How Do I Track Kid’s Location and Monitor App Usage on Android?

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In this day and age, smartphones are a necessity for every member of the family. While kids are young, you can regulate their phone usage by simply hiding it from them. However, it becomes vital to hand them over the device as they grow so that it’s easy to contact them.

Track Kid’s Location

Modern phones can be used for education and communication purposes or to reach you in case of emergencies. Still, that doesn’t guarantee your child’s safety. With all the news about kidnappings and blackmail, it’s essential to monitor children’s phones and tablets.

Read on to see how you can track a kid’s location and monitor their app usage on Android devices.

Part 1: How Do I Track Children’s Location and Control App Usage on Android Devices?
Monitoring your kid’s devices will give you hints about what they do and the places they visit the most. Such information is crucial for any parent as it makes you calm and gives you peace of mind. Let’s see how to keep tabs on your children’s cell phone with the leading tracking app in the market.

FoneMonitor: A Top-Rated Android Phone Surveillance Application
If you want to find your kid’s location or monitor how they use installed apps, there’s nothing better than FoneMonitor. It’s not just the ideal solution to monitor children’s devices; it is the best method to do it!

Track Kid’s Location

FoneMonitor is a reputable brand in the tracking business. It’s used in over 190 countries, with millions subscribed to its affordable plans. You can find articles about the app on popular media channels like The Verge and Forbes.

FoneMonitor tell you the location of your kid’s phone with exact GPS coordinates. You can even see their app usage without them suspecting. Even better, anyone can use the service since no technical knowledge is required. There is no coding or complex science involved.

Part 2: What FoneMonitor Does?
What FoneMonitor does is provide you with real data of your kid’s Android device on your browser window. For instance, you can check their phone usage and track location from your computer or smartphone. Let’s take a look at some of FoneMonitor’s cool features to learn what the app can do for you.

Track A Smartphone’s Location
With the FoneMonitor app, you’ll get updates of your child’s device live location 24/7. Not only that, but you’ll also know which places they recently visited. The best thing about the location finder is that it provides time details of the visit. If you want to limit their movement and know each time they are away from home, you can use the geofence feature. Through geofencing, you can set a geographical perimeter for your kid’s phone location. Each time they cross the established borders, you’ll get a notification.

Monitor Usage of Installed Apps
The FoneMonitor application checker shows you a list of all apps that your kid has installed on their phone. Additionally, you can restrict them from accessing some of the unwanted apps and block their downloads. A pretty cutting-edge feature, I would say. It gives you charge to control what the kid can do, what apps they can use, and much more. You’ll even block them from in-app purchases without them ever finding out.

More Features of FoneMonitor?
– Keylogger: It keeps track of all the key presses your child makes on their device. That includes messages typed, web searches, usernames, and passwords.
– Social Media Monitor: This feature gives you access to all installed social media apps, including WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.
– Call Viewer: It provides you data about all calls made and received on your kid’s phone. You also get details of the phone call, and the time it took place. Of course, this is just a glimpse into the FoneMonitor universe. There’re more phone tracking features that we haven’t tackled, like SIM tracker and many more.

Part 3: How to Track Kid’s Location and Monitor Apps on Android with FoneMonitor

Steps to Track a Child’s Location and Control Apps on Their Phone
Step 1: Create a FoneMonitor account and get a subscription plan for the Android device.

Track Kid’s Location

Step 2: Follow the setup wizard to guide you through the procedure in a few clicks – key in your child’s name and age and input their device operating system.

Step 3: Use the prompted link to download the FoneMonitor app on the kid’s phone. Allow all necessary permissions and hide the app icon after installation.

Step 4: After all data has synced with the system, you’re all ready to begin monitoring. Click “start” to see the dashboard. Here, all features are available on the left side menu.

Track Kid’s Location

Part 4: Why FoneMonitor Is the Crown Prince of Parental Control Apps?
-No Root. Most cell phone monitoring apps will ask you to root a kid’s device to function. Yet, FoneMonitor is different since it has the best innovations in the market. You don’t need to root your children’s gadgets to track them.
– Stealth Mode. When using FoneMonitor, your child won’t ever discover that you’re surveilling them (unless you tell them). You only need to access their phone once for the installation of the 2MB app. As you wind up with the setup, turn on stealth mode, so it diminishes from the list of installed applications. You’re the only person who can launch it with a secret code. If, in the future, you’ll ever need to get rid of the app, use the single click button on your dashboard.
– Web-Based Interface. FoneMonitor is a web service that allows for remote mobile phone monitoring. It’s entirely web-based, meaning you’ll not need to re-access the kid’s device. You’ll get results of their phone location and monitor app usage remotely.

Final Thoughts
Now that you know how to track a kid’s location and monitor their app utility, I suggest you jump into it right away. I would already be using FoneMonitor if I were you, and my kid was spending all their time on phones. Yet, it’s not too late to start. Get FoneMonitor today and know where your children are and how they use their phone apps.

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