Unboxing IMILAB C20 1080P Home Security Camera Global Version

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Meet IMILAB C20 1080P Home Security Camera
Xiaomi has been investing in products from all segments and currently has partnerships with several brands in the production of smart home devices. And a recent novelty to hit the market is the IMILAB C20 smart camera that supports Alexa, Google Assistant, and more. It is a compact monitoring camera for anyone concerned with home security. It has 360-degree vision, motion detection, video calls, and advanced artificial intelligence technology for accurate real-time detection.

With its compact size (112 × 76 × 76 mm), Its weight is quite light, being only 211g, and is only available in white, the IMILAB C20 fits anywhere in an interior, without attracting attention once installed. Especially since it is possible to fix the camera to the wall or the ceiling (or even under a shelf) in order to offer it the best possible viewing angle. The Imilab C20 camera provides a 360-degree panoramic view thanks to the ability to rotate in any direction, the vertical/horizontal viewing angle is 105 °.

The camera is equipped with a 2.0MP CMOS sensor, supports HD 1080p video recording and two-way audio communication. There is also an advanced night vision function using infrared illumination, sensors for detecting and tracking human movement. If strange sounds occur (for example, a crash, breakdown, or a crying baby), the camera will notify the user by sending a video to his mobile phone.

The Imilab C20 camera can mount on a table, mounted to a window, wall, or ceiling. Using the proprietary imilab application, users will be able to view video streams from a surveillance camera; as well as communicate with people at home. Also, with its help, the user will be able to see simultaneously the image from several cameras at once (up to 200 units). Support for H.265 / High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) provides higher image quality while conserving memory.

For video storage, a cloud or microSD card with a capacity of up to 64 GB is used. For video streaming, a Wi-Fi wireless network; in the 2.4 GHz frequency range (Wi-Fi 802.11 / b / g) is used. The Imilab C20 is capable of streaming videos using the H.265 codec; which reduces streaming latency and helps save storage space. Remembering that the Imilab Home app is available for Android on Google Play and for iPhone on the App Store.

Another advantage of the IMILAB C20 is undoubtedly its price. Indeed, although very complete, this connected security camera remains one of the most accessible on the current market.

IMILAB C20 1080P Home Security Camera Features
– 360 Panoramic-View Anytime, Anywhere. The dual-motor pan/tilt supports free rotation in all directions-up,down, left and right-with a 360 horizontal viewing angle and 105 vertical viewing angle.
– H.265 Encoding. The advanced H.265 video encoding is more efficient and storage-saving, achieves less storage use and faster video streaming.
– Sound Detection with an Active Alarm. When there is an odd sounds (like crashing, breaking or a child crying), the camera will focus on it and send video to your mobile phone to ensure your child’s safety.
– Inverted Elevation For Better Visibility. With a wall mounting kit and a knob-in base, this camera offers easy access and a wider view from above. The screen turns 180 to view normally when using the inverted elevation function.
– Real-Time Two-Way. Just one simple tap when you’re away from home and want to talk to your loved ones or pets, C20 camera offers two-way calling, just press the button on the Imilab Home application.
– 1080P FHD Image. The amount of pixels of 1080P is 2.25 times more than the amount of 720P, it means that you can view your home clearly all the time.
– Enhanced Night Vision. Equipped with 4-Bulb 850lm Infrared and F2.1 Aperture, even when the picture is automatically switched to Black and White due to extremely low light, the picture can still be brighter and more detailed compared to other typical cameras.
– Full-screen view. The camera is pre-installed with the rotation base and can be placed on a table, window, ceiling or wall. Inverted installation is possible with a minor camera setting change.

IMILAB C20 1080P Home Security Camera Highlights
– 360 Panorama Live View
– Enhanced Infrared Night Vision
– Real-Time Two-Way Call
– 1080P HD
– Human Detection
– Sound Detection
– Motion Tracking 

Imilab Home Android application
Imilab Home combined cameras, smart watch and other smart things which are coming soon, such as door sensors, smart gateway etc. You can also share Imilab smart home devices with family members. Feel free to contact us at help@imilab.com if you need help. Download Imilab Home Android application version 2.2.18 for free from Google Play Store.
IMILAB C20 1080P Home Security Camera Specs
Model: C20 / CMSXJ36A
Color: White
Dimension: 112*76*76mm
Package Size: 160*90*90mm
Weight: 211g
Power Input: 5V-2A
Linkage: WiFi 2.4GHz
Aperture: F2.1
Resolution: 1080P
Focus: 3.71mm
Angle: 105
Night Vision: 4*850nm infrared LED
Distance: 10M
Voice: Bi-direction
Storage: Cloud, Micro SD (max 64GB)
Firmware version: 036101_1.6.0_0021
Product code: 6971085310299
Production date: 11/2020
PPackage content
1 x IMILAB C20 1080P Home Security Camera
1 x USB power Cable (2m)
1 x Power Adapter (5V-2A) model A121A-05020U-EU3
1 x Multi-language User Manual (EN / DE / FR / IT / ES / RU / CN)
1 x Wall mounting accessories Pack
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Founded in April 2014,We use deep AI integration to provide products and services for home security and life.We are one of the Xiaomi earliest ecological chain companies and the first members of 100 million club in the chain.Our core team members are from Microsoft, IBM, Acer and other leading Internet company over the world. The team consists of top product engineer, architects and senior technical experts from Internet, communications and AIoT industry.

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