Unboxing Mibro Lite 1.3 inch Amoled Screen Smart Watch

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Mibro Lite

Meet Mibro Lite – The best smartwatch with AMOLED Crystal-clear screen under $50
Mibro Lite is offering 1.3-inch AMOLED HD full-color touch screen with a nice anti-fingerprint oil technology. Another high point is the battery life, because thanks to the 230 mAh capacity you can get to 8 days or normal usage or 10 days in basic mode. Full array of sensors now also has the blood oxygen SpO2 monitoring, alongside the usual PPG heart rate one. And the Mibro Fit app is designed to be a perfect companion for all your tracking data and everything. Present info for the weather, the various notifications of the best known apps, exercise of breathing, calculator and exercise tracking in 15 sport activities such as treadmill, outdoor walking, running, soccer, badminton, tennis, basketball, indoor and outdoor cycling, elliptical, step, yoga, hiking, free training and weight lifting.

Mibro Lite Features
– AMOLED HD full circle color high-definition screen. 1.3 inch 360×360 Amoled HD screen that brings a world of colors, rich and clear colors, enjoy the visual feast. The difference between TFT screen and AMOLED screen: the last one is clearer and more energy efficient, stay clear under strong light and at night.
– 24/7 Health monitoring and reporting. Whether you are working,exercising or sleeping, Mibro Lite keeps protecting your health around the clock.
– Heartrate monitor. Know your heart,whether during workouts or sleeping,your heart rate will be detected to provide you with all-day protection. Adjust your exercise according to your heart rate.
– Sleep tracking. It can help you know more about your sleeping quality and help improve it.
– Blood oxygen monitor. Detection of blood oxygen saturation to grasp the new dimension of health,expecially for People who stay up late and work overtime for a long time.
– All-day stress monitoring. All-day stress monitoring and cares dor your health around the clock.Try to take breath training to release stress and regulate your mood at the right time.
– IP68 Waterproof. No more worries about sweat or rainwater.
– 15 Sports Modes Make Sporting An Enjoyable Experience, read your fitness metrics by raising your wrist. It helps you to be your best. Outdoor Running | Treadmill | Walking | Outdoor cycling | Cycling | Trakking | On foot | Yoga | Basketball | Tennis | Badminton | Football | Elliptical machine | Strength training |Free training.
– Many useful apps: Message reminder | Weather forecast | Playing music | Alarm | Taking photos | Sedentary reminder | Drinking reminder | Call reminder | MET | Find phone | Abnormal heart rate reminder | Stopwatch | Calculator | APP Mibro Fit | Customize a watch face.

Mibro Lite Highlights
– Amoled HD Screen
– 24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring
– SP02 Measurement
– Ultra-Thin Body
– 15 Sports Modes
– 10-Day Battery Life
– IP68 Waterproof
– Customize Watch Faces

Mibro Lite Specs
Brand: Mibro
Model: Lite
Model number: XPAW004
Type: Smart Watch
Diaplay: 1.3 inch Amoled Full circle color HD screen
Material: Metal + Plastic + Liquid silica gel
Battery life : 8days for daily mode,10 days for basic mode
Charging port: Magnetic charging port
Bluetooth: v5.0
Nominal voltage: 3.7V
Battery capacity: 230mAh
Charging cut-off voltage: 4.2V
Input: 5V 1A Max.
Sensor: Optical heart rate sensor, Spo2 sensor, accelerometer
Operating Temperature : -20℃~45℃
App: Mibro Fit
APP Support: Support Android 5.0 and above, IOS10.0 and above (Functions vary with specific watch models,mobile phones and countries)
Watch Languages: Simplified Chinese, English, France, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Arabic, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Turkish, German, Italian, Polish, Persian
App Languages: Simplified Chinese, English, France, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Arabic, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Turkish, German, Italian, Polish, Persian
Reminder Messages: SMS, Gmail, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, VK, Snapchat, etc.
Message Language: Synchronized language with watch firmware
Other Features: Remote photo-taking, Music playback, Find watch, Phone muting, Incoming call notification, Do not disturb, App message alerts, Calendar reminder, Event reminder, Weather, Timer, Calculator, Stop watch, Alarm, Screen locking, Charging progress display, OTA upgrades.
Dimension: Diameter 43 mm, thickness 9.8 mm (φ43 x 9.8mm)
Band Size: Width 20 mm, Expanded length 245 mm
Color: Black
Weight: 48g (including strap)
Product code: 6971619676617
Production date: 07/2021
Firmware version: v3.01

Package content
1 x Mibro Lite 1.3 inch Amoled Screen Smart Watch
1 x Charging cable
1 x English User Manual
1 x English Quick Guide

Mibro Fit Android application
The Mibro Fit smart bracelet application, when used with the smart bracelet, can manage your daily steps, sleep, reminder calls, SMS messages in life, and can provide you with 24-hour heart rate and blood pressure measurement, and give you relevant opinions and tips Taxi, escort your health.

Download Mibro Fit Android application v2.07.27 for free from Google Play Store.

How to use it
– Charge the new device for at least 10 minutes before using it for the first time to ensure that the device has enough power to start running normally;
– Turn on (Long press the right physical button for 3-5 seconds to turn on);
– After the watch is turned on, please scan the QR code of the “Mibro Fit” APP displayed on the watch with your mobile phone to download, or directly search for the “Mibro Fit” APP in the mobile app store to download. After the download and installation are complete, please follow the APP prompts to complete registered;
– After the registration is complete, find the scan tool under the device addition page in the APP to scan the link QR code on the watch to connect, or directly search for the Bluetooth device connection in the APP.
– The mobile phone system requires Android5.0+ / iOS10.0+, make sure the Bluetooth of the mobile phone is turned on, and then open the APP to connect to the watch; Do not directly use the built-in Bluetooth system of the phone to connect to the watch, otherwise the APP function cannot be used.

Connect the watch
Swipe down the dial interface to swift to the control center, click the QR code, and use the QR code scan function in the App to scan the QR code to connect to the watch to complete the pairing. Or use the connection management function in the App to search for the device, and select “XPAW004” and click to complete the pairing.

1. Do not pair directly through Bluetooth in the phone settings;
2. After the iOS system device connects the App for the first time, it will receive the prompt of Blue tooth pairing request. You need t o click “Pairing” to connect, so that the watch can receive the notification and reminder of calls
and SMS pushed from the iOS system;
3. After the Android device connects the App for the first time, it will receive a prompt to open the applic ation permission. Please open the permission according to the prompt, otherwise the connection will be unstable with a
small probability.

Key definition
1. Press and hold for 2 seconds to turn on and off;
2. On the dial page, short press to enter the menu and return to the dial;
3. When the screen is off, press briefly to light up the screen;
4. Other pages short press to return to dial page.

Dial page touch gesture
1. Shortcut card: the dial page appears by right sliding. Clic k the physical button or left sliding to return.
2. Intelligent components: slide left on the dial page to ente r the intelligent components. The system preset 3 components. Click “Add componen t” at the right end to add up to 5 components. Long press the component to enter the “Delete component” page;
3. Dial switch: press the screen in the dial page length to select the dial. Select the corresponding dial and return to the main dial page. Note: 6 dials are preset in the system, and the last dial is “Custom dial page”. The thumbnail will be displayed only after the custom dial is set in the “Mibro Fit” App, so that it can be selected as the main dial;
4. Shortcut menu: slide down on the dial page to return;
5. Message notification: slide on the dial page, slide or right slide back;
6. When a message is sent to the watch, the information details will pop up. Right slide or press the home button to return to the dial.

Function page operation
Function page: in the menu page, click each application icon to enter the corresponding function, right slide back, and press the home bu tton to return to the main dial page.

Please align the metal port surface of the magnetic charging ca ble and be close to the charging contacts of the watch. The magnetic charging cable will automatically be attached to the charging contacts of the watch to start charging, and the charging instructions will be displayed on the watch screen.

Photo gallery full album here. Official webpage here. Read more about Mibro devices here.
Mibro Lite Mibro Lite Mibro Lite Mibro Lite Mibro Lite Mibro LiteMibro LiteMibro Lite Mibro Lite

About Mibro
We are keen to provide users with affordable high-quality high-tech products. We independently design, develop and produce unique intelligent hardware, and ensure product quality through a strict product quality control system. Based on high-tech companies in the field of smart wear, we take health as the starting point to create smarter and more convenient high-tech products. We continue to cooperate deeply with our partners to develop new technologies to help users develop healthy, positive, optimistic, and stylish lifestyle habits.

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