Honor Magic Earbuds (FlyPods 3) Unboxing Review

With the advent of AirPods Pro, the condition to measure a true wireless Bluetooth headset is no longer limited to sound quality and battery life, and whether to support active noise cancelling has become a selling point that consumers pay more and more attention to.

Although AirPods Pro is a TWS headset with good noise cancellation effect, its price is not acceptable to everyone. Is there a truly wireless earbuds that is cheaper and supports active noise reduction? Of course there is! The recently released Honor Magic Earbuds is such a high-quality AirPods Pro clone. In this post, we’ll share with you a detailed Honor Magic Earbuds unboxing review!

Honor Magic Earbuds also named Honor FlyPods 3 in China, as the first active noise cancellation product of Honor, its active noise reduction function is undoubtedly the biggest highlight. Honor Magic Earbuds adopt dual active noise reduction design, the maximum degree of noise reduction can reach 32dB. At the same time, it also uses in-ear wearing, and three microphones to reduce noise to ensure the pick-up effect of the call, support for all kinds of quick touch control plus a price of 149 euros, which is very attractive.

Now that we’ve got the latest Honor Magic Earbuds (Honor FlyPods 3), what about its active noise cancelling? Is it convenient enough to use? Is the call clear enough? What about sound quality? Next, there is a detailed review.

Honor Magic Earbuds VS AirPods Pro: Specifications Comparison

At first, let’s have a quick look at the main specs about Honor Magic Earbuds (Honor FlyPods 3) and AirPods Pro. And check out the similarities and differences between the parameters of the two ANC TWS Earbuds. According to the below table, it is not difficult to find that except for battery life and appearance, other functions of Honor Magic Earbuds and AirPods Pro are very similar. Next, we will describe in detail the features of this Honor Magic Earbuds.

Honor Magic Earbuds AirPods Pro
Specs Colors White/Blue White
Weights 5.4g (earbuds) 5.4 g (earbuds)
51g (charging case) 45.6 g (charging case)
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0
Battery Capacity 37mAh (earbuds) 43mAh (earbuds)
410mAh (charging case) 398mAh (charging case)
Charging Time 1-2 hours
Play Time 3.5 hours (earbuds) 4.5 hours (earbuds)
Standby Time 22 hours (with charging case) 18 hours (with charging case)
Profile HFP/A2D2/AVRCP
Waterproof IP55 (earbuds) IPX4 (earbuds)
Interface Type-C Lightning to Type-C
Functions Music Control Yes
Phone Calls Control Yes
Volume Control No Yes
Voice Assistant Siri/Goggle Assistant
Active Noise Cancellation ANC
Transparency mode Yes
Wearing Detection Yes
Wireless Charging Yes

Compact Design
The design of the Honor Magic Earbuds (Honor FlyPods 3) package box is very simple. The white front is printed with the product diagram and name, which briefly introduces its characteristics. The box has a magnetic design, and you can see the Honor FlyPods 3 body when you open it. The size of the whole Honor FlyPods 3 charging box is 80.7×35.4×29.2mm, the size is pretty compact, and it is very easy to carry. The size of the Honor Magic Earbuds charging box is not large compared to the size of the Honor 20 Pro. On the back of the charging box, you can see the Type-C interface and the pairing button, and you can start pairing with the mobile phone by pressing the button for a long time. At the bottom of the Honor Magic Earbuds box, the specification of the charging box is marked, and the battery capacity is 410mAh.

Open the charging box and you will see a pair of Honor Magic Earbuds headphones. The utility model adopts a magnetic design and is placed firmly in the charging box and is not easy to fall off. Take out the headphones and you can see the recharged metal contacts and the monitoring sensors, as well as the microphone holes hidden under the earplugs. There is also a microphone hole on the back of the headset. In addition to headphones and charging boxes, silicone earplugs of large, medium and small sizes and a USB charging cable are included in the box.

Pairing Experience
For the first time using Honor FlyPods 3, let’s see if it is convenient to use. If you are using an Honor phone, make sure the system is above EMUI 10, open the charging box and press the button within 2 seconds to automatically find the match. If it is a non-Honor/HUAWEI brand phone, you can also use Honor FlyPods 3, but the pairing method will be relatively troublesome and need to be manually selected from the Bluetooth list. When the pairing is complete, the use of, Honor Magic Earbuds (Honor FlyPods 3) is very convenient. Keep the Bluetooth on, and every time you open the charging box, it will connect automatically, so you don’t have to take the time and effort to reconfirm the reconnect.

In addition, Honor FlyPods 3 supports wear detection and touch functions. Thanks to the detection function, only when headphones are put on, modules such as noise reduction start to work and music can be played. This saves power and extends the battery life of the FlyPods 3. Through the touch function, you can set the quick operation of tapping the headset twice through the menu. Without turning on the phone, you can use the functions of answering calls, turning on / off noise reduction, playing / pausing / next song, etc.

Active Noise Cancelling Experience
Honor FlyPods 3 adopts in-ear design + active noise reduction, which can be said to isolate the influence of noise to the maximum extent. Like AirPods Pro, Honor FlyPods 3 also adopts ear-in design, which seals the ear canal through earplugs, isolates from the external environment, suppresses high-frequency noise, not to mention ANC, itself has a good ENC effect.

On this basis, this strong passive noise reduction combined with active noise reduction, the use of noise cancellation microphone to pick up the external environment and the internal noise of the ear canal for double noise reduction, sending out opposite waveforms to offset each other, the elimination of environmental noise can be said to be immediate results, the whole world is quite a lot.

Due to the lack of professional acoustic equipment, it is difficult to quantify the noise reduction effect of Honor FlyPods 3. But we have experienced in many scenes, through quick gestures, both hands touch the left and right headphones quickly turn on / off active noise reduction function to compare, the effect is very good.

First of all, the noise reduction effect of Honor Magic Earbuds (Honor FlyPods 3) is tested at home.

First, around the desk, the biggest source of noise is the computer chassis. The high-speed rotation of the cooling fan and the high-speed rotation of the mechanical hard disk produce jitter, which together constitutes the surrounding environmental noise.

The amount of noise in this environment is about 35dB, which can be easily dealt with by measured Honor FlyPods 3. After putting on headphones and turning on active noise reduction, the noise generated by the computer chassis will be eliminated immediately, and the whole environment will be quieted down immediately. The only sound comes from his own breathing, as well as the sound of tapping the keyboard and mouse. Of course, because of the natural advantage of passive noise reduction, the voice of the latter is also greatly reduced.

Next, we test it by the side of the tunnel. The continuous flow of vehicles on the road, tires rubbing the ground will make a lot of noise, if you open the doors and windows, this noise will have a considerable impact on the lives of residents living nearby, let’s test the effect.

Standing next to the underground highway and turning on noise reduction, the most obvious feeling is that the sound has become “far away” a lot. Even if the car passes by, the loudness of the noise decreases a lot. Secondly, the range of noise is much narrower, and the noise will even be completely eliminated after the vehicle has passed a certain distance. However, in real life, we generally do not encounter the scene of wearing headphones to turn on active noise reduction and close contact with vehicles. For safety reasons, we are advised not to wear headphones to walk on the roads where vehicles pass.

Generally speaking, the noise reduction function of Honor FlyPods 3 is very practical, and as the first Honor product to support active noise reduction, its noise reduction effect is amazing.

Battery Life Test
According to official instructions, the battery life of Honor Magic Earbuds is 3 hours when ANC is turned on and music is played. With the charging box, you can recharge two headphones for more than 3 times. Using a charging box for 15 minutes can provide up to 80 minutes of power. We tested it. tart using Honor FlyPods 3 to listen to music at 100% power, and after turning on ANC, for an hour, the remaining power of the left and right headphones is 60% and 70%, respectively (the main headset consumes more power). The battery life of turning on ANC to play music is estimated to be about 3 hours.

At this point, put the headset back into the charging box to charge, and record the amount of electricity after a period of time. After charging for five minutes, the power of the left and right headphones increased by about 20% respectively. In other words, if the headset runs out of power, it will take 25 minutes to recharge by the charging box.

To sum up, in terms of power alone, 410mAh’s charging box can charge two 37mAh headphones about five times. It takes 25 minutes to fully charge two headphones and can listen to music for 3 hours. Relying solely on the charging box and headphones, the use time is about 17 hours, and it is absolutely no problem to use it for one day under the premise of turning on ANC.

Wearing Comfort Test
Honor FlyPods 3 can be said to be very small and exquisite in design, especially the tapered design of the earplugs, the whole headphone is closer to the outline of the ear canal, thus improving the comfort of wearing without the foreign body feeling of “swelling” of the ear canal after using it for a long time. In addition, Honor Magic Earbuds (Honor FlyPods 3) comes with a total of four sizes of earplugs for you to choose from. The size of the ear canal varies from person to person, so earplugs of various sizes can ensure that you can find the most comfortable one. Due to the different tightness of different sizes, the sound field of the four sizes will also change, which will affect the noise reduction effect and the bass performance of the headphones. So use the most appropriate size to get the best performance.

Summary: The Best Alternative to AirPods Pro
With a price of 149euros, Honor Magic Earbuds is very competitive. Although there are many products on the market with the features of ANC and true wireless, if you use in-ear, three or more microphones, you will find that there are very few competing products. Among them, Honor Magic Earbuds offers a sincere price to meet your needs while taking care of the face of your wallet.

Second, there is no compromise on the functionality of, Honor Magic Earbuds. Active noise reduction is very good and powerful, as long as it is used once, it will leave a deep impression; three microphones are comparable to mobile phones, or even better in special situations; and in terms of sound quality, my evaluation is that as this price, these positioning headphones, he has done his best.

In terms of convenience, Honor Magic Earbuds has a unique advantage that mobile phone manufacturers are born with. For a long time, mobile phone manufacturers tend to care more about interaction and convergence with mobile phones than those traditional audio hardware manufacturers. This work with a variety of automatic connections under EMUI 10, convenient graphical interface, is also one of the highlights of Honor Magic Earbuds.

Of course, this is not to say that none-EMUI 10 phones can’t use it. For example, MIUI, iOS’s mobile phone, Honor Magic Earbuds still has strong compatibility, although the setting is not very convenient, but fast operation, active noise reduction, wear identification, call functions can be used normally.

Excellent noise reduction, call performance, good sound quality, coupled with the price of 149euro, Honor Magic Earbuds is worth a try.

Did this article help you? If so, please tell me in a comment what do you think about it.

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