3 Reasons Why Wireless Display Enables Social Distancing

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Companies all over the globe are adapting to new conditions. With a major global event comes an impact on office design. Technology innovation is helping to break the barriers set by traditional workspaces. Wireless presentation systems and wireless display devices are helping to offer an efficient and safe working environment.

1) Collaboration with less risk with wireless presentations
Organizations will have to reduce shared office supplies for conferences. The new recommendation is to use your own devices for meetings and conferences. Wireless presentations reduce social interaction. As everyone will have different smartphones and laptops, a tool that is compatible with all platforms and systems is recommended. QuattroPod USB is a perfect solution. Simply plug & cast to share wireless presentations with no boundaries. With its unique turnable switch, QuattroPod USB fits diverse operation systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows. The team members will be able to screen mirror their own devices without the need to come close to each other. With split screen options, this solution allows to view graphs and videoconferences in the same screen.

2) A wireless projector enables social distancing
As stated by the 6 Feet Office Protocol choosing the right technology will allow organizations to communicate more effectively. A wireless projector will help you reduce convergence spots. The number of people that come close to each other touching wires and cables will also decrease. The participants will be able to access the projector and share their presentations wirelessly through network connections. A good option for a wireless projector is EZCast Beam V3. With 200 lumens and 720P resolution, this wireless projector will enable you to better appreciate the details of every graph and report.

3) WiFi dongles are perfect for home office
Remote working has increased, and so the necessity for tools for people working from home. A wireless dongle will help to increase productivity in the commodity of your home. Get the best of hybrid working while avoiding physical contact. EZCast Ultra streaming device is ideal for E-learning and business meetings. Use voice control to enjoy 4K content in your TV. It also counts with easy setup with multiple connection methods. Extend your videos, photos and music with this portable wireless display adapter. EZCast Compact is easy to carry around if you don’t count with a big space. In conclusion, the workspace is in process of redesign. Wireless solutions must be implemented by businesses and home offices to address the new difficulties.

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