Best ways to upgrade your business’s IT estate

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Upgrading your business’s IT estate is essential if you want to stay ahead of the corporate competition, maintain the productivity of your workforce, and ensure your internal processes are as efficient as they can be.

IT estate

However, upgrading your IT estate is not necessarily the work of a moment because it is often difficult to pinpoint the particular assets which need replacing or to work out how to get the most out of your existing infrastructure. If you run a sizable organization, then this should be a continual process; otherwise, you will be swamped by the effort it takes to overhaul your system once it starts to lag behind the competition. Your IT estate is akin to a living, breathing entity that needs constant attention in order to maintain and improve it.

Simply finding a new gimmick to employ within your business is rarely classed as an upgrade because it will likely end up clashing with the rest of your IT estate and hinder the overall productivity of your firm. Instead, you need to search for upgrades that can be integrated seamlessly into your existing estate.

Here are the best ways to upgrade your business’s IT estate:

Use IT experts to support your systems
The first way in which you can upgrade your business’s IT estate is to ensure it has support from the right people at all times. One of the most common mistakes organizations make is to leave the continued function of their IT assets to unqualified or distracted employees who are busy trying to juggle other tasks.

Indeed, the larger your IT estate, the more you will need to keep on top of it, ensure all systems are working correctly and are fully integrated with one another. This problem is intensified when you are trying to incorporate a new asset into your estate. While you could go through the trouble of employing a full-time IT team, this is extremely costly, and there is no guarantee that they will be able to do the job as well as a specialist. To this end, it could be worth seeking managed IT services to look after your systems.

Integrate cloud-based solutions
Another key upgrade you can make to your IT estate is to integrate cloud services. This is because it can serve to improve a number of different functions. Primarily, cloud computing is used as a storage platform on which you can keep your sensitive data. This is valuable because data leaks are increasingly common, with locally-stored information particularly vulnerable. By storing your data in the cloud, you both dramatically increase your chances of keeping it safe.

Secondly, cloud computing helps your team to access important documents wherever they are. This cuts out the need to send over certain files individually, encouraging remote collaboration between your employees. The result? Higher levels of data protection and productivity.

Focus on minimizing cyber risk
Storing data safely is just one aspect of cyber security that you need to consider when upgrading your IT estate. While it is easy to add new assets to your portfolio, it is worth consolidating your existing infrastructure first. If your business isn’t safe from cyber threats, then you can face attacks at any moment, which could result in a disastrous blow to your organization.

Whether it is implementing stronger anti-virus software or centralizing your assets into one manageable structure, ensuring the safety of your IT estate is one of the best actions you can take.

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