360° All-round LED Mosquito Killer Lamp for under $10 with our coupon @ Colorsmap

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Coupon Code Alert! You can now buy 360° All-round LED Glare Mosquito Killer Light Photocatalyst USB Mute Mosquito Lamp from Colorsmap.com for only $9.99 (regular price: $12.99) if you’ll use our coupon code: XI3761. Hurry up, limited time offer!

Mosquito Killer


Main Features
– Double blue light 360° no dead angle mosquito catching. The LED light emits blue light to attract mosquitoes, and after being reflected by the white fan blades, it reaches 360° without dead angles to catch mosquitoes
– 365 nano mosquito trap, simulating human body odor. Imitating the human body breath can effectively arouse mosquitoes to approach, using the 365NM light wavelength that mosquitoes love
– Bass without mosquito disturbance. Smooth and silent operation, can work all night long
– Multi-blade fan, strong whirlpool airflow. The fan blades drive the air to form a vortex suction flow, allowing the mosquitoes to follow the airflow through the air duct and enter the bottom of the mosquito box to achieve the purpose of catching mosquitoes
– It only consumes 2.9 kWh of electricity for 24 hours operation for a month. 3W power supply, low power consumption, saving and saving money
– USB powered. There are a lot of mosquitoes when traveling, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a socket, you can solve the problem with a power bank
– Detachable chassis for easy cleaning. Two-step cleaning, remove the chassis to take mosquitoes for cleaning.

Package List
1 x 360° All-round LED Glare Mosquito Killer
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x User Manual

  Mosquito Killer Mosquito Killer

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