Download latest Android KitKat 4.4.2 stock firmware for MXQ TV Box

Posted in Sep 28, 2015 in Firmwares, TV Boxes, 76 comments

This firmware is for MXQ TV Box with AMLogic S805 CPU


Download Android KitKat 4.4.2 stock firmware for MXQ TV Box from here or from here. Dowload SD card firmware version from here or from here. Download previous firmware from here.

Firmware details
Archive name: MXQ / MXQ_112k4_sdcard
Image: MXQ_112k4.img /
Archive file size: 491 MB / 490 MB
Platform: AMLogic S805
Build number: m201-user 4.4.2 KOT49H 20150915 test-keys

Caution Please do not update firmware unless you know what you are doing, you really want it or it is absolutely necessary. Firmware updates may occasionally have bad results, like bricking your device, temporarily or permanently. The firmware update process is done entirely at your own risk. Before attempting to update the firmware, back up your data.

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  1. 1 hamza said:


  2. 1 steve said:

    remote not working after MXQ update help please

  3. 1 danyrolux said:

    Try to flash with another stock firmware version

    Best regards,

  4. 1 jon said:

    Everything works great
    But how do we fix the blue light from anyways staying on even when the box is turned off or in standby its always blue

    Doesn’t go red anymore

    Any help ? Idea

  5. 1 Humberto said:

    Hello I hope you can help me , my tv box sends no signal only blue light is lit , try connecting to the PC via USB Burning Tool does not recognize the TV box I can do ?

  6. 1 danyrolux said:
  7. 1 majid said:

    after flash my wifi is not working, after i googled alot person have this wifi problems, min box is

    Model MXQ
    OS Android 4.4.2
    CPU Amlogic S805 Quad-Core 1.5GHz (Cortex-A5)
    GPU Quad-Core Mali-450 GPU
    RAM 1G DDR3
    Storage 8GB

    Wifi details below

    Its a Realtek. The following codes are listed beneath the name:


    i think the first firware was this , i mean the kernal

    The firmware says KOT49H. 20150820 Test Keys, Kernal 3.10.33 Tanwei@tawei#4

    Kindly please help me, just not working the wifi, please help me to solve it

  8. 1 pedram said:

    my device is dead and when i connect it to power only red led turns on.
    i used usb burning tool and connected device to pc but when i select img file an error appears ” parse burning image fail ”

    please tell me which firmware should i select ?

  9. 1 danyrolux said:

    Ask the right firmware from your device manufacturer.

  10. 1 pedram said:

    hi again i found a firmware and update my box but remote control doesn’t work i asked from company which i bought the box and they sent me a firmware but problem still available.
    do you have any other suggestion ?or other firmware?

  11. 1 pedram said:

    my device were dead and i flashed it with MXQ_110k4_20150325.img file and usb cable . no othere file were accepted by usb burning tool .
    after updating my device turned on and i tried to update it with factory firmware with flash memory update procedure was ok but there isnt any changes in firmware version .
    here you can find link of firmware that factory sent me!So4VzapJ!iZOqMGOowXyxBC0ZhDE5SOLKslmFVdbD9Pq6tRFqIms

  12. 1 mh said:

    i accidentally updated. and i cant watch anything now since im not in china. can u guide me to downgrade it ?

  13. 1 Antony said:

    last version kot49h.20151009 test keys where is?.my wifi is out.My chip is:RTL8189ETV F714D31.tanks for help

  14. 1 Mike K said:

    When I flash the firmware the message says that this firmware is for “M201” but my box is “M201C.” Where can I find M201C firmware?

  15. 1 danyrolux said:
  16. 1 miclea said:


    Please help
    I have a Leelbox MXQ S805 tvbox, And is briked. I don t have an OTG connection
    How to unbrick

  17. 1 danyrolux said:
  18. 1 miclea said:

    Am incercat dar in imagine nu gasesc u-boot.bin

  19. 1 kekilli said:

    Hello, pedram
    red light on my device,How did you do

  20. 1 Vinny said:

    I tried this guide “Try this method” but it does not work box brik, where can I find u-boot file?
    Thank you

    P.S. This is an on-line translation

  21. 1 Antony said:

    Version kot49h.20151009 test keys can not find it , where can I find it ? tanks , wifi does not work and the other firmware is not going well

  22. 1 wienaboy said:

    hai My box is mx pro s805 amlogic 1gb Rom 8gb Flash Flashed this firmware After have Red Light and remote dosent Work pls hep me

  23. 1 Hendri said:

    Hi, i have OTT MXQ TV BOX, after i use this firmware my wifi and remote doesnt work, can somebody help me to fix this?

  24. 1 nikmic said:

    Terrible. All the people have the same problem. Wifi and remote control doesn’t work.
    Fortunatly I have create a full backup.
    I lost Logo and sometimes I can’t power on with remote control, I have to unplug and plug power cable. Other function.
    You should provide correct firmware!!!!

  25. 1 Raymond Crisostomo said:

    when are going to release 5.1 lollipop firmware for MXQ TV Platform: AMLogic S805
    Build number: m201-user 4.4.2 KOT49H 20150915 test-keys

  26. 1 Pascal Kuil boer said:

    I got 2 mxq boxes with firmware KOT49H.20151218 test-keys, but one of the boxes freezes up and produces a annoying sound and flickering on the screen when it does.

  27. 1 Pascal Kuilboer said:

    In addition to my reply yesterday… where can i download my firmware or even beter… downgrade to fix the problem. Please help

  28. 1 sachin wadagave said:


    pls forward firmware



  29. 1 Luís Alex said:


    Could you post online the stable firmware that you backup.

    I have the same problem with Wi-FI and remote.


  30. 1 Doug Smith said:

    I have a MXQ m201 Android 4.4.2
    SKhynix H27UCG8T2ETR Flash Chip
    Realtek RTL 8188ETV Wireless Chip
    Build: KOT49H.20151027 test-keys
    Motherboard: S805_MXQ_V03 20150816
    OTG_USB silk screened on board as USB-4
    4 pin serial port behind red/blue led (un-popluated)
    Pin1 (square) GND
    Pin2 TX 0 – 3,320VDC
    Pin3 RX 2.883 – 2.885VDC
    Pin4 3.325VDC

  31. 1 nikmic said:

    Hi Luís Alex
    Is old but works correctly.
    I’m looking another version more recent

  32. 1 nikmic said:
  33. 1 Mathias Judersleben said:

    I have the following model
    Android Version: 4.4.2
    Build Nummer:
    KOT49H.20150709 test-keys
    Kernel Version:
    neo@hhsserver2 #8
    Thu Jul 9 20:06:51 CST 2015

    There is perhaps also an update?
    Have several problems with the box
    Thank you from Germany

  34. 1 Islandgirl said:

    We have Leelbox MCQ MAC 000F102D4071, remote freezes & Smart T V not working. We just got our box & TV kept blanking out then it just didn’t turn on any more. Any one know why??

  35. 1 danyrolux said:

    Try to reset to factory settings or to reflash the stock firmware.

  36. 1 raul said:

    i updated with the last firmware and everything works fine except when i try to watch a video works fine the first minutes of the video and turns off

  37. 1 Yoli said:

    Hello I have mxq and I can’t hear anything?

  38. 1 Rodrigo said:

    hi, I have a MXQ box and I can’t make work some apps because can’t change my location (only China) is there any way to change it?

    need some help, please

  39. 1 Simox901 said:

    hi guys, i flashed a rom but at reboot wifi and remote control not active. i need a fix please or a backup original for this device… thanks

  40. 1 berris said:

    hello hello hello !!! i have a mxq try to download showbox and i pick up virus and i have to factory wipe it , now i need the right operating system to reboot it . can someone please help me with the right operating system.

  41. 1 farhan said:

    I’m waiting for same I have OTT mxq box but downloaded millions of wrong firmware always stuck at 2 % plz help

  42. 1 andrea said:

    wifi and remote not work…..have you solution?

  43. 1 Pablo Gamboa said:

    I get a MXQ 4x, I’m trying to connect ti internet and the box do not respond, I disconnect it and wait for 10 minutes but it doesn’t, I want you replace it for an other box, just let me know what I have to do

  44. 1 Paul Cassidy said:

    Do you have the firmware for an Mx box. Thank you

  45. 1 Dominci said:

    How can i connect the MxQ M10 box with my pc and upgrade or backup my img or firmware ?

    my box doen’st turn on only a blue light disapears



  46. 1 Dominci said:

    Mail to please if someone could help me

  47. 1 Gionni said:

    Sorry but I I have a big doubt. I have this version of Mxq, that gives me problems with these features can I reinstall the firmware without any problems? if not you help me to download it !!? Thank you

    Model Number : MXQ-DZ
    Android version: 4.4.2
    Build number: KOT49H.20151023.V0823 test-keys
    Hernel version: 3.10.33
    wlsdom@ubuntu-server #1
    Thu Jul 30 10:46:22 CST 2015

  48. 1 Mickie said:

    I have mxq m201 and I can boot into recovery but when I try to flash update it says the update I’m trying to use is older than the one already on it so it’s not updating now I can’t pass mbox screen.

  49. 1 graham said:

    i have a mxq npet s805 has anyone got the original image firmware as i have tried with this and gets to 2% and fails

  50. 1 David said:

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

    I updated my MXQ box and now it has bricked cant seam to use the toothpick any more how should I unbrick my device I also need software that works????


  51. 1 Bora said:

    Hi, thank you for the information. However, I am one of those who has mxq m201 s805 device and stuck with red light on, device not starting up and remote is not turning on the device after this update attempt. People mentioned the same problem, can you please provide a step by step tutorial to resolve this? Thank you very much.

  52. 1 danyrolux said:
  53. 1 Rene said:

    I got the solution to the wifi and remote issues. Update with usb burning tool aml upgrade package mxq 20151113.img then install, it worked for me

  54. 1 Jesse said:

    @Rene where to get upgrade package mxq 20151113.img ?

  55. 1 Cleberson said:

    Anyone know where I can donwload firmware :
    rk322x – eng.4.4.4 KTU84Q eng.wisdom.20160318 14819 test -keys
    Thank you!!!

  56. 1 ipenesp said:

    use usb_burning_tool software go to youtube and see how use raname u .iso that u downl here as mxq and use it . when finish wait because will need some time to install apps when finish remote not working wifi not working for me i will try facware reset or reinstll again

  57. 1 sara said:

    then for those who have the problem wifi do this , download this:!wdVDUYAC!TNnxJpRgcy2jeUlPAjWVm2ixIADErC3AdDO9mJq6JbU copied to sd / mmc go setting in the box then then other system update / select / select the file / update ok and do make update you again wifi

  58. 1 reene said:

    My mxq s805 box stops in the middle of any activity and gives a message

    This machine has a serious issue must reboot to fix
    ( confirm)

    I push the confirm button and it work for a few min to an hour at the most and it happen again I’ve done a factory reset still same problem please help

  59. 1 Philipp said:

    Hey guys, can anyone tell me if this firmware has another launcher integrated then the standard one?


  60. 1 Martha Guerra said:

    My android tv box is MXQ 4.4.2 Kennel Version 3.10.33,everytime I press automatic update it said I have to buy a pro key user.I don’t know what is that or what I have to do,please help.

  61. 1 Charlie said:

    When I go to update & backup, it tells me” Check failed! Check Your OTA Servier Argent.” What does theis mean? What do I have to do

  62. 1 IPTVKid said:

    Hello, I have MXQ Android 4.4 Quad core, I was told I can update Android OS 4.4 to 5.1 on this TV Box, can it be done? Do you have a guide on how to do this OS upgrade? Thanks in advance IPTVKid

  63. 1 me said:

    Anyone know where to find 2016.07.23 firmware for s805 m201 ?? It came with my box and I need to reflash but all other firmwares on this site leave me with no wifi 🙁

  64. 1 ZAK said:

    for MXQ S805 m201c
    try this link!So4VzapJ!iZOqMGOowXyxBC0ZhDE5SOLKslmFVdbD9Pq6tRFqIms
    use usb burning tool

  65. 1 Sam said:

    How do I convert the the OTA files into .IMG in order to use the USB burning tool. looking for .img firmware for my s805 M201c. Thanks in advance.

  66. 1 Sam said:

    Help Anyone:

    Where do I find .img File for s805 m201c.

    Thanks in Advance.

  67. 1 ricky said:

    my mxq pro 4k stuck at 64bit logo can’t do anything…please help

  68. 1 Todd said:

    Hi, i have a MBX MXQ M201 KOT49H 4.4.2 Kitkat. Board: AM_MXQ_A 20150825 and wifi chip RealTek RTL8189ETV. Amlogic, meson8, ARM Mali-450
    Does anyone have this box and make a back up of the original or know of a firmware which will work as tried loads but have wifi problems.

  69. 1 keggy said:

    i have a mxq ott tv box i cant reset the box every time i try it asks me to put a password in but i do not have a password and i cant remember putting a password on the device please help

  70. 1 raf said:

    Hi Guys,
    my MXQ !gb 8GB box bricked and blue light always on. nothing is happening. no response to SD card and USB burning tools can not find my device.
    Please help if you can

  71. 1 Dave said:

    OTT MXQ s805 bricked. red light only. the above firmware(sd card version) are there any particular settings needed to use these files ? Bootcard maker ? or does one just extract the files to card ? that would be easy lol. when I open bootcard maker I can’t find the downloaded files, I’ve watched youtude vids on how-to but can’t get this to work. am I missing something simple ?

  72. 1 Babis said:

    i have a problem if anyone can help me

    i try to update my v88 tv box with pc
    when the download on the anroid tool come to 100% show an download fail error
    i tried it many times
    i unplug the tv box from the pc and i connect it again
    from this time is dead
    and a small red light blink in front

    what is going on

  73. 1 John Félix said:

    I got the solution to the wifi and remote issues. Update with usb burning tool aml upgrade package mxq 20151113.img ( then install

    FOR WIFI RTL8188

    Update with usb burning tool aml upgrade package mxq 20151113.img ( then install JustOp Droibox(m201-ota-20160130)(…E4RVdjWG8/view)

  74. 1 Ajdin said:

    my mxq full hd 4.4.2android quad core box,freezing on any video content and strems,how I can fix it?

  75. 1 Glory said:

    How can I reset my MXQ RVBOX MAC:C42FAC599179 into factory and also change the time?

  76. 1 Boria said:

    MXQ S805

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