Unboxing Nank OE Mix Open-ear Lightweight Wireless Earbuds

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Meet Nank OE Mix Earbuds
In the vast open ear headphones market, the NANK OE Mix has attracted the attention of numerous consumers with its unique design and outstanding performance. As an open-back Bluetooth headphone, it excels not only in hardware configuration, sound quality, battery life, and noise cancellation but also in comfort and aesthetic design. Today, let’s explore the charm of this headphone together.

The packaging of Open-Ear True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is simple and generous, and on the front is a large picture of the product, which visually shows the appearance of the headset. Open the package, in addition to the headset mainframe, there is also the headset’s manual and charging cable. The battery compartment has a unique design, and the frosted finish gives the overall appearance more texture. The charging case is designed with a flat and magnetic opening lid for some damping when in use. The panel of the case is slightly curved and the surface is treated with skin-friendly treatment, which is delicate and comfortable to touch, and the compact size makes it easy to carry around. The front of the box has LED indicators that reflect the current status of the headset. This headset also uses the conventional C port charging, but does not support wireless charging. The single headset is only 6.7 grams, with a soft silicone connection between the ear-hanging part and the sound generating unit, which maintains the open-ear headset shape and is lighter than similar earbuds. The sound generating unit has a precise structure and can hover over the opening of the ear canal after wearing, increasing breathability and comfort.

The exterior design of the NANK OE Mix headphones is undoubtedly one of its major highlights. It combines a minimalist, fashionable design concept with practicality and comfort, providing users with a completely new visual and wearing experience. Firstly, looking at the overall color scheme, the NANK OE Mix adopts an elegant khaki color, which gives a warm, comfortable feeling while aligning with modern people’s longing for nature and warmth, adding a unique taste and temperament to the headphones. At the same time, the combination of khaki and silver decorations makes the headphones look both simple and stylish.

In terms of detailed design, the NANK OE Mix also performs remarkably. The headphones use an ear-hook wearing method, maintaining the appearance of open-back Bluetooth headphones while being more lightweight than traditional open-back headphones. The design of the ear hook has been optimized ergonomically, with angles conforming to the ear contours, providing a stable and comfortable wearing experience. Additionally, the precise structure of the sound unit allows it to hover at the entrance of the ear canal after wearing, ensuring better ventilation for the ear canal and greater comfort during prolonged wear.

In terms of hardware, these headphones are equipped with a custom Bluetooth 5.4 chip, an innovative design that significantly enhances communication efficiency and anti-interference capabilities. In practical use, users can experience faster and more stable connection speeds between the headphones and devices, ensuring excellent performance in music listening, calling, and gaming with instant pairing and response. Moreover, the Bluetooth 5.4 chip brings higher data transmission speeds, lower power consumption, and reduced communication latency, providing users with a smoother, more stable user experience.

Of course, hardware configuration is only part of the headphone’s performance; sound quality is equally important. The NANK OE Mix delivers stunning sound quality. It features NANK’s proprietary Super Bass 3.0 track-type sound unit, which ensures clearer, more delicate sound transmission. Whether it’s the powerful low frequencies or the delicate high frequencies, they are faithfully reproduced. Additionally, the headphones support DS directional audio delivery technology, ensuring accurate sound transmission to users for a more immersive auditory experience.

In terms of battery life, these headphones also excel. They feature a high-capacity battery design, with each earphone offering up to 8 hours of playback time, and with the charging case, the total playback time can reach 24 hours. This means users don’t have to worry about battery life even during extended use. Moreover, the charging case is equipped with a 400 mAh large-capacity battery, ensuring that the headphones are always fully charged to meet users’ daily needs.

In terms of noise cancellation, these headphones also perform exceptionally well. They adopt dual-microphone ENC call noise reduction technology, where two microphones work together through AI algorithms to effectively reduce environmental noise during calls. This function is very practical in real-world scenarios, ensuring clear and high-quality calls whether in noisy streets or public transportation.

Overall, the NANK OE Mix is an outstanding open-back Bluetooth headphone. It excels in hardware configuration, sound quality performance, battery life, noise cancellation function, as well as comfort and aesthetic design. Whether for daily use or during workouts, it provides users with an exceptional user experience.

Nank OE Mix Earbuds Main Features
– Open Ear Experience for Sports. Experience the Nank OE Mix Open Ear Headphones – designed for comfort and safety. With a breathable open fit, these headphones effortlessly transition from video calls to your favorite tunes, making them ideal for various scenarios. The built-in noise-cancelling calling feature ensures clear conversations in any environment.
– Impressive Stereo Sound. Unleash the power of sound with the Nank OE Mix Open Ear Headphones. Boasting 16.2-millimeter vibrating diaphragm speaker drivers, three times larger than conventional wireless earbuds, these headphones deliver a rich and balanced audio experience across all music genres. The crystal-clear tones, deep resonant bass, and finely tuned sound signature create an immersive soundstage that places you at the center of the action.
– Latest Bluetooth 5.4 Connectivity. Nank OE Mix Open Ear Headphones come equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.4 technology, guaranteeing a swift and reliable connection. Experience a seamless listening adventure with minimal latency, where audio and video synchronize flawlessly without any delays. Stay connected effortlessly and indulge in the next level of wireless audio with Bluetooth 5.4 on the Nank OE Mix.
– Self-developed Super Bass 3.0. The innovative Super Bass3.0 racetrack type high-performance sound unit, the speaker size is more than 50% of the traditional headphones, with a wealth of music details, stereo sound quality levels. With the LCP casting titanium polymer material, it brings an extremely low diaphragm thickness (only 0.0096mm), giving it 100% transient response speed, 2 times the ultra-wide sound range, 120% increased 1KHZ sensitivity, and 2 times the shock bass.
– Easy Control. Effortlessly manage audio playback and calls with the built-in touchpads on Nank OE Mix Open Ear Headphones. Free your hands, thanks to intuitive controls, while AI call noise cancellation eliminates up to 80% of ambient noise. Experience easy control, wide compatibility, and one-step pairing.
– Noise Reduction. The headset comes with dual-microphone noise cancellation, which works through the AI algorithm to make the two microphones work together to effectively reduce ambient noise during calls. In addition, the OE MIX has IPX5 waterproof, fearless of daily drizzle and sweat immersion.
– Long Battery Life and Low-Latency Gaming Mode. Experience uninterrupted audio with the Nank OE Mix Open Ear Headphones. Boasting an impressive total battery life of 36 hours, these wireless earphones ensure prolonged enjoyment of music and calls without frequent recharging. Dive into low-latency gaming mode with just 60ms latency, giving gamers a competitive edge.

– OE Mix is an air conduction headphone and does not utilize bone conduction technology.

Nank OE Mix Earbuds Highlights
– Bluetooth v5.4
– Secure and Open-Ear Comfort
– IP55 Waterproof
– Dual Wheat ENC Noise Reduction
– Gaming Mode with Ultra-Low Latency
– Super sound OS
– 6.7g Lightweight
– Long Battery Life

Nank OE Mix Earbuds Specs
Brand: Naenka
Model: OE Mix
Type: Open-ear Lightweight Earbuds
Bluetooth version: 5.4
Connection distance: 10m
Battery Type: Lithium Polymer
Earphone Battery capacity: 55 mAh 3.7V
Charging case Battery capacity: 400 mAh 3.7V
Rechargeable times: 2.5 times
Input: 5V 1A
Standby Time: 100 Hours
Frequency Response Range: 20Hz – 20KHz
Waterproof: IP55
Earbud weight: 6.7g
Color: Black
Product code: X0044EB6H5

Package Content
1 x Nank OE Mix Earbuds
1 x Charging Case
1 x Charging Cable
1 x English User Manual
1 x Packaging Box



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About Nank (Naenka). Nank (Naenka) is rapidly growing throughout the global overseas market with its channels reaching 26 countries and regions. These countries include, but are not limited to, the USA, Canada, England, Germany, Italy, Australia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, India, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Nank (Naenka) products are committed to excellent quality, comfortable wear, style, and pushing technology in the space forward. Since Nank (Naenka)’s launch in 2017, we have launched a variety of industry-shaking products including the Nank (Naenka) TWS True Wireless Bluetooth headset, the Nank (Naenka) Runner Bone Conduction Headphones. Quality sound is something that takes time, dedication, and an understanding of the experience that users want when they listen to their favorite artists. More than just sound, your headphones become an accessory, a statement to the comfort and style you expect from well-made audio hardware. As an industry, we have progressed well beyond the days of having to carry around a 12-kilogram boombox over the shoulder. But our story at Nank (Naenka) begins in 2010 with the founder and CEO, Andrew Guo. Andrew had enough of headphones that were uncomfortable, cheap, and made for neither listening, style, or purpose. Andrew began with the end in mind, designing a product as if he were the first user… this process turned out to be lengthy and full of repetitive trials, but Andrew knew it would be worth it. You see, Andrew is an athlete. He loves sports, enjoys climbing, cycling, and swimming. With his passion as a baseline, Andrew designed a product that provided the endurance necessary to accommodate his active lifestyle – enter the Nank (Naenka) Sport series. Through Nank (Naenka), Andrew has designed products that support the user’s habits at an affordable price. Through the help of technicians and a focus on research, Nank (Naenka) continues to push the boundary of Bluetooth technology and comfort forward. At our core, Nank (Naenka) is more than just headphones. We believe that it is our responsibility to provide the service of quality and musical appreciation to those everywhere. In the spirit of service, we provide domestic sports teams custom-developed headsets and commit 10% of our annual sales towards researching and developing the next best product. Some of our primary research focuses include the verification of titanium-alloy shells, combatting sound-leakage, and otherwise continuing to advance the technology available for our industry. Although we are committed to design and purpose, we focus equally on the sound quality of our products. Through a collaboration with Toronto-based Musician William Arnaldo, Andrew and Mr. Arnaldo tuned Nank (Naenka) products to various music styles, chasing after the purest sound available to listeners.

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