The new firmware version FW1.0.2 for FiiO M11 Plus LTD is now available

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The new firmware version FW1.0.2 for FiiO M11 Plus LTD is now available.

FiiO M11 Plus LTD

Updated at 2021-06-11

The following changes and improvements have been made to the FW1.0.2 compared to the FW1.0.1 on M11 Plus LTD:
1. Added a prompt to notify that the VU meter is not supported for DSD/iSO tracks;
2. Fixed the issue where there might be no audio output when All to DSD was enabled;
3. Fixed the issue where the volume adjustment would not work properly while in Landscape display mode;
4. Fixed the issue where the Play/Pause button would not work when the screen is locked and the screen lock pattern is set to None;
5. Fixed the issue where the Multifunction button would not work in Pure Music mode;
6. Fixed the issue where there might be no audio output after switching from FiiO Music to a few third-party apps;
7. Fixed the issue where Poweramp could not play properly on the player;
8. Miscellaneous bug fixes.

1. The upgrade process would take about 3-5 minutes, after the upgrade,the system will automatically restart for about 2 minutes, please wait patiently.
2. If you encounter the problem that the system is stuck after the upgrade and cannot be boot normally after the upgrade, please try to long press the power button for 10s to force a restart, or contact our customer service for futher processing.

M11 Plus LTD firmware download from here. (

How to upgrade the M11 Plus LTD?
The M11 Plus supports online upgrade and local upgrade.

1. Online upgrade
If a new firmware is available and can be detected (with the M11 Plus connected to an available internet), an upgrade notification will show up in the notification center. Tap on it to enter the update menu for the online upgrade. If there’s no upgrade notification showing up, you can go to the “Technical Support->Firmware Upgrade” menu, and tap the “Check for updates” icon to check manually.

2. Local upgrade
Also, the M11 Plus can be upgraded locally by a firmware package. Download the firmware package file from FiiO website, and copy it to the internal storage of the M11 Plus or an SD card. Go to the “Technical Support->Firmware Upgrade->Local Upgrade” menu, and find the firmware package file to start the upgrade.

1. Do not unzip the firmware package file.
2. Before the upgrade, ensure the power of the device is adequate (>30%) so to avoid upgrade failure.
3. If the device goes to factory mode which cannot detect the firmware, the reason may be that the firmware file is damaged. At this time, press the power button to reboot the device. Re-download the firmware file and restart the upgrade.

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