Unboxing Fifine Ampligame H6 Dynamic RGB 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset with Mic

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Meet Fifine Ampligame H6
Every gamer always looks for the most immersive gaming experience. The sound quality of a gaming headset is the key. The volume of Fifine Ampligame H6 is not only very loud and soft, but also incredibly accurate. Explosions, gunshots, and sound effects really flourish with bravado. The powerful sound drivers are spacious and can give you a nice punch that will make you feel like you are within the game itself. With the firm, comfortable fit these headphones provide, the isolation they provide is impeccable. These headphones have a great fit with their ability to stretch and their adjustable headband that slides up. The ear cushions and headband cushion are very comfortable. They are softer and thicker as the pictures show. Perfect for long gaming sessions.

Do not get fooled by the shining RGB, it has a low-impedance headphone alike sound quality hiding behind the ear pads. Nothing crazy about the 50mm speaker driver on each side, to compete with the long-existing model, we have to push the boast out on the feature aspects. What makes it a really good pair of headset is the 24-bit depth. The crucial benefit it translating into gaming is that the audio will contain more information, thus you are more likely to outhear your rivals on the battlefield. And you will hear a more accurate representation of your teammates’ audio even in the most intense fight.

With the metal construction, thick ear cups and headband, RGB lights on each side, a mic, an on-cable control unit and an interference isolator, heavy should be the first word that springs to your mind immediately. On paper, its 320g takes no advantage over the strip-down lightweight ones. But it is not the case of sacrificing comfort for performance. The headband is not just made of metal, but more importantly is wider than the normal ones, both of which give a better weight distribution and provide just the right amount of clamping force to stay firmly in place.

With the thick and dense padding, the ear cups are able to hold up the rest of the weight evenly and nicely. The headband and cushions are wrapped in leatherette that is even more breathable than some fabric foam ones. So that you can play for a few hours without feeling fatigued. The sound of adjusting the size is rather tempting, who doesn’t want a headphone that sounds like reloading a machine gun. There are little bits at the end of each headband sticking out, which not only give extra help to stabilize the headphone but also allows you to adjust the size with just one hand.

The low-profile design makes it extremely understated in the dark. But with the game starting and the atmosphere getting intense, the RGB stripes and the shining logos on each side definitely help spice the game up. Even if the game is not on, the glowing lights are also eased to look at. A cool design of a gaming headphone will make the gamer, even more, focus on their role in the game. A great design headset should match a senior gamer. You will look super stylish with the nice design and excellent colorful lighting extruding from its interior.

Are you looking for a premium gaming headset that will improve your gaming experience and skills? If yes, then you should buy Fifine Ampligame H6. Fifine Ampligame H6 is a budget-friendly gaming headset for new and professional gamers. If you want a high-quality headset with studio-quality voice clarity, background noise cancellation, and uniquely crafted design, then you should opt for Fifine Ampligame H6. It combines 7.1 virtual Surround Sound and immersive audio to produce an exceptional acoustic gaming experience for pro-gamers. Exquisite craftsmanship and fashion appearance.

Fifine Ampligame H6 Highlights
Don’t get carried away by the RGB, 24-bit rate is what shines.
Pinpoint direction through the detail-full audio; get the best punchy sound from the tight bass.
330g is in the lightweight class among all RGB USB headsets.
Thick but breathable leatherette gives support & comfort for hours of play.
7.1 surround sound, EQ modes, mute switch and volume up/down button are built into the braided cable.
Flexible omnidirectional mic is always clear with any wearing position.

Fifine Ampligame H6 Features
– Immersive Sound. Thanks to virtual 7.1 surround sound, you have the edge on game players. Gaming you was able to hear steps or gunshot to early react, and even know your opponents are walking on land or water. Putting on the headset, you will get the sound more spatial, which makes yourself immerse in game world.
– Be A Pair of Good Headphone in the First Place. You need a decent amount of highs to hear all the footsteps but without all the sibilance. The tighter bass can make powerful gunshots sound much more punchy. The voice of your squad members is most comfortable to your ears when the audio is neutrally reproduced. With all these put together, doesn’t it resemble something else? Yes, we made the FIFINE H6 headset out of the standard of a pair of good budget headphones, but colored it towards the joyful-to-hear V-shaped sound and fitted it with RGB for style and the microphone and the USB connector for convenience.
– Headset Mic Sucks? Not in This Case. Literally, it is still a headset, so the microphone can not be missed. To keep in the line with the neutral output, the mic is also tweaked towards the mid-ends to pick up the most natural voice. It is nowhere near the two common types of headset mics: one is over-boosting the highs to make the audio clipping and harsh, and the other with the overwhelming bass sounds like underwater. The mic itself is not just detachable, but most importantly is flexible. You can fiddle with the position to cover the drawback of thin and detailless sounding rather well.
– USB is still the Party-piece in the Headset World. Despite the incompatibility with Xbox console, the USB connection is actually a better choice for PC gamers or even mobile users. Because the motherboard will no longer have to do the audio processing job, which will incur much less electric noises and result in a much cleaner reproduced voice. With a proper USB adapter, you can also use it to improve the audio of your mobile game.
– 7.1 Surround Sound. Whether the 7.1 surround sound is marketing BS or not, you will definitely say yes to this feature if it comes as a standard. And there it is on the FIFINE H6 headset! Whether you can hear your enemies before they hear you or not when enabling the surround sound. All the more useful benefit it provides is that even with the closed-back design, you are not feeling like you are closed in, but feel like your audio is slightly expanded.
– EQ Mode Switch. It is also fun to play with, you can switch among three modes: game, music and movie. In plain, the headphone audio becomes bass-heavy when the game mode is on, focuses more on the highs if the music mode is chosen and gets balanced when switching to movie. But the scenarios are not set in stone, you can apply them all into the game. Increase the positioning awareness in CSGO even further in music mode, and immerse yourself more into the car soundtrack of Forza Horizon 5 in movie mode.
– In-line Controls. It is also fun to play with, you can switch among three modes: game, music and movie. In plain, the headphone audio becomes bass-heavy when the game mode is on, focuses more on the highs if the music mode is chosen and gets balanced when switching to movie. But the scenarios are not set in stone, you can apply them all into the game. Increase the positioning awareness in CSGO even further in music mode, and immerse yourself more into the car soundtrack of Forza Horizon 5 in movie mode.
– Plug and Play. Wired USB headset works well with computer (desktop/laptop) and PS4/PS5, and is also compatible with Mac OS/Windows. The USB gaming headset gives quick entrance to game chat on Discord or Twitch. Durable braided wired cable is not easily worn. The USB cable length of 6.6ft can be extended from the back of PC tower to your suitable position. The gaming headset is a decent choice for friend’s game or e-sports game.
– Comfort to Wear. Wearing the wired computer headset for an extended gaming sessions, you will feel no pressure on your head. Lightweight pads, cozy earmuffs and soft headband will not add unwanted pressure to your temples or glasses.Gaming headset USB fit well with your ears and head but do not move around. L and R logo on the PC gaming headset are nicely helpful if you forgot which way to wear it.
– Appealing RGB. Flowing RGB designed on the white-color gaming streaming headset increases the color scheme and better highlights atmosphere of the game. Soothing lighting suits for casual gamer and complements RGB LED theme room from game enthusiasts. RGB lighting makes the white over-ear headphones wired icing on the cake. Your audience from live streaming or video recording can know the professionalism of your choice for gaming equipment.
– Timely communication. Crystal clear sound from the mic on the wired over-ear headphones draws attention from your teammates to get game strategy. The headset with microphone for PC transmits the voice details so that other gamers can distinguish differences in voice quality right away to make tactical adjustments. Detectable microphones provides more convenience to move it in and out as needed. The gaming headset with microphone is the magic tool of winning the game.
– Immersive Game Enjoyment. PC gaming headset with 7.1 surround sound gives you enough footsteps and other bass audio cues. The over-ear headset tells exactly which direction enemy is coming from while you focus on collecting supplies, which make you take the lead in FPS. EQ mode, game/music/movie, presents different scenes immersion. Spatial sense of audio increases the depth with noise canceling when watching movie and clarity of listening music stage.
– Braid Headset Cable. Durable material USB cable with 6.6ft length prolongs the working life of the computer headset with mic.
– Device Compatibility. The USB headset with microphone works well with PC, PS4, PS5, to quickly get into gaming and streaming.

Fifine Ampligame H6 Specs
Brand: Fifine
Model: Ampligame H6
Type: Gaming Headset
Form Factor: Wired
Output Connection: USB Type-A
Weight: 330g (with microphone)
Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Bit Depth: 16-bit / 24-bit
Sample Rate: 48 kHz
Resistance: 32Ω
Line Length: 2m
Power Consumption: USB 5V
Driver: 50mm dynamic
Microphone Type: Condenser
Polar Pattern: Omni-directional
Shipping Weight: 600g
Item Dimensions: 8.27 x 6.3 x 3.78 inches
Color: White / Black

Package Content
1 x Fifine Ampligame H6
1 x Microphone
1 x English User Manual

Unboxing Photo Album with Hi-Rez images here. Official webpage here. Read more about Fifine products here.

About FIFINE. We are FIFINE MICROPHONE, an audio company established in 2009, with our headquarter locating in China and warehouses interspersing in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan and Russia. FIFINE is not just a brand for selling microphones and making profits. We have our R&D, QC and marketing & sales to utilizing the advanced technology to produce the very best and user-friendly sound equipment. You no longer have to settle for poor audio quality, because we employed highly skilled experienced sound engineers, audio designers, and invest in technical equipment to create a line of the best products you have ever seen. We hustle day and night to keep pace with industrial and technological advancements for the excellence that we can provide for you. We take responsibility for both products and customers and earn a reputation for considerate and friendly customer service. For any issues or inquiries you have, FIFINE technical support will offer in-depth troubleshoot through email, social media and phone. We guarantee you a favorable experience like no other. We sincerely thank you for the support. Together let’s embrace a better audio future provided by FIFINE!

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