Firmware update v2.1.8 for Ugoos AM3 TV Box

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This firmware is for Ugoos AM3 TV Box with Amlogis S912 as CPU. You can buy Ugoos AM3 TV Box from for a very good price.

Download Android 7.1.2 firmware V2.1.8 for Ugoos AM3 from here or here. Download Android 7.1.2 Full OTA V2.1.8 for Ugoos AM3 from here or here. Download previous firmware from here. Download Amlogic USB Burning Tool v2.1.6 from here or download Amlogic Burn_Card_Maker v2.0.2 from here.

Changelog АМ3 v.2.1.8 –  28/03/2019
1. Fixed system crashes after sleep when using Kodi
2. Improved Input devices settings
3. Fixed some gpu bugs

v.2.1.7 – 11/03/2019
1. Fixed Kodi 18 “Adjust display refresh rate” function
2. Added input devices settings for changing buttons of air mouse and others
3. Added support for installing Magisk (via TWRP)
4. Reworked hide bars function. Added settings. Now each panel can be hidden separately
5. IPv6 LAN connection problem fixed
6. TvSettings. Allowed ‘*’ for names in bypass proxy settings
7. Added ipset support

v.2.1.6 – 05/09/2018
1. Fixed video playback freezes
2. Fixed freezes of system
3. Fixed 5 GHz Wi-Fi problem
4. Added switcher for support old routers (Settings -> Network)
5. Fixed screen position setting. Now it’s saved for all resolutions
6. Some improvements of system automatic frame rate function

v.2.1.5 – 10/08/2018
1. Added support for many devices (gamepads, etc)
2. HardwareMonitor. Changed ip address function. Now showing only wifi or ethernet IP address
3. Fixed SPMC bug when video size not change if use system Auto Frame Rate function

v.2.1.4 – 23/07/2018
1. Fixed rebooting device after sleep
2. Fixed going to sleep if disabled screensaver
3. Fixed gamepad settings work
4. Updated Ugoos Log Viewer:
– fixed some bugs
– now the kernel logs are written as they are received

v.2.1.3 – 13/07/2018
1. Fixed AFR for HLS
2. Added ability choose delay of returning display settings after AFR (Playback settings)

v.2.1.2 – 09/07/2018
1. Fixed YouTube playback problems
2. Fixed cpu0 load
3. AFR and playback improvements

v.2.1.1 – 18/06/2018
1. Fixed Wi-Fi disconnection problem of old Zyxel routers
2. Fixed vsync problems with android automatic frame rate function (Kodi 17+)
3. System automatic frame rate function changes:
– fixed bug of returning to last mode after stop video
– added ability to change resolution
– new settings menu
– added ability to choose policy for 25 and 30 fps videos
– fixed SPMC bug. Now not need enable media codec option
– added ability to show current display mode in the status bar
4. Added ZaagTech multi-touch screens support
5. Security patches update
6. Memory optimization
7. Fixed MAC addresses problem
8. Changed some settings priority

v.2.0.6 – 07/02/2018
1. KRACK security patches
2. Added ability to display root state in the status bar
3. Added ability to display IP and MAC in the status bar (Hardware Monitor)
4. Added ability to launch screen resolution setting for Remote Control Buttons application

v.2.0.5 – 16/01/2018
1. Fixed crash in Launcher3 after change language
2. Fixed focus and scroll bugs in Settings
3. Changed Enter keycode
4. Reversed UP and DOWN events in Recent apps window
5. Fixed Xposed bug after OTA update
6. Improved work of SuperSU
7. Fixed GPU problems
8. Fixed audio volume regulator problem
9. Added ability to change themes with RC for virtual keyboard
10. Fixed analog clock of daydream setting
11. Fixed screen resolution setting crashes
12. Added HDMI self-adaptation switcher for Media Codec (Playback Settings)
13. Fixed a screen resolution bug when closing an application, such as Kodi 17+
14. Local playback improved
15. Security patches
16. Fixed black screen after AFR in MX Player
17. Added application for choosing action on remote control buttons
18. Many other improvements

v.2.0.1 – 21/11/2017
1. Fixed Ethernet interface bug after OTA update
2. Fixed random ethernet MAC
3. Added live wallpapers support
4. Added CTRL+SPACE to change language layout
5. Fixed time saving in RTC
6. Bluetooth. Enabled support transfer of all file types
7. Fixed Miracast app work

v.2.0.0 – 17/11/2017
1. Added stop playback setting when disconnecting HDMI (Playback settings)
2. Fixed keyboard notification
3. Fixed cursor bug when playing in full screen mode
4. New USB mode settings
5. Improved Debug Settings
6. Fixed connecting nfs and cifs clients after reboot
7. Improved NFS client
8. Fixed CIFS client write bug in file managers
9. Improved Samba Server
10. Fixed Xposed support
11. Removed Quick Search Bar on first screen in Launcher3
12. Fixed “Disable USB audio routing” option. Added this to sound settings
13. Added Ugoos Launcher
14. Changed screen position settings
15. Fixed touch sounds bug

v.1.9.999 – 24/10/2017
1. Added CIFS Client setting
2. Fixed afr frequent rewind
3. Fixed Settings app crash when bluetooth pairing
4. Fixed bootloop if changed access of build.prop
5. Fixed LED sleep
6. Fixed TeamViewer remote control support
7. Playback fixes

v.1.9.99 – 12/10/2017
1. Fixed bluetooth auto enabling
2. Fixed media volume setting
3. Fixed AFR rewind bug
4. Fixed cursor work
5. Fixed sd card crashes
6. Added Wallpaper Picker to Launcher3
7. Fixed amcodec crash in kodi 16

v.1.9.9 – 06/10/2017
1. Android 7.1.2
2. Support 64-bit applications
3. Updated Wi-Fi driver
4. Ability to change resolution for kodi 17+ and other applications
5. LG CEC support
6. Ability to change color mode (Settings -> Display -> Format and depth)
7. Added noise reduction switcher (Settings -> Playback settings -> Noise reduction)
8. NFS Client setting (Ugoos settings -> System -> NFS Client)
9. Ability to run scripts from user folder (Ugoos settings -> System -> User scripts)
10. Enabled CIFS support
11. Added additional modes for original orientation
12. Added orientation switcher to quick panel
13. Added WebView settings to developer settings
14. Ethernet connection switcher
15. Ability connect usb ethernet
16. Fake Wi-Fi switcher for ethernet (Settings -> Network -> Ethernet)
17. Fixed SuperSU bootloop
18. Fixed double cursor
19. Other improvements and fixes

v.1.1.4 – 07/07/2017
1. Changed blue button on RC – now starting File Browser app
2. Improved Wi-Fi work
3. Fixed bootloop when disable Google search app

v.1.1.1 – 09/06/2017
1. Fixed sleep bug
2. Fixed YouTube bug
3. Added write permissions for ext4
4. Fixed adb serial number

v.1.1.0 – 07/06/2017
1. Added support Kodi 17 function “Adjust display refresh rate”
2. Fixed support HDMI passthrough function in Kodi 17
3. Improved HDMI self-adaptation function (Settings -> Playback settings)
4. Added fractional frequencies for HDMI self-adaptation function
5. Added support HLS for HDMI self-adaptation function
6. Fixed bug of scaling video
7. Added video frames to screenshots
8. Fixed Original orientation (Settings -> Device -> Screen orientation)
9. Fixed cursor rotation
10. Fixed disappearance of the cursor
11. Fixed Teamviewer blinking (works with root)
12. Fixed dark screen bug
13. Fixed Webview bug
14. Added cpu watchdog
15. Fixed touch screens support
16. Improved Debug Settings
17. New Ugoos update service

v.1.0.0 – 13/02/2017
1. Added USB OTG-HOST Switcher (Ugoos settings -> Hardware -> USB switch)
2. Added Gamepad Settings (Ugoos settings -> System -> Gamepad Settings)
3. Added NTP Server setting (Date and time -> NTP Server)
4. Launcher3. Fixed hidebar focus bug
5. Added ability to switch launcher with RC in Home Settings
6. Fixed touch popup windows
7. Fixed ext4 support
8. Fixed RC Settings bug
9. Added ability of disabling wake up from motions (Display -> Daydream -> Wake up from motion)
10. Added choice of actions for sleep timer and power key on RC (Display -> Daydream -> Power key action)
11. Fixed sleep and power off bugs
12. Translation changes (english, russian, german, chinese)
13. Kodi 17
14. Added Debug Settings (Ugoos settings -> System -> Debug Settings)
and other changes

v.0.3.0 – 24/01/2017
1. Changed update menu in Settings app
2. Added Ugoos Settings:
– Remote Controller Settings
– Root Settings
– File Server
– Hardware Monitor
– Wireless Assistant
3. SystemUI. Changed icons of volume buttons
4. TV button on remote controller now shows Recent Apps window
5. Added “hide bars” event for long press MENU button on Remote Controller
6. Fixed crash bug of Updater app
7. TvSettings. Added portrait and reversed modes for rotation screen
8. Bluetooth. enable transfer all file types
9. Fixed flashing power menu
10. Added mouse mode for long press of “Recent Apps” button on RC
and other changes

Firmware details
Firmware name: AM3_2.1.8 / AM3-ota-2.1.8
Image name: AM3_2.1.8 /
Firmware size: 463 MB / 610 MB
Inside archive: firmware + USB_Burning_Tool_v2.0.5.15-build7 + amlogic reflashing guide+ota + changelog
Build number: Ugoos/AM3/AM3:7.1.2/NHG47L/20190328:userdebug/release-keys

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