Download Android Pie 9.0 new stock firmware for MINIX Neo U22-XJ TV Box

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This firmware is for MINIX Neo U22-XJ TV Box with AMLogic S922XJ as CPU.


Download Android Pie 9.0 new stock firmware for MINIX Neo U22-XJ TV Box from here or here. Download Amlogic USB Burning Tool v2.2.0 from here or download Amlogic Burn_Card_Maker v2.0.2 from here.

Firmware details
Archive name: U22-XJ-V003-Android_9.0-20200430
Image: U22-XJ-V003-Android_9.0-20200430.img
Archive file size:  656 MB
Model: MINIX Neo U22-XJ TV Box
Platform: AMLogic S922XJ
System: Android version 9.0
Build number: galilei-userdebug 9 PPR1.180610.011 20200430 release-keys

1. VPN now works with Ethernet
2. Added root switch
3. CPU performance boost
4. ES File Explorer removed, X-Plore added [requires factory reset after installing the firmware update]
5. Four rotate screen options (0, 90, 180, 270)
6. Fixed several D-Pad issues
7. Fixed several on-screen keyboard issues
8. Changed Launcher3 background
9. Redesigned F.O.T.A app
10. Updated Google app

Known Bugs
We are aware of the following important issues and actively working to resolve them ASAP:
1. Automatic Refresh Rate Switch is missing
2. Certain formats not working correctly via HD audio pass-through
We shall release regular firmware updates to address these issues, along with other bugs that are discovered.

Unfortunately, the patch to make CoreELEC bootable from USB 3.0 ports is missing from 003FW OTA firmware update.
We will add the patch to NEO U22-XJ’s next OTA firmware update.
If you wish to boot from USB 3.0 ports now, you’ll need to manually install the firmware.
Alternatively, if you wish to use CoreELEC but don’t want to manually install the firmware, CoreELEC can be booted from the USB-C port using the OTA firmware version.

Instructions for flashing/installing firmware of U22-XJ

What you need
– Windows-based PC (minimum Windows 7)
– USB cable that comes with the NEO U22-XJ (USB-A to USB-C).
– Firmware of NEO U22-XJ.
– Amlogic flashing tool (USB Burning Tool), V2.2.0 or above.

Manually installing the firmware will erase all saved data, content and settings on your MINIX NEO U22-XJ. Please backup those important files on the device.

To make sure the process of flashing firmware is a success, please do below 2 things:
1) Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘MCU Settings’, and switch the “Enable auto start system when plug in” to OFF state.
2) Make sure the USB Burning Tool is the latest. Recommending V2.2.0 or above.

1. Run the USB Burning Tool.
2. Import the .img file by going to ‘File’ > ‘Import image’.
3. Plug-in the power adapter. Then connect the U22-XJ device to the Windows based PC with a [USB-C] to [USB-A 2.0].
See following picture to check out how they connect.
4. Hold the RECOVERY button (in a hole), and then hold POWER button for a couple of seconds, until the USB Burning Tool detects the NEO U22-XJ.
5. Keep the configuration as default. Then press “Start” button.
6. When successfully flashed the firmware, click “Stop”. And Unplug the USB cable and power adapter.
Please note, some users may fail to flash the firmware. If so, you’ll need to do two things that have been clarified at the very beginning of this document.
7. Unplug the USB cable and power adapter.
8. Done.

Caution Please do not update firmware unless you know what you are doing, you really want it or it is absolutely necessary. Firmware updates may occasionally have bad results, like bricking your device, temporarily or permanently. The firmware update process is done entirely at your own risk. Before attempting to update the firmware, back up your data. BTW, a link doesn’t last forever.

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