How to make more profits with e-bikes?

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How to make more profits with e-bikes?

Since the beginning of this year, under the influence of the epidemic, sales of electric bike have not decreased but increased. However, behind the booming sales, more and more dealers is taking tremendous pressure and helplessness. What is the reason? Top brands seize the market and cut prices for promotion. The price war in the terminal market has already reached a bloody level. Dealers have meager profits and lost money!

Throughout the development history of each industry, the price war is an insurmountable stage. At the same time, it cannot be denied that the price war has promoted the overall scale of the industry and the maturity of the market competition environment. However, for the industry and the company itself, although the price war can bring about a sales increase in volume, it is difficult to bring about a qualitative increase.

DYU e-bike to break the price war situation
As we all know, DYU Smart Bike is a well-known brand of smart small-wheel lithium electric bike. And it has led the industry’s innovation. It’s in the subdivide categories and targeted at middle-class consumers. DYU comes with a high profit, with an average profit of 200 USD, without price wars, selling 1 unit a day and earning the daily rent easily! This is also the DYU’s key ability to break the “prison cage” of the industry’s price war.

Simply put, it is to build a sub-category and define consumer groups. But it is not limited to specific consumer groups, and finally forms the impression of category pioneers, so as to make travel a good experience. The mini-folding smart electric bike ultimately gives consumers the basic experience of “smart and light weight”, as well as an upgraded experience of “beautiful appearance, differentiated performance”, and a more extreme experience of “small size, long battery life, and safety”. The small but precise, convenient and easy to use feature also impress the riders.

DYU e-bike is coming! After four years of ups and downs, the overall improvement of product innovation, basic upgrades, technical highlights and other details will give dealers the strongest empowerment to break through the market. Under the background that almost the entire industry is permeated by price wars, DYU Smart bike will bring greater opportunities for dealers to change and break the situation, and a clear definition of electric bike consumer groups will bring more motivation to dealers.

DYU won the annual top ten lithium battery e-bike brand award
At the “2020 China (Lithium) Electric Bicycle Industry Ecological Conference” held this year, DYU Smart Bike won the 2019-2020 China Top Ten Lithium Electric Bicycle Brands Award. At the same time, the brands on the list include Niiu, Yadi, Tailing, Emma, Lvjia, Lima, etc.

DYU Smart BIke relies on its excellence in product quality, breakthrough innovation in high-end technology, and unremitting pursuit of perfect service.
At present, DYU has successfully exported to 66 countries and has accumulated more than 300,000 global users. The European production base has been mass-produced and deeply radiated the European market; the new product was successfully released in Germany, once again allowing Chinese brands to sail overseas and become a global leader in the field of smart travel.

DYU has its own system: new choices, new markets
The development of DYU Smart Bike has formed its own system. This year, the terminal stores will be fully upgraded, the products will be fully upgraded, the new technologies will be fully upgraded, and the brand image will be fully upgraded to achieve rapid realization, rapid upgrade, and rapid breakthrough.

The peak season in the second half of 2020 has begun. The high-end classic D series, the stylish and simple V series, and the popular S2 starting at 700 USD, the DYU series products have already passed the test of the market. Our efficient team is also ready to work with you to win the critical battle in the second half of the year.

Final words
Back to the topic, how to make more profits with e-bikes? The answer is, choose a good e-bike brand like DYU.

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