Unboxing Xiaomi Mi Key 3.5mm Smart Quick Button

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A super quick shortcut key for Android smartphones and tablets. When inserted into the headphone port, presets you configure can be triggered in an instant to activate your favourite apps and functions.

Xiaomi Mi Key Features

– Plugs into your smartphone’s headphone port. The super portable press button fits within your phone’s headphone port, just leaving a small button accessible so you can trigger all kinds of wonderful shortcuts in an instant.
– Totally customisable. Whether you wish to take quick pictures or play your favourite game, the press button gives you the freedom to control your smartphone to do whatever you need quickly and easily.
– Multiple pressing styles for extra functionality. Using the app, you can select how the push button operates.
– Five colors available, stylish design. Made from brushed aluminium, the press button matches the style of your phone and fits securely into your android smartphone or tablet’s headphone port.
– Compatible Devices. Work with all android phones with 3.5mm port, such as Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, Samsung Note 5, HTC, Huawei Mate 7 ect.Product code: E-Y08-B1-301 / 144915401 / Mar 17th, 2016 (1) / GEQ4002CN / 6339/00578454 / 6954176863393

Xiaomi Mi Key Android Application
Download Xiaomi Mi Key Android Applications collection from here, here or here. (16 MB)
Xiaomi Mi Key Android Applications collection content:
– com.xiaomi.miclick.3.0.1.EN.apk
– com.xiaomi.miclick.apk
– KeyCut v1.3.7.apk
– Mi_click_eng.apk
– MiClick.apk
– MiKey_3.2.3_miuios.cz_CZ_SK.apk
– MiKey_BG-CZ-EL-FR-EN-HR-HU-IT-NL-PL-RO-RU-SK-SV-TR-UK_1.4.1-xiaomi.eu_Signed.apk
– Xiaomi_Miclick-1.9.0_EN.apk

On my Xiaomi Mi4 with latest MIUI 7.3 / 6.4.7  I an only use the latest chinese version Mikey 3.2.3 and english version 1.4.1.

Xiaomi Mi Key button can be used for:
– Take pictures
– Start Video recording
– Turn On the Tarch
– Start Audio recording
– Scan 2D Code
– Make a call to a slected number
– Send a particular SMS to a selected number
– Open folder of 4 selected apps
– Launch any App from the phone.

Also there are few system toggle settings which can also directly be applied by the clicks of the button.
– Screen shot
– Screen Rotation
– Kill all Tasks
– Phone Lock
– Home
– Silent Mode toggle

Thats pretty long list, is’nt it? But how many of these can be used at the same time?  10 of any of these functions can be used at the same time
So there are 10 number of clicks which can be configured
– Single Click -> Take a picture
– Double Click -> Open QQ Mobile app
– Tripple Click -> Call Home Number
and so on up to ten clicks.

MiKey Functionality when phone is locked/screen is off
– Even when phone is locked it can still take pictures (older pictures are not visible so no security breach)
– turn ON the torch
But most of the other function you need to unlock phone by yourself.

Part 1: Installation
Step 1: Install the MiClick app from and launch it.
Step 2: Insert the MiClick into your headphone jack (Be careful not to press on the MiClick’s button when inserting the MiClick!).
Step 3: Let the phone know that the device inserted is the MiClick.
Step 4: Voila! You have successfully installed your MiClick! Now lets move on to configuring your MiClick.

Part 2: Configuration
Step 5: To configure the finer details, click on the gear icon on the top right of the main page on the MiClick app.
Step 6: To add a new button press trigger, click on the huge + at the bottom of the main page on the MiClick app and select the number of presses that you would like your phone to have a corresponding action.
Step 7: Tap on the corresponding button press trigger to configure the action upon the MiClick’s detection of that amount of button presses.
Step 8: To change the action, select the step you wish to change and select the new action.
Step 9: If you wish to queue more actions for each button press, simply press the + icon to add an additional action for the MiClick app to execute.
Step 10: If you wish to delete an action, simply tap and hold on the action you wish to delete and select delete (删除).
Step 11: If you wish to delete a button press trigger completely, you can also tap and hold on the trigger to delete all actions corresponding to the steps too.

Part 3: FAQs
Q: May I know once connected the MiClick, can I still make a normal phone call/Will the MiClick treated as earphone by phone and expected the incoming voice come from “earphone” mic?
A: Yes you can, the MiClick is treated as a button and not an earphone, so voice input and output is still routed to the phone’s speaker and mic as usual.

Q: When is the MiClick launching in Singapore/Is the MiClick available to buy online/Where can I get one?
A: Unfortunately, unless you won one at the MIUI Fan event last week, there isn’t any way to get one yet. Hopefully it will be available for purchase in Singapore soon!

Q: When using the MiClick, why does the headphones icon still appears?
A: As mentioned in my tutorial, be careful not to press on the MiClick’s button when inserting the MiClick as before selecting the MiClick option, it will be treated as headphones and will stay in headphone mode until reinserted even if the MiClick option is selected.

Q: Will MiClick work with non-Xiaomi phones?
A: Yes it can!

Package content
1 x Original Xiaomi Mi Key Smart Quick Button

Photo gallery full album here.

Xiaomi-Mi-Key Xiaomi-Mi-Key Xiaomi-Mi-Key Xiaomi-Mi-Key Xiaomi-Mi-Key Xiaomi-Mi-Key Xiaomi-Mi-Key

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