Shanling EM5 New Firmware Update v1.1

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Shanling EM5 New Firmware Update v1.1.

Use OTA update on your EM5 player or download update file from Google Drive.

New system functions and changes:
1. Added output setting (Accessible in Swipe Down menu)
2. Added screensaver function
3. Adjusted Screen Off setting
4. Optimized UI.

Note: Complete Factory reset must be performed after firmware update.
Go to System Setting -> Factory data reset -> Erase Everything
Please be aware, this will delete all files from internal memory and will reset all data from systems and apps.

Over-the-Air firmware update
1. Make sure your EM5 is connected to Wi-FI network with access to internet.
2. Go to “Settings” – “Firmware Update”.
3. Click on “Online Update” and wait for system to detect new firmware.
4. Wait until firmware is downloaded and fully installed.
5. Perform Factory Reset.

Manual Update
1. Copy downloaded .zip file into root/main folder of internal memory or into MicroSD card. (without unpacking/opening .zip file)
2. Go to “Settings” – “Firmware Update” and click on “Local Update”.
3. In browser, locate the update .zip file.
4. Confirm install and wait until EM5 updates and restarts itself.
5. Perform Factory Reset.

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