1080P Full HD 12MP Sports Action Camera Review

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Sports Action Camera

The camera is made of plastic and is small enough to fit in a pocket. It is available in different colors including the black version you see here. The face of the camera has the 150-degree wide angle lens and a power / mode button. On the back of the camera is a 2-inch color display with two status LEDs in the lower left corner. The top LED blinks red while the camera’s battery is charging and the LED below it lights up in blue with the camera is powered on and blinks blue while the camera is recording video. On the opposite side of the action camera you’ll find a micro SD card slot that can accommodate up to a 64GB memory card. There’s also a micro USB connector that is used to charge the camera and an HD out video connection. Note that the camera also has the built-in microphone. On one side of the camera, you’ll find individual up / down buttons that are used to navigate through menus. On the same side is the built-in speaker. On the top side is an OK button that is used to select menu items.

On the bottom of the camera is the battery storage slot. This camera has a replaceable 900mAh battery which is handy if you do a lot of video capture and have multiple batteries on hand. The camera comes with a variety of mounting hardware that’s suitable for attaching the camera to a tripod, handle bars of a bicycle or motorcycle, a helmet and more. There’s also a waterproof housing included. The camera’s user interface is very basic. To start using it, you just hold down the power button on the front for a few seconds to turn it on. Boot time takes about 15 seconds so it’s not a camera that you would use to capture a quick event. The 2-inch display on the back of the camera is used as a view finder. It shows the mode, resolution, storage card space availability, as well as WiFi and charging status. You can charge and capture video at the same time. When the camera powers up, it always defaults to video mode. To switch to the other modes, you just press the power button on the front which toggles it to image capture, slow motion video capture, playback and then settings mode. Although the camera does default to video capture, it does save the resolution setting between power on and power off action. Regardless of the capture mode that you might be in, the ok button on the top of the camera will start the capture. If it’s video mode, it will start recording and if in photo capture mode, it will snap an image. To stop recording you just press the ok button a second time.

Here you can read the unboxing article of this 1080P Full HD 12MP Sports Action Camera.

GoPlus Cam v2.0.0 Android Application
GoPlus Cam carries multiple practical features and will be the best companion for Generalplus Wifi video recorder solutions. Smoothly browsing and simplified design help users to place the focus on the most beautiful scenery. You can download it free from Google Play Store.

Player Main features:
-On-the-fly video streaming with proper resolutions
-Browse video files in storage by video streaming
-Sync between system photo database and remote storage
-Browse and download video file to local and playback
-Low latency streaming and smart video quality control
-Device battery level detection

-Record mode resolution and quality selection
-Capture mode sensor parameter adjustment
-Generic system settings

-Authorize with Generalplus devices with encryption
-Configurable device SSID name and password to protect contents

How to connect
To connect to the camera tap once on Up button to enable WiFi mode. Go in Settings in your smartphone / tablet, search and connect to:
Camera SSID: SportsDV24726002708e
WPA2: 12345678

GoPlus Cam Settings Options

  • Record (resolution, exposure, motion detection, loop recording, WDR, record audio, date stamp)
  • Capture (resolution, exposure, quality, sequence, sharpness, ISO, anti-shacking, date/time, white balance)
  • System (frequency, screen saver, auto power off, language, beep sound, date/time, clear buffer, format, default setting, version – 20151001 V1.0)
  • WiFi (WiFi name & password)


This is a decent camera for starters. This isn’t a camera that you’re going to use to take great shots. Images are grainy and suffer from fish-eye warp. I can tell you that in low light image and video capture is really bad. The more light you have, the better the results. This action camera is yet easy to use and comes with a lot of mounting options and costs only $30. Below you have several photo & video shooting samples, taken at day light and also in the night. Video resolution:  1080FHD 1920 x 1080 30fps. Photo resolution: 12MP 4032 x 3024 fine quality, auto ISO & normal sharpness.


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