3 reasons to choose DYU D2+ electric bike: Updated foldable bicycle

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In the electric vehicle category, DYU has put great effort into the shape of the DYU D2+ electric bike. DYU D2+ is a fashion e-bike with updated performance and portable lightweight design based on DYU D2. No matter in riding experience or better appearance, this new e-bike has realized giant progress & leap. Why should you choose the DYU D2+ e-bike? Here come the answers.

1. Fashion Look
DYU D2+ comes with a small size and streamlined shape. Nowadays, the first concern of many young people when shopping for something becomes the look of a product. All the DYU series is beautiful, lightweight, portable and suitable for carrying conveniently. Bulk and heavy e-bikes will never have the merit of any DYU series. And this advantage belongs to all DYU series. Choose DYU e-bike indicates a trending and new lifestyle.

2. Comfortable Riding Experience
Leave alone the fashion look of DYU D2+, a new suspension system and DTST Smart Power Assisting System and is added to the DYU D2+. This system is used to suspend the rider and bicycle in order to insulate them from the roughness of the terrain. It reduces the bumps and shocks when riding to the minimum level and creates a super comfortable riding experience. Riding e-bikes outdoor is supposed to be green and healthy, and enjoy a green lifestyle is supposed to be pleasant, which is always the concept of DYU designers. Take a try on DYU D2+ and you’ll find it out.

3. Longer Mileage
DYU D2+ is installed with a high quality 10 ah large-capacity battery, which is the most notable element of this new foldable bike. The DYU D2 with 6 ah battery is well-received in the global market already, DYU D2+ is even better than that. Meanwhile, DYU engineer has assigned a 250W powered motor to the D2 Plus electric bike. It looks impressive delivering up to 25 km per hour of top speed. On a single charge in 5 hours, you can enjoy the bike riding for up to 80 km in mixed (pedal and motor proportionately) mode. And in the pure electric mode, the DYU D2+ bike promises to serve you for up to 35 km of a range that is convincing too under a high load of 120kg.

DYU smart bike DYU D2+ is a classic, mature, good looking, lightweight e-bike with a small size and powerful performance. And its foldable design is quite compact and convenient to be ideal for both youngsters & adults. Besides, the pure electric, pedal, mixed 3 riding mode allows you to ride without a sweat while doing proper excises for better health. Overall speaking, the leading design conception and advanced performance of DYU D2+ will keep it up to the trend of the e-bike industry for at least 3 years. Such an excellent and cute e-bike, wouldn’t you fall in love with it?


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