New firmware release v1.3 for FiiO BTR3K

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New firmware release v1.3 for FiiO BTR3K.


The following changes and improvements have been made to the FW1.3 for BTR3K
1. Added setting button operation modes via app (now you can choose to skip tracks with the middle button of the in-line control; the recent version of FiiO Control app is required for using this function);
2. Added holding the volume buttons to continuously adjust volume (available when the button operation mode is NOT set to “Hold volume buttons to skip tracks”);
3. Fixed the issue where the power-on prompt was not complete when using OMTP headphones;
4. Fixed the issue where the audio might be muted or distorted when the BTR3K was connected with two devices and both devices were playing or making calls at the same time;
5. Fixed the issue where the beginning of the playback sound might be missing when connected to the computer via Bluetooth;
6. Increased the volume adjustment range for phone calls (up to 0dB, adjusted via app);
7. Miscellaneous bug fixes

How to update the BTR3K
1. Download the upgrade firmware package from FiiO website, check that the package should contain a lib folder, a .dfu firmware, and a FiiOBluetoothDfu app file;
2. If the computer has other USB Bluetooth devices plugged in, please unplug it first;
3. How to make BTR3K enter DFU mode: After the BTR3K is turned on, hold the Multifunctional button (which is in the middle of the Power button and Volume buttons) for about 5 seconds, then the red and blue lights will flash alternately; hold the ‘Volume up’and’Multifunction’ button at the same time until the indicator light turns off to switch to DFU mode, and then connect the BTR3K to the computer through the USB cable;
4. Run the FiiOBluetoothDfu program and click ‘Start Upgrade’ > ‘OK’, the upgrade program will run automatically;
5. After the upgrade is complete, you will be prompted with a ‘Successful Upgrade’, indicating that you have successfully upgraded. Click ‘Finish’ to exit;
6. Unplug the USB cable and reboot the BTR3K, and then you can use it normally.
7. If the playback stutters after the upgrade, try to press and hold the ‘Volume up’ and ‘Volume down’ button of the BTR3K at the same time to clear the pairing record, and cancel the pairing of your phone and reconnect.

Download BTR3K FW1.3 (BTR3K-FW1.3 – BTR3K_dfu_FW1.3.dfu)  from here.

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