Redmi XiaoAI Speaker Play review: Simple design and powerful function

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Along with RedmiBook 13 and Redmi K30 smartphone, Redmi sub-brand, which belongs to Xiaomi, presented its first smart speaker. The device was called Redmi XiaoAI Speaker Play.

Redmi XiaoAI Speaker Play

Today at 0 o’clock, the RRedmi XiaoAI Speaker Play officially goes on sale, only 79 yuan (about $11), this price is comparable to the ordinary Bluetooth speaker, the performance-to-price ratio is very good. Now, let’s show you the unbox review about it.

Design: compact and versatile
In appearance, the Redmi XiaoAI Speaker Play uses a simple square design, and its front half is a loudspeaker hole and five variable color indicators. At the top are volume control buttons and operation buttons. Thanks to the overall fillet design and speaker openings of different sizes, the Redmi XiaoAI Speaker Play gives people a very lovely feeling, which also makes it very versatile and suitable for display in a variety of environments. It weighs about 464g and can be kept stable in most home scenes with two thicker rubber mats at the bottom, without changing position or tipping over as a result of random contact.

It is worth mentioning that the hollowed-out hole on the front of the Redmi XiaoAI Speaker Play is hollowed out except for 5 micro-hidden indicators in the middle of the top, which maximizes the sound of the built-in 1.75inch high-quality loudspeaker unit. It is said that the interior is a 350cc major cavity, supplemented by a U-shaped duct design, which improves the bass performance by 30%. The top of Redmi XiaoAI Speaker Play is the same as Xiaomi’s touch screen speaker. There are three buttons for adding or subtracting the volume and closing the screen, and one microphone on each side of the button.

Because there are enough solid materials inside, the Redmi XiaoAI Speaker Play weighs 464g, and it has a certain weight in the hand. Like most similar products, it needs to be connected to the power supply. The lower right corner of the back of the Redmi XiaoAI Speaker Play is a power Jack (12V/1A). The logo in the middle is very low-key and can only be seen in light.

Sound quality: popular style, flexible low frequency
In terms of sense of hearing, Redmi XiaoAI Speaker Play’s tuning tends to popular style, sound texture is full, low-frequency quality and elasticity is also relatively good, far more than the ordinary 100-yuan intelligent speaker. Before the emergence of the Redmi XiaoAI Speaker Play, the intelligent speaker of more than 100 yuan only stayed at the stage of “listening to a sound”. And after Redmi XiaoAI Speaker Play appears, the intelligent speaker of 100 yuan price also appears a good product finally. In addition, Redmi XiaoAI Speaker Play also has a very pleasant feature, that is, its volume is so loud that even if you put it in the corner of the bedroom, you can still hear your favorite songs in the living room.

User experience: powerful function and excellent sound reception
Redmi XiaoAI Speaker Play is equipped with the newly upgraded third-generation Xiao Ai. Compared with the previous version, its knowledge base has increased three times and its function has increased four times, which can bring us more convenience. In addition, the connection mode of Redmi XiaoAI Speaker Play is as convenient as ever. After opening the Mi AI speaker interface to log in, the phone will automatically look for the small love speaker. After finding the small love speaker, you only need to manually enter the WiFi password and confirm it. Even the elderly and children can easily use it, which is very convenient.

In addition, it also provides us with a wealth of content to choose from, whether it’s pop songs that young people like, traditional dramas that old people like, or stories and children’s songs that children like. And Redmi XiaoAI Speaker Play also has a wealth of skills, so that “move the mouth, do not do it” possible.

It is worth mentioning that the Redmi XiaoAI Speaker Play sound-up effect is also very good. At a volume of 60%, he can easily detect a sound from 5 meters away. if you need it to do something for you, just call it at a normal volume. If you increase the volume to 100%, then you need to turn up the volume to make it response. after all, the volume is too loud.

At the same time, it is reported that the newly upgraded “Xiao Ai 3.0” knowledge base has increased three times compared with last year, reaching a scale of 10 billion, supporting more than 1600 skills. In terms of AIoT, Redmi and Xiaomi share a powerful smart home ecology, and voice control supports more than 28 categories and thousands of devices.

Bottom line
As a smart speaker with a price of only 79 yuan (about $11), Redmi XiaoAI Speaker Play is undoubtedly a very pleasant surprise. Both the fresh sound and the elastic low frequency are far better than similar products that sound dry. All in all, if you need a smart speaker that costs less than 100 yuan, then Redmi XiaoAI Speaker Play will be your best choice.

Redmi XiaoAI Speaker Play Redmi XiaoAI Speaker Play

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