Download Android Pie v6.3.50 beta stock firmware for Zidoo Z1000 Pro TV Box

This firmware is for Zidoo Z1000 Pro TV Box with Realtek RTD1619DR as CPU.

Download Android Pie v6.3.50 beta new stock firmware for Zidoo Z1000 Pro TV Box from here (with Google Play) or here (without Google Play). Download previous firmware from here.

Firmware details
Archive: Z1000-Pro_P_v6.3.50_G_202111051855_ota-package / Z1000-Pro_P_v6.3.50_202111051854_ota-package
Model: Zidoo Z1000 Pro TV Box
Image file size: 757 MB / 693 MB
Platform: Realtek RTD1619DR
Update file name: /
Build number: rtk/thor32/thor32:9/PPR1.180610.011/jiangbo11051855:userdebug/test-keys

How to upgrade

First: Click “ABOUT”→”Update”→”Local update” in succession
Second: Choose the OTA zip file from you Udisk.
Verifying the ota file
Copying the ota file
When finished copy, click “Update”
Wait the updating (please don’t turn off the power)
When it finished, then the unit will automatically restart,the upgrade is success.
Reopen the About page, the Software Version is the new version now.


SINCE V6.3.45
1.Optimized range switch logic.
2.Optimized AFR on vs10 mode while playing dv content.
3.Optimized set picture parameter error while HDR dv mode
4.Optimized playback stability.

Poster Wall
1. Added clearlogo on/off switch.
2. Added the support for movie soundtrack (movie name-soundtrack.mp3, movie name-soundtrack.wav, movie name-soundtrack.flac)
3. Optimized the display of detailed interface.
4. Optimized loading of poster images.
5. Fixed occasional crash problem when loading local pictures.
6. Fixed the problem that Douban character information can’t be obtained occasionally.
7.Fixed the issue that posters cannot be obtained in Zidoo Contoller mobile app occasionally.
8. Fixed the problem that FHD corner label cannot be displayed
9. Optimized the duration information display of TV show.
20. Optimized the NFO export function.

Music Player
1.Fixed while there are a large number of songs in the playlist, the continuous switching of songs causes the music app lagging occasionally .
2.Fixed while the number of optimized songs is large, the search songs crash occasionally
3.Optimize the music switching during scanning, the song switching is unsuccessful occasionally
4.Fixed that the playback status bar is not displayed after exiting the full screen playback interface
5.Fixed repairing batch collection or canceling collection,app crash occasionally
6.While CD playback, the full screen playing interface shields the fast forward and fast backward function
7.Optimize playback stability

SINCE V6.3.40
1. Optimized the output logic of VS10 engine for some display devices (such as Samsung, Philips)
2. Fixed the problem that some hard drives are not recognized.
3. Fixed the problem that some hard drives continue to work occasionally after shutting down.
4. Fixed the problem that Input Method will be cleared by Clean Up app.
5. USB audio settings are added into Zidoo Controller app.
6. Fixed the problem that no sound output occasionally when switching HDMI color gamut.
7 Optimized the system stability.
8. Added nl,fr,de,it,ru,hu language for QuickSettings and HT4.0

1. Added screensaver when the video is paused.
2. Fixed the problem that forced subtitles do not take effect in certain subtitle languages.
3. Optimized playback stability.

Poster Wall
1. Added local clearlogo picture function.
2. Optimized the collection export function.
3. Added manual refresh function on video details interface.
4. Optimized the display logic of watched movies.
5. Optimized the acquisition of video resolution tag.
6. Optimized the character information display function.
7. Fixed the occasional crash problem when scanning.
8. Added manual sorting function when entering the collection through the search interface.
9. Optimized application stability.

Music Player
1. Fixed the problem that the next song cannot be played occasionally when playing CUE songs.
2. Fixed CUE list parsing.
3. Fixed the occasional crash problem when loading lyrics.
4. Optimized the problem that song information cannot be displayed for UPNP play queue on the mobile phone.
5. Fixed the occasional crash problem when the song queue changes.
6. Optimized the function of favorite songs.
7. Fixed the problem that the number of songs in the playlist is incorrect after the device fails.
9. Optimized the playlist playback function.
10. Fixed the problem that the song information is not refreshed after rematching in the details interface.
11. Fixed the problem that the lyrics cannot be displayed normally after rematching in the details interface.
12. Added the function of skipping albums and files when playing in sequence.
13. Optimized the song search function.
14. Adjusted the music search interface and added the category search function.
15. Optimized the occasional playback freezing problem.
16. Optimized playback stability.

Zidoo Controller APP (Android)
1. Added local cell phone music playback function.
2. Optimized music sorting function.
3. Optimized individual interfaces.

Caution: Please do not update firmware unless you know what you are doing, you really want it or it is absolutely necessary. Firmware updates may occasionally have bad results, like bricking your device, temporarily or permanently. The firmware update process is done entirely at your own risk. Before attempting to update the firmware, back up your data.

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