RC Firmware Update v0.3.8 for Ugoos AM6 & Cube X2 / X3 models

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0.3.8 firmware is a RC version for Ugoos Brand devices and will be available soon via OTA. If your device can’t find this update automatically, please download full OTA pack using the links from the bottom of article.

Ugoos AM6

Important notes
This update will come via OTA automatically.

 v.0.3.8 Changelog
1. Fixed some CEC issues with awakening
2. Fixed CEC bug when TV not turning off if device going to sleep
3. Now volume regulator in applications does not work when CEC volume control enabled
4. Added setting for disabling volume regulator in applications
5. Added support of not IEC HD audio passthrough formats
6. Fixed some problems of multichannel PCM audio
7. Added setting for low-resolution PCM audio (32 and 44.1 kHz). Supports only S/PDIF and HDMI
8. Fixed resetting surround sound setting after reboot
9. Added new ROOT function: Magisk
10. Now system automatic frame rate function does not change resolution below 720p
11. Added ability send pause and play events when video starts for system automatic frame rate function
12. AFR_CALC now works in all players
13. AFR_CALC now works even if system automatic frame rate function disabled
14. Added setting for showing display mode change message
15. Reworked Bluetooth settings
16. Disabled by default notification channel warnings
17. Fixed text color of some notifications
18. Changed color theme of Remote Control Buttons application
19. Added Menu button to Remote Control Buttons application
20. Added new functions to Remote Control Buttons application:
– Turn on/off Ethernet
– Start automatic frame rate (AFR_CALC)
– Sleep
– Reboot device
– Reboot device into update mode
– Reboot device into recovery mode
– Turn off device
– Take screenshot
21. Horizontal recent apps window:
– fixed some crashes
– fixed work in split-screen mode
– loop scroll setting now works correctly
– reworked deleting applications for mouse
22. Fixed crashes of some applications for touchscreens
23. Improved Ethernet connection stability

Download Firmware and Full OTA Pack for Ugoos AM6/AM6 Pro/AM6 Plus v 0.3.8 (AM6_0.3.8.7z & AM6_ota_0.3.8.zip) from here.
Download Firmware and Full OTA Pack for Cube X2 Family v 0.3.8 (X2_0.3.8.7z & X2_ota_0.3.8.zip) from here.
Download Firmware and Full OTA Pack for Cube X3 Family v 0.3.8 (X3_0.3.8.7z & X3_ota_0.3.8.zip) from here.

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