Valorant tips, tricks, and secrets you need to know to improve

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VALORANT is a competitive first-person shooter game. It is known to be one of the most difficult games in the gaming world. Not every player, especially the newcomers, can ace it in one snap. You might need hours and days of practice to master the game.

It is definitely not the easiest shooter game for beginners. Fair map knowledge, perfect aim, and agility should be coupled with a strategy to win the game. Hence, it might be a little bumpy in the beginning. But with some clever hacks and tricks mentioned below, you might be successful. So, let’s learn!

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Crosshair placement
This is the most vital point you need to keep in mind while playing a match in VALORANT. Crosshair placement means keeping your aim in the middle of the screen.
What happens if you keep it that way? Well, if you set the crosshair at the perfect head height, your attempts to of correction (for perfect aim when you see a player) minimizes. It is then only a small horizontal distance that you have to cover in case of a shooting. Therefore, always try to keep the crosshair in the middle of the screen.

Walk along with running
This may sound bizarre or quite meaningless to you. But trust me, when you enter the real scenario, you will understand the utility. What happens in VALORANT is that you make a lot more noise while running. This unique running noise might notify your enemies around. Hence, running is not always a good option. If you are smart enough, couple with walking since it does not make a sound.

Patience is key
Well, this tip is just bread and butter stuff for you. The Battle royale games like call of duty have taught us a particular run and gun spree. And if you think you can easily handle VALORANT with those skills, I guess it is time to rethink. VALORANT isn’t a typical shooting game. What makes it really different is that players have to be patient and calm while playing. One minor mistake, and you’ll be out of it. Hence, be patient while playing.

Knife out and run
This is a small tip but can be super useful when in need. Often you will notice that the player’s pace is slower when they run with a gun in hand. If you want to run faster, make sure you take your knife out. But yes, as discussed earlier, running might notify your enemy about your position. Hence ensure that you are in a safe area and then run with the knife.

Communicate with team
VALORANT is actually a game played by team effort. So you must remember that no player can win the game single-handedly. Therefore always communicate with your team members, even if you are the most introverted person in the group. It does not require public speaking skills. Normal communication will do the job. But make sure you communicate with the team for a better understanding of the strategy.

Be familiar with weapons
This is a tip that is common for every shooting game out there. Understand one thing that the flow of the game is unknown to you. You do not know the weapons and their recoiling and shooting methods. Hence, you should prioritize learning the arms. Without adequate knowledge, you will be out in seconds after entering. So, know the guns properly.

Final words
There goes an adage in some form or the other that practice makes a man perfect. And this particular game is not an exception. Any new scenario might seem difficult for the newcomers in the first place. But what makes the difference here is practice. You might need days of the detailed course to discover the pro strategy for winning the game. Hence, spend ample time exploring the game. Be calm and patient while playing. And see the magic!
Good luck!

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