How To Optimize Your Nonprofit’s Salesforce Database

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Data stored in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is only as useful as it is accessible, accurate and complete. Segmentation and record checks can be effective, but are slower than other data optimization utilities that can be performed automatically. Find out what is constituent relationship management optimization and how to improve the quality of Salesforce data through an NPSP data import and cloud-based integration software.

Rid the Data of Any Duplicates With Omatic Cloud
Duplicate records are one of the main obstacles to data optimization. In many cases, duplicate records are partial and may vary from primary records. It is important to reconcile the information stored in multiple Blackbaud Salesforce records. The easiest way to deduplicate data involves making use of the data health functionality of Omatic Cloud. While individual platforms may have data optimization functions, this centralized integration software can improve the quality of records across platforms by supporting imports and exports. Eliminating duplicate records can reduce the amount of time and resources wasted on making redundant attempts to engage. Merging records can also provide more complete sets of information for supporters to allow for more successful engagement efforts and donation requests.

Keep All Records Up To Date
The currency of data is another important aspect of optimization. Nonprofit organizations often build relationships with donors and supporters over years or even decades, meaning that stakeholders have a vested interest in keeping records current. From contact information to data about recent donations, the ability to stay in touch, schedule donation requests and acknowledge support is well worth the initial investment in integration software. Omatic Cloud is the best solution for nonprofits that use Salesforce alongside third-party applications or Blackbaud CRMs and software suites. Data that is up to date is more valuable than dubious or outdated data. For this reason, it is important to use integration software to create and maintain connections between platforms. Connectors keep the data stored on any platform from getting siloed and becoming more out of date.

Improve the Quality of Data
The Data Health Suite built into Omatic Cloud goes a long way toward improving the quality of data stored in Salesforce NPSP. In addition to the function of this and other data utilities for records and queries, the ability to set up direct or bidirectional data flows can also increase the quantity of data available. It is important for stakeholders to determine which data points are most important. It is advisable to monitor and maintain a limited set of data points that offer the most valuable insight into the ongoing operations of a not-for-profit, such as engagement, outreach and giving requests. Selecting data to integrate is an important stage in implementation. The customizability of Salesforce makes it possible to organize data gathered from external applications and other CRMs used by an organization. These are just a few general ways to optimize the quality of data stored in Salesforce. The same recommendations apply to other CRMs such as Raiser’s Edge. Omatic Cloud is designed to work with both systems and other leading software in the not-for-profit sector.

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