How to Send from Email to Fax in Three Easy Steps 2020

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Fax machines have been an important part of many organizations and offices, but now, with the inventor of the internet and the evolution in technology has replaced them with online fax services. Online faxing involves sending and receiving faxes from your computer or any other device through the internet. They very much resemble sending and receiving the emails.

CocoFax: Send From Email to Fax
There are multiple ways you can use to send the fax easily online using your computer or any other device. But the very first step is to choose an online fax service provider. Google Fax Free is a big name when it comes to online faxing.

It is used in 190 plus countries by billions of users. It is ranked as the number 1 online fax service because it enables the users to send a Fax online for free using different platforms and systems. You can use your email address to register with it and start sending faxes.

If you are up to sending faxes via email using CocoFax be sure that the receiver receives the documents as soon as you click on the send button.

Moreover, the information you are going to share remains secure and untempered. Here are the three simple steps you can use to send a fax through email using CocoFax;
1. Go to the official website of CocoFax and sign up for a free account. Choose a fax number for free, enter your email address and full name to complete the signup process. Once you have entered the details, you will be taken to the dashboard where you will find them. The history of sent, received and saved faxes.
2. Now go to your email account, and click on “compose new email” to compose a new fax. Fill all the details in the required fields. Write the fax number of the receiver and add to it in the “to” section.
For instance, if the fax number of the receiver is 123456, the email address will look something like “”
In the “subject” field, enter any keyword or phrase you want to appear on the top of your document. The next step is to write the “body.” In this section, you can write the details about the documents you’re sharing. This field is not necessary to fill if you do not have something important to write about, you can leave it empty.
3. Finally, attach the documents. Add as many documents as you want to share. Now when you have composed the fax, click on the “send” button to send it right away!

Why use CocoFax to send a fax via email?
Here are the top three reasons you should go for CocoFax to send a fax through email.

i. Cost-effective and time-saving
Fax through email this quick and instant. There is no need to scan your documents or spend money on the ink wallpaper as you need to do while using traditional fax machines. Moreover, it offers you affordable subscription plans along with a 30-day free trial. After this trial is over, you are required to pay a fee monthly to continue availing of the service.

ii. Safe and secure
It is a trusted brand that is used worldwide by millions of professionals. This end to end encrypted service allows you to share your personal as well as official information safely through the internet. While using CocoFax, you can restrict your document to a third party.

iii. Versatile
It is more versatile than ordinary fax machines. There is no hassle of scanning the document and spending money on ink on paper. In fact, you can use it 24/7 and control it through any mobile phone or a laptop to send or receive faxes to multiple people at the same time.


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