Safety tips of DYU Mini Ebike series

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As an increasingly common means of transportation in recent years, electric bicycles especially DYU mini ebike series are found everywhere in the streets. In our daily use of electric bikes, we often ignore common sense of fire safety. Today DYU will talk with you about fire safety issues in the process of using electric bikes. Have you been aware of these common-sense safety tips?

Tip 1
The line socket for charging the electric bicycle should be installed and fixedly laid by a qualified electrician, and the power line should not be connected indiscriminately; the charging should be carried out in accordance with the instructions of the user manual, and the charging should not be carried out for a long time. There should be combustibles around the ebike when charging.

Tip 2
You should purchase and use electric bicycles, chargers and batteries of qualified quality produced by manufacturers that have obtained production licenses, choose professional maintenance organizations or personnel for regular maintenance, regularly replace aging batteries and accessories, and do not modify electric bicycles in violation of regulations. Use unqualified batteries and accessories. DYU mini ebike brand is a professional manufacturer of electric bikes. Since its establishment, it has paid special attention to product quality, product development and investment in technical personnel. The products have obtained the 3C, UL certification from the national and internation authority and can be purchased with confidence.

Tip 3
Electric bicycles should be parked in outdoor safe places or indoor special areas. It is forbidden to park in stairwells, evacuation passages, and safety exits, and it is prohibited to occupy fire truck passages.

Tip 4
Judging from battery life and charging time whether the battery needs to be replaced? If you need to replace the battery, you should replace it with a new battery in time. Don’t try to save money, causing the battery to “extend service”, and there are always hidden safety hazards.

Always put safety in the first place when you’re charging or riding any electric bike. Take care of your ebike well for longer service life.

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