Unboxing NIIMBOT D110 Label Maker Machine

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Meet NIIMBOT D110 Portable Bluetooth Label Printer
This light and compact D110 label printer is defined as the main household marking scene. According to statistics, an ordinary family of three in China needs to store 3500-4500 items, and a practical and simple label function can better help a family create a simple and orderly daily life. Therefore, according to the characteristics of household scenes, in addition to making the volume smaller and convenient for users to carry, Niimbot D110 also adopts a more environmentally friendly ABS material in the body material, which makes the whole machine more textured, heat-resistant, flame-retardant and impact resistant, and can better adapt to various environments in life.

NIIMBOT D110 still adopts the thermal printing method, which requires no ink. It can be edited and printed by installing the supporting label paper. It is simple and convenient. The 203 dpi resolution print head equipped with D110 can clearly print all kinds of labels. At the same time, NIIMBOT’s label paper adopts high-quality raw materials made of four proofing materials, 12 production processes, 6 layers of film, and has the characteristics of water and oil resistance, scratch and wear resistance. Another important point is that NIIMBOT’s label paper does not contain bisphenol A, It is harmless to human body and can be safely and environmentally applied to the marking of food, children’s stationery and other items.

NIIMBOT D110 has a built-in 1500mAh rechargeable lithium battery, which can print continuously for 3-4 hours after charging once, and the standby time can be more than 100 days. The type-C charging interface can share the charging line with the mobile phone, which can easily meet the user’s usage habits and printing efficiency. The D110 mini inkless label printer features Bluetooth wireless thermal technology, allows you to easily design and print, labels 6-15 mm width with your smartphone on the free NIIMBOT Application. The sleek, mini design makes our D110 Labeler a great choice for school, retail store, crafting business, office and home on a budget. NIIMBOT D110 provides better printing experience for home users and help more users who love storage and attach importance to quality define a simple life with the concept of more environmental protection, smaller size and simpler label printing.

NIIMBOT D110’s portable form factor is incredibly impressive. It’s small enough to fit into your pocket, ensuring you can carry it wherever you go and print labels whenever needed. This approach turns any location into a potential workspace, making it perfect for on-the-go individuals. The flexibility of a portable Bluetooth label printer, coupled with the ability to create custom labels on the go, makes it a versatile tool for both personal and professional use in various scenarios. This is a great and so far very quality label maker! We highly recommend it to our readers.

NIIMBOT D110 Portable Bluetooth Label Printer Main Features
– Smaller & Lighter. The label printer is small in size, half of the traditional labeling machine and convenient for users to carry. The body uses ABS material, which makes the whole machine more textured and can better adapt to various scenarios
– Rechargeable and Inkless. Direct thermal printing without ink, toner or ribbon, lower cost compared with inkjet printers. Equipped with 203DPI resolution print head and bluetooth, can personalize and creating labels easily from mobile devices, help you get your life and business orderly
– Applicable Scene. It is suitable for home storage and organization, office files classification, supermarket price tags, school students name information management, etc, such as labeling spice racks, makeups, cosmetics jewelry cases, file folders, food storage containers, bottles, plant pots and pocket pharmacy. Making your office and life more convenient. It’s a ideal present for labeling white elephant gifts or valentines day decor
– Portable Editing. It forgos a traditional keyboard and screen, uses the mobile app to edit, support 9 languages, 19 fonts, flexible typesetting According to your needs. Contains a wealth of printing materials, a variety of common pattern logos. You can also import custom content by scanning or add an image to complete personalized DIY printing.
– Multi-Language Support. It supports all language printing. Yes! All! If you can type on your phone, you can print it with the app.
– Label Making FUN! You can use different fonts, shapes, icons to design your label. Your phone photos or images from the internet can be imported to make the design more unique.
– Laminated Thermal Labels. It just takes a printer and laminated labels to print. No more changing ink / carbon band / cartridge. No Ink, No Mess.

NIIMBOT D110 Portable Bluetooth Label Printer Highlights
No Ink Needed
Smart application
Lithium Battery
iOs / Android Compatible
Clear Printing
Easy to Use
Make Use of Your Creativity

14 Functions available
1. Text
2. Icon
3. Time
4. Border
5. ID Code
6. QR Code
7. Excel Form
8. Picture
9. OCR
10. Voice RECG
11. Shape
12. Line
13. From
14. Scan

Real-life scenarios where such a device can be quite useful
– Organizing at Home: Label bins, boxes, shelves, or containers for various items like seasonal decorations, tools, cables, or pantry goods. It helps everyone find things easily and keeps everything organized.
– Office Use: Labeling files, folders, drawers, and cabinets for efficient document management. It can also be used for labeling office equipment or marking different stations in a workspace.
– Retail or Small Business: Printing price tags, product labels, or barcodes for inventory management. It’s especially helpful for small businesses or crafters selling items at markets or events.
– Cable Management: Label cords and cables behind TVs, computers, or entertainment systems to easily identify which cable belongs to which device.
– Labelling for Education: Teachers can use it to label classroom supplies, students’ work, or for creating educational resources like flashcards.
– Shipping and Packaging: Printing shipping labels or barcodes for packages, making the shipping process smoother for online sellers or small businesses.
– Event Organization: Creating name tags, labeling items for events, or marking different stations during an event or conference.
– Medical or Laboratory Use: Labelling specimen containers, medications, or equipment in healthcare settings for accuracy and efficiency.
– DIY and Crafting: Creating custom labels for homemade products, scrapbooking, or DIY projects.
– Travel: Labeling luggage or travel bags with contact information or identification details.

NIIMBOT mobile application
NIIMBOT is a leading APP in intelligent label printing which serves more than 4 million users. NIIMBOT can be easily operated via Bluetooth connection with a NIIMBOT label printer, and is suitable for label printing in multiple scenarios across various industries. Whether in commercial retail, corporate office or home life, you can create your ideal labels.

1. Download the ‘NIIMBOT’ APP
2. Long press about 5s to turn on the printer
3. Open the app and connect the Bluetooth via the app
4. Click ‘+’ to create your labels
5. Print your cute labels and stickers

– This app won’t charge. If it reminded that you need to pay for it, that’s an advertisement of the app center, please just ignore it.
– You can skip the registration step if you don’t want to register an account. The account is used for saving the templates you created, and then you can find it easily when you log in next time.
– If you are an Android user, you need to turn on location permission for searching Bluetooth devices to complete Bluetooth connection.
– Google has strengthened users privacy policy, and requires users to open some access permission that need to enable the app since the version of the android phone was updated to 10.0.

Application main features
– Intelligent input. Supports voice, picture and code recognition, and other intelligent input modes with easy operation;
– Rich templates. Features more than 1,000 built-in industry label templates and supports one-click call and custom modification, making it easy to quickly edit and print;
– Batch printing. Import a commodity library for batch printing with one key, freeing your hands and saving you time, effort and worry.
– Massive materials. Supports multiple languages and fonts, and features more than 1,500 creative materials that are constantly being updated, allowing you to experience the fun of unlimited printing;
– Cloud storage. The label templates under your account are kept in cloud storage and can be used on a different phone.

Download Niimbot Android application v6.0.0 for free from Google Play Store or v5.10.5 for free from App Store.

Printing Steps
– After Bluetooth connection and correct paper loading, the app automatically identifies the label template and displays it. Click on the recognized template and go into the editing page.
– Click on【 Text】 at the lower part of the page, the text box pops up. Double click the text box and edit labels in the entry bar. Click【 Confirm】 next to the entry bar to finish the editing. Double click the text box again for modification, and edit what you need in the entry bar and confirm.
– After confirming the content, you can adjust the position of the text box and font size.
– Click the【 Print】 option at the lower right corner in the blue area. Set number of copies and density before printing.

– D110 label maker applies direct thermal printing technology and uses chemically-treated paper that darkens when heated by a thermal print head. At present, the only black printout is supported.
– There is a number of materials in the app, including but not limited to symbols, figures, simple images, QR codes, bar codes, intelligent Identification function and so on, which can help to create personalized labels.
– Editing functions are powerful, including but not limited to copy, paste, bold, italic, rotate, align, undo, recover, delete functions, and so on. You can also adjust kerning and line spacing.

Cleaning Procedure
– Turn off the label maker;
– Wait the print head to cool off completely after printing. Open the cover to find print head;
– Clean the dust or residues with alcohol cotton ball (drained);
– Wait 5-10 minutes to make sure the alcohol has been volatilized before closing the cover.

NIIMBOT D110 Portable Bluetooth Label Printer Specs
Model: D110
Type: Portable Label Printer
Printer Technology: Direct Thermal
Printer Output: Monochrome
Printing accuracy: 203 dpi
Print Speed: 30mm/s-60mm/s
Label width range: 15mm
Barcode printing: Supports barcodes and QR codes
Battery Type: Lithium battery
Battery Capacity: 1500 mAh
Charging Port: USB-C
Input: 5V 1A DC
Connection: Bluetooth 4.0
Wireless Distance: 10M
Material: ABS+PC
Color: White / Green / Sky Blue
Device Size: 130x80x48mm
Device Weight: 300g
Working temperature: -10℃ to 50℃
EAN: 6775746633536
IC: 28978-D110A

Package Content
1 x NIIMBOT D110 Portable Bluetooth Label Printer
1 x USB Type-C Charging Cable
1 x Multi-language User Manual (EN / DE / FR / ES / IT)
1 x Roll label tape 15×30 mm (inside the printer)



Photo gallery full album here. Official website . Read more about Niimbot devices here.

About Niimbot. NIIMBOT held the mission of “The Simpler, The Better” and established three product systems with the core of Intelligent Hardware, NIIMBOT Cloud Service Platform of printing and Efficiency Management System. We are working on providing one-stop service from item identification to product life-cycle management and be the reliable enterprise for almost millions users in the world. Based on self-developed portable label printer and consumables, NIIMBOT provides a smart, efficient and convenient printing service platform for business users. It combines the hardware and software of NIIMBOT printing cloud service, leading the industry transformation from PC printing to mobile intelligent printing. With the rapid growth of label market, NIIMBOT has accurately discerned the needs from users, developed and established NIIMBOT Cloud Printing Service Platform over the past 8 years. The NIIMBOT Cloud Printing Service Platform includes the APPs of NIIMBOT Cloud Printing, Price Tagging and Industry Cloud Printing according to different usage scenarios. At present, the platform has 700,000+ registered users and 40,000 daily active users. It has become the world’s largest intelligent printing cloud service platform. In recent years, with people’s pursuit of quality life, more and more household label needs have been continuously raised. So NIIMBOT has developed a variety of smart label machines suitable for home use which brings a new life experience to people. At the same time, the labeling machines have also been introduced into thousands of households, which has promoted the gradual formation of Chinese household labeling culture. NIIMBOT has established four subsidiaries and has the largest marketing team in the Chinese printing market. The online business covers global mainstream e-commerce platforms, and export to Taiwan, the United States, Europe, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia and other countries. The product market share is leading in the industry, and the online sales volume ranks in the forefront of the industry for three consecutive years which is well recognized by users in various industries.

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