is especially true of rock music.

However, if rock music is a specific thing, then with pop music and bass tracks, dubstep, or electronic harmonies, things are better. That`s where the adaptive equalizer works to the maximum. The acoustics also sounds good, but no more.

The transparency mode in AirPods Max is a real breakthrough. Eight microphones are here for a reason: if you can hear only the bass from your voice without modes, then in the transparency mode it will be heard almost as well as with your own ears. However, if you increase the volume by more than 40 %, and others will have to shout at you — there is no adjustment of the intensity of the microphones here.

Let`s summarize.
These headphones are really cool and you want to have them. They play well, they are very high-quality, comfortable and incredibly technological. If you have extra money, and you have long wanted overhead full-size headphones, and most importantly-if you are in the Apple ecosystem, then buying them or not is not even a question. Of course, buy it!

But! If for you $ 549 thousand for headphones is a considerable amount of money, then you can find a million reasons not to buy them. There are comparable competitors on the market in terms of sound quality, although the noise reduction and transparency in the AirPods Max are significantly better. And why pay more, if you can pay twice as much, and get a similar result?

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