What makes a man looks decent on wearing a watch?

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Each of us is inseparable from social interaction, which gives everyone a different identity and label. With the popularity of fashion trends, more and more men begin to pay attention to their own image in social interaction, relying on clothing, accessories, etc. to show their charm. There are not many accessories that men can choose, and watches can be said to be ranked first. The wearing of a men’s watch is closely related to social etiquette. Come and take a look at the following details. Have you noticed it?

Watch size
In more serious and formal occasions, the diameter of a formal watch should not be too large. At present, it is less than 38mm, and it is better not to exceed 42mm. A large dial that is too exaggerated will appear to be out of touch and not formal enough.

Color matching
Many people think that white or silver is the only choice for a formal watch, NO! Black, blue, and even computer-embossed dials can be used as a choice for dress watches. The color of the watch and the color of the shirt cuff do not conflict.

Many people think that metal straps can be worn as a formal watch. In fact, it is not the case. Compared with the metal strap belt, it is more attached to the wrist, and it is more in line with the requirements of formal watch occasions. Men who often wear watches to attend formal occasions, please check yourself if you have noticed the above details! If you have not yet chosen a watch that suits you, you might as well take a look at the following.

Everyone cannot do without social interaction, especially for men. A decent watch and the correct way of wearing it are enough to add charm to you from the subtleties. If you want to shine in social activities and attract more people’s attention, let’s start by paying attention to these small details of social etiquette!


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