How Amazon Fire TV Stick Plans on Changing the Streaming Experience?

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Smart TVs aren’t something everybody can afford. While affordability might sound restrictive, there are alternatives, capable of offering experiences similar to Smart televisions. There are quite a few gadgets to choose from but the Amazon Fire TV Stick happens to be our favorite. The reasons, however, will be explained at length during the course of this discussion.

More about the Fire TV Stick
As we know, Fire TV Stick is more like a USB-Type plugin device, capable of transforming a regular TV into a Smart resource. However, the television needs to have a USB port. It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that the Fire Stick is a streaming hub in itself, housing streaming platforms and other resources for an unhindered, media-centric experience. Besides, you also get a remote control, allowing you to control the Fire Stick interface, once the same has been activated. While there are quite a few other gadgets in the market similar to the Fire TV Stick, including the Chromecast, Roku, and more, the variety, value for money, and traditional functionality offered by this streaming device are exemplary.

Why is the Fire TV Stick Still the Best Choice?
Unlike some of the other streaming devices in the market, Fire TV Stick offers additional flexibility when content selection is concerned. While the vanilla variant still comes with a specific set of applications, with Prime Video being an obvious inclusion, you can always jailbreak the same to side-load a wide range of applications. Although there aren’t many third-party, on-demand content viewing options available, side-loading the same with a few workarounds is quite easy. This is one of the reasons why a majority of tech-savvy, content connoisseurs prefer Fire TV Stick over other streaming devices.

Also, the Fire TV Stick is not a pushover when specifications are concerned. While you can always consider purchasing the Lite and 4K version for price and resolution-based perks, the vanilla variant strikes the perfect balance between both these aspirations. Therefore, feature-wise, this device allows you to stream content at 1080p presets and that too at an impressive 60fps. Not just that, the device also boasts HDR vision and Dolby Atmos acoustic experience for a more immersive offering. Plus, the new variant has an Alexa-equipped remote at its disposal, which is expected to lay the foundation for language-driven AI-centric inclusions, in the future.

Fire TV Stick and the Free Selections
While the streaming device still features the likes of top streaming platforms, which can be used only if you purchase subscriptions, Fire Stick also allows you to enjoy free movies, provided you are willing to make an extra effort. Keeping specifics aside, Cinema APK is probably one of the best apps for free movies and Fire TV Stick allows you to install and use the same, without breaking a sweat. This is why Fire TV Stick remains one of the top streaming choices for non-Smart users!

Good News for the Indian Audience!
For Indian users, Fire TV Stick bears some great news. Firstly, we can expect the prices to drop, regardless of the version you choose, as Amazon is prepping up an Indian manufacturing unit. This announcement has been reaffirmed by the Indian Union Minister. As and when the manufacturing starts, the prices are expected to drop, making content consumption even more affordable for the commoners.

What about the New Software module and UI?
As per the latest reports, the new Software module associated with the Fire TV Stick furthers the credibility of this device. Firstly, the interface has never been this cleaner as you now get access to a unified submenu. Besides, the streaming device supports up to 6 profiles and you can redirect yourself to the preferred one upon instructing Alexa. While IPTV and torrenting access was already present, Amazon has also taken innovation to the next level by pairing video calling support. However, you can experience the new features on the 2020 variant of the Fire TV Stick.

In conclusion, the feature sets relevant to the Amazon Fire TV Stick are nothing but laudable, especially considering the price tag on display. Moreover, with Amazon continuing to address the basic issues and making incremental improvements to the UI and overall television viewing experience, investing in a Fire TV Stick in a world full of smart TVs, doesn’t seem that bad a choice.


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