The Best Wireless Earbuds for Girls – Naenka Lite TWS

Nowadays, wireless earphones have almost become a standard configuration for each of us. Still, most people often value more functions and sound quality, but do you care about the earphone’s shape? Today I experienced this new Naenka Lite true wireless headset. It is more attractive than I expected and not as simple as “Lite.” Let me guide you and take a look.

Although Naenka’s new headset is code-named “Lite,” but the truth is its packaging doesn’t seem to be Light at all. The gift-box design plus “the best gift” printed on the top appears to be beyond the positioning of Lite. The white model headphone with girly pinky tone packaging might be a bit too cute for boys.

The battery compartment is designed with rounded corners to make sure that you will not cut your hands. With the “NAENKA” brand logo printed on the top flip and a battery indicator is equipped in the front.

The battery compartment itself is lighter in hand, and the polished coating process of the shell brings a smooth feel, but compared to the white, the black model may be more susceptible to fingerprints.

Most of today’s true wireless headsets are equipped with a Hall switch function. Naenka Lite is no exception. The advantage of this is that you won’t have to go through the process repeatedly after the first pairing. After taking out the headset from the compartment, the connection with the device is completed directly, a pre-connection feature, very convenient for daily use.

The battery compartment uses a USB Type-C interface. I believe we all understand the advantages of the C port charging, and I should say no more about it. It has a built-in 350mAh lithium battery, which can provide about four additional power supplies for the headset. In addition to the headset’s 5 hours battery life, the total battery life can reach more than 20 hours. I don’t use headphones all day, maybe 2-3 hours of music while driving to the office and home, and I charge the headphone once a week, which is already enough.

Naenka Lite brings a relatively rigid design in terms of the headset’s appearance. However, it is not good-looking, at least it is extraordinary.

Naenka Lite adopts an ear-hook design. The semi-in-ear wearing method has its advantages compared with the capsule type.

Both earphones are equipped with status indicators on the outside of the handles to intuitively help users understand the status of the earphones. Naenka Lite still uses mainstream touch control. Just tap the top part of the handle to control media and call communication. Of course, The extended control achieved by long press and double tap are also similar to the past.

Naenka Lite is equipped with the current mainstream Bluetooth 5.0 module, with a ceramic antenna to bring better wireless transmission stability. In terms of delay, according to official data, it is about 0.08 seconds. Perfect for watching videos and playing games. Latency will cause you to stress no more.

Lite has a 13mm large-size unit and a liquid crystal polymer composite diaphragm, so the combination should have a good and stable sound quality performance. The current Bluetooth pairing connection is easy without any trouble. After testing, mainstream Android phones can display the current battery status of Naenka Lite alongside with the Bluetooth symbol.

About wearing issues, if you are used to wearing capsule wireless headphones, you might feel a bit weird while wearing these types of headphones at the beginning. But don’t worry, the semi-in-ear beveled design of the Naenka Lite will position itself in pinna correctly. As long as you are not shaking your head violently, it is not easy to fall.

In the listening experience, the low frequency has a good & stable performance. The deep dive doesn’t seem too great, but acceptable. The vocal performance is detailed and fits my style. It did very well while separating vocals and instruments. The overall resolution is satisfying; in the high-frequency part, the soft texture is my first impression, with a reasonable tooth sounds processing quality. On the downside, the explosiveness is not enough and should be improved.

In my opinion, this headset’s design is outstanding and has good battery life. The addition of ENC noise reduction calls brings a quality improvement. With everything concludes above, I like this product and will happily introduce it to my friends.


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